Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)


Dunno about you guys but with a persuasion level of 4, I’m positive Jillian and the MC could charm the pants off a zombie :thinking:

Now, the question is do we want to…?


If i am correct… charming apply Empathy :slight_smile:

Persuasion here is more like reasoning … something like “If you hurt me, ill omen will befallen you …” :wink:


@Johann I tried out the interaction of confessing the fact that I’m a Con Artist to Lyle &Jillian here’s the dialogue: “Wow what do you mean, like you con people out of money?” Jillian says enthusiastically. MC:" Only the dumb ones." As you mention your profession to your house guests, you have a sudden flash of recognition. Have you seen Lyle before ? Mulling over the thought in your mind, you turn away, but out of the corner of your mind, you spot Lyle and Jillian mouthing words to one another, When you look up they turn away.
“If people are dumb enough to be fooled that’s on them.” Lyle says.
FYI, They still maintain the grade school teacher, and student façade they created despite you having the same profession.


Damn…I never tried the con artist

Now let me bring up a topic of discussion that is maybe long dead on this thread: The White Knight.

Seriously you just can’t seem to get over that trope. I mean I tried to play as a bank robber and the con artist and let me just say that I was too inclined to help others rather than bluffing them or robbing them. But, now after @CreoleGuy519 descpriction of one of the scenes I think I might wanna try it out.



I think a good way to overcome your own moral inclinations is to roleplay as the new character you’re trying to create and not think of what you the player would do or what you want to do but rather, what this new character you’re creating would do based off of how you’re trying to mold them or how you envision them. Imagine their motives, what do they think is the philosophy that will be key to their survival ? What are goals that you think they would have? Again not what you the player would do but what the character you’re creating would do based off of your vision of them. Then again I think Clean cut Superheroes like Superman or Captain America for example are boring so it’s easy for me to just throw out cliché displays of heroics and the idea of being some self proclaimed post apocalyptic savior of Humanity. In exchange for something that goes against the norm.

@Eric_knight your example of persuasion seems to be an example of intimidation (to me anyway)


@CreoleGuy519: Wouldn’t be intimidation something more like: “If you hurt me, ich will rip your head of, and kill every person who meant something to you”^^

And now to something completely different(humming Flying Circus music):
For which thing did you get a dicount with Thelmas?( please no code reader answer, that would spoil it^^)
I got:
One for a visible tattoo (neck was it, I guess)
Pink or purple hair(do not remember the exact color you could choose, but is was something like that)
for bringing a pet
for bringing a kid
for looking like you belong here ( I believe this is the native american background)
for being polite( being not faking it, to get on her good side)
I am not completly sure but I think you also got a bonus as a movie star ( I remember not having to wait in line as a moviestar, @Eric_knight: can you confirm this?)
With your nephew you also don’t have to wait in line

Did you guys find other things?


I think both Movie Star and Wrestler got a discount because she is a fan of us :wink:


Don’t teens also get one?


I don’t think so… there is no reason to give a teenager extra discount :wink:

But if we behave nicely we get discount no matter what profession but @Kaelyn was indicating we get more additional discount for extra circumstances :slight_smile:

Edit : by the way i think Movie Star is the richest … you can buy loads of supplies by fully withdraw your money … i chose to fully put all my supplies to the group , i think in real life, that’s what a leader should do :slight_smile: unfortunately it is a one time generousity because we are all out of money next … Pity Thelma, even with all those money, what she going to do with them in a zombie world ?? :-):thinking:

@wolfmarelalala, for behaving we do have discount nontheless, certain profession have extra discount if not mistaken

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If I remember correctly,teenager does get a discount


I remember she said something about teenager and discount,but I’m not 100% sure

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I just replay my friend…

She gave 5% discount for my teenager MC, for conducting myself politely… i think movie star is higher :-):smiley:

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I take your word for it,starting a new game is so much work :joy:


The Accounts Stack, so it gets really cheap when everything comes together

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Well, you pratically get the discount for the physical enhancements and any other features.

  1. for bringing a pet
    2)for tattoos, hair colour, piercings
    3)for bringing your nephew
    4)for conducting yourself

Well there is a special discount for wearing a labcoat, military fatigues and stuff like that. I don’t remember right


I will test how much account I can get.


Which requires them to have enough good will towards you to not kill you before you can manipulate them into having enough good will towards you to give you what you want, which is exactly what you’re trying to do. Like… I don’t understand the disconnect here. Con artist is short for confidence artist. The whole premise is based on gaining someone’s confidence and then abusing it for personal gain. Which requires people to act with a modicum of civility towards you throughout the entire interaction, which is increasingly unlikely as civilization collapses and more and more people become murderous, insatiable, tireless cannibals. The con artist is a parasite on a dying host. Like, what am I supposed to be missing here? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You’re assuming I expect them to willingly want to give up their supplies so I can use them. I never said that I was currently using that tactic. I said take what I need from them. It’s even the quote you responded to. I want to get them to lower their guard so I can rob them of their supplies.

Just because it’s much more likely for people to develop an “us vs them” mentality, doesn’t mean all of humanity is going to especially since this is at the beginning of the outbreak. Also, people can be civil and also be weary about the intentions of another group. I’m trying to assuage them of that so I can earn that trust and steal what I need. (Not all the time of course, because we need allies.)

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A very wierd and slightly irrelevant question. But, this is the only place where I can ask this freely and actually get a genuine answer.

So the question is:

If humans can get a choke while having lamb chops or any non-vegetarian dish then why don’t zombies get a choke? Does it even affect them? Well, the chances of a zombie getting choked over…ah…food are more since ya’know they don’t really follow any dining manners.

Anyone like to answer my weird curiosity? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


It is normally ( as normal as zombie metabolism is, many facts change from lore to lore) due to the heart not working. Since the heart is already dead, they could not get a stroke. Some Zombie worlds even have the fact, that zombies are not able to digest what they eat. They then do not need any external nutrition, and end by slowly rotting to the Bones. The fact that they eat is then explained with remembering the usos or just to chaotic Destruktion without Sense( the braun does not function anymore )

You might like the book “zombie survival guide” which tries to give a reasonable explanation for Zombies, it is quite funny. There the Zombie itself dies not have to eat, only the virus takes some of the food for themself.