Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)


True but it seems like @Eric_knight is also threatening them not persuading them to not kill him. Because he’s suggesting a negative consequence will befall those who kill him. Much like the threat you used as an example. (just how I see it) Of course it’s only a successful threat if the person believes in omens or ill omen actually strikes. but I can see it as a threat none the less.

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Well, I played this thing to death a while back, tried all sorts of characters and approaches, and have at least 10 characters ready to move on with. However I figure all my saves for part 2 are dead, as I will need to play part 2 again once 2.2 is out. I figured I had nailed all the romance options (no pun intended). In saying that, I am only talking about female RO’s. I do have some female MC’s, but they still prefer the ladies too, chasing the boys just doesn’t float my boat. Rachel was a fail, but I figure she is still a tease / playing hard to get at this point. However this threesome option, I never saw anything like that. If someone could please point me to the previously mentioned guide, or point me down the right path, then that would be appreciated. Hoping 2.2 is coming this month. Thanks in advance.

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I pursued a romance with Jillian as a male Combat Medic and then just as we were about to have sex in the tent Gina walked in and asked to join.



Hmmmm, so had you flirted with Gina previously?There must be some precursors leading up to that. Did you stop her shooting the guy in part 1? Did you give her something earlier? I will need to investigate this.



No I didn’t flirt with her previously, because her husband just died and I thought it would be wrong to do that. I might have gone out and killed the zombies but I know I didn’t stop her from killing that guy that got her husband killed because I think doing so would piss her off. Sorry I can’t be more specific, it’s been a while since I’ve played pt.1. The key seemed to be pursuing a sexual relationship with Jillian and then Gina came in. Again, I don’t think you should attempt to initiate the romance but let her do it instead. Oh I was also the leader when this happened.



I’m assuming you aren’t immune to bullets. They have to trust you enough to not kill you in order for you to get the chance to rob them.

So you go around just hoping you’re lucky enough that every group you run into is civilized enough to give you a chance to exploit them, flee and repeat the process, leaving nothing but enemies in your wake until you happen to be unlucky enough to run into one of the growing number of groups who (in all likelihood thanks to people like you) doesn’t give you that chance, and then you’re dead. Like I said, you’re a parasite on a dying host whose actively killing your host.

@Magoonz Wow, never even heard of this one… a video game that doesn’t enforce monogamy, but doesn’t ignore it out of laziness (as opposed to Fallout 4(wait is it apposed or opposed?)), huh.



Never said I wasn’t. What do you have against my decision to be a Con Artist who has adopted a raider “Survival of the Fittest” Philosophy ? I’m just trying a different style of playing a character.

I’m not expecting to leave them alive if I’m going to rob them because then that scenario would happen. (I’ll make enemies regardless of the fact that I killed or spared them) but it’s safer not to leave them alive. That’s just the nice way of doing it I could just launch an assault on their base and take what I need.

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Talking about Lyles and Jilian… i think Lyles has a moral compass that doesn’t want to kill innocent unless necessary, if we choose to kick them out … i remember Lyles pull out the sword and could had killed MC if he wanted to but he just warn MC to back down , citing not wanting any unnecessary killing… logically MC believe he was blind, when we are near MC he could had killed MC easily…
And in another development, we could con them out to reveal their belongings too , getting an achievement , something like " two can play the game " if i am not mistaken :-):sweat_smile: and MC could rob them without them even knowing…

In addition, if they stay till morning, they went out with an excuse but leave their belonging behind… their initial idea were leave MC , based on their conversation if we follow them and eavedrop them…

So it could be that they leave their bags with us to compensate us for their trouble :slight_smile: they are the nicest of the con artist if you ask me… or i should say nicest of a devil, even though they are devil :-):laughing:

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This isn’t about me being “against it”… The whole discussion started because I pointed out that Jillian isn’t “fine” as a con artist because it’s going to get her killed sooner rather than later and several people, didn’t agree, so we started debating the topic.

Wait, what? You constantly betray people and murder them… where would you be getting the forces you’d need for an assault to be an option? And even more than that, tricking people into thinking you’re trustworthy then betraying and murdering them is the “Nice way of doing it” as opposed to honestly murdering them to their face? :confused:



Announcement: I am very close to finishing Part 2-2 and sending it in for publication. I am looking for several people to help stress test the latest version. This will be playing through chapters 5-7 to test the new content and try to break it.

Specifically, the new content includes:

* 3 missions in chapters 6 and 7 in which you visit areas to scavenge for food and supplies.

* Conversations with all NPCs in the open-ended camp scene in chapter 6.

* Other little additions people are asking for.

* More bonus Skill Points and Attribute Points. This will allow players to create new characters with +75 Skill Points (25 more than before) and +20 Attribute Points (a new feature).

This will be a short-term testing window in a private group on these forums. Please send me a private message here on the forums to apply. I can only handle up to 10 people. If you have not tested for me before, please let me know other games you’ve tested.



:expressionless::roll_eyes::unamused: (sigh) You’re taking away the fun of me roleplaying/imagining the thought process of my Con Artist MC or creating a what if scenario. Yes I understand the logic is flawed but I see her as a sociopathic bitch with delusions of grandeur her plans aren’t always the best when her ego gets in the way. Thankyou for making this as fun as acid being poured into my eyes or my fingernails being pulled out. You’ve truly made this scenario enjoyable by constantly killing any idea that’s popping into my head thank you truly. I’m already imagining you destroying this as well…

P.S I have actually enjoyed this back in forth we’ve been doing because you’re grounding me into reality while also being a tremendous Killjoy.



Sorry dude. I was just trying to talk about Jillian’s relationship to a kind and compassionate MC.

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That will be like the fable Doc Holliday and his girl friend Kate :wink:

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@Madhur_Dhingra , please refer to this. You have to send a PM to Jim, not ask on this thread.

Edit: @Madhur_Dhingra, understandable. Enjoy the forums.

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That is the reason I deleted message BTW I am super new started few minutes ago don’t know how to operate.



And I’m saying just because her skill set is suited for civilization doesn’t mean she can’t use her skills of persuasion to gain leverage in some way. Now that these characters are in a world with no laws or society to keep them safe, a large portion of survivors are going to want to take/ gain advantage over each other and I think if you already had the skills before the world ended. It’s in your best interest to figure out how to use that skill in the new one. Yes, people can argue that there are people out there that are still good and we can still have faith in our fellow man or whatever. But at the end of the day, there are no rules and if you expect people to abide by laws and standards that aren’t going to keep them alive. Then your corpse will just be a stepping stone for others to climb over so they can take what you have because it will keep them alive.

@Jesse_Collins Don’t ask to test here on the Forum send him a PRIVATE message he even said it. A big part of this is I’m guessing, going to have to do with following directions and if you don’t follow what he said about messaging. Your chances might not look good about being picked for testing.



I would like too stress tesf it,if there’s still anymore open spots please. Oh and i haven’t tested before, over times i was too late and no opening spots were available. It doesn’t require too much hopefully?

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I still have a few more spots available if anyone has testing time and interest.



Hi i’m from the zombie exodus group. Is there any spots open still?

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All spots are filled for now. Thank you to those who volunteered.