Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)


Well… my favourite background are of course Teenager and Movie Star :-):sweat_smile:

Teenager can romance Madison and had that cool forlorn hero feel in apocalypse world… like maze runner or fifth wave

But movie Star is cool in the sense he is famous and re-live all those actions in real life, and the flavour text on how many people admire me in my movies as well as they realise i am not a fluke or fake hero is awesome !! :-):sweat_smile:

I love Wrestler too , similar to movie star but the build was more upon arm and unarm combat, which is not my favourite, but the way my Wrestler swing his cavarly sword to behead those zombies was still cool, and wrestler and Bailey seem the perfect couple in armed combat scene… i only hope @jimD can give me more legendary swords to pick, as compare to the many firearms :slight_smile:


I just hope they’re not a Serial Killer the last thing we need is a post apocalyptic Dr. Mengele (Actually that would be an interesting antagonist I just don’t want to wake up and my legs are gone or an arm.)


What about the actual Dr Mengele risen from the grave :thinking:


Leather Jack is more of a tailor sort of person :wink:


I think Dr Hannibal Lecter will side with the Humans and against Zombie Apocalypse … because if everyone becomes Zombies, he will lost his appetite.:frowning:

Hannibal will at least help find a cure to maintain human population :-):rofl:


I’m talking about a completely different Serial Killer it wouldn’t be as shocking if it was Leather Jack because they had already been hinted/ teased (to me anyway). I just think it would be an interesting twist for someone that has skills that are vital to our survival but is also a threat to it as well. Especially if it was a completely different Psychopath that made you think they were Leather Jack but it turned out to be someone completely different.


I am also wondering whether an MC who has medical and science skill but missed starting out the cure plotline in the first part will be able to initiate it coming up, or whether that’s closed off :thinking: I fully understand if it’s a bit much to implement, but I imagine it might be possible to reuse some of the material from the starting-in-part-one version, and there hasn’t been too much to the plotline yet aside from taking samples when the opportunity arises.


You mean Python Style? :smile:

The discussion of this “white knight” trope is kind of ironic considering that the critcism seems like basically exactly the same logic behind alt-right anti-sjw activism. Basically, “Everyone who acts more compassionate than I feel like doing is a liar who’s just trying to earn social standing and/or sex!”


I could imagine the outcome after we increase medical skill but realise we miss out the chance of taking samples… :-):frowning_face:

MC : I am smarter now , fully understand how to develop a possible cure… but wait !!! Oh No… now i realise those limbs or materials are crucial for my research… how is it possible for me to go back and retrieve those things? :-):fearful:


Like Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the lambs


As one of the people who doesn’t like that trope let me say this. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having compassion or being compassionate. I just don’t find it necessary to act like a larger than life beacon for good meant to inspire people. To me it’s better to just be a decent person with at least a grain of empathy and help a couple of people that obviously need it because everyone needs help sometimes.


Not sure where the irony in it is; I’d think the trope would take a whole different meaning in the context of a zombie apocalypse. I probably would automatically assume this white knight is out for personal gain via helping me. Not only that but I figured most of the discussion was about white knights and characters who don’t really need them, but maybe I just skimmed over the rest :man_shrugging:


Me, a min-maxer and knowing teenager is one of the best options to go with for that vs the inability to romance the adult NPC’s (specifically Rachel), fight!


I must say I liked the homemaker a lot, beeing totally free in deciding your skills was the thing for me. I like having many skills^^


That works great if everyone else in the world does it as well.

@Johann It’s ironic because alt-right anti-SJW activism is pretty much the exact opposite of most of what COG stands for as a company and they don’t try to hide their stance on these issues. Maybe I missed it but I didn’t get the impression that anyone was talking about it in the context you are. They’re basically just saying that no matter how many times the person proves themselves genuine they won’t believe it. The example used is Jillian, who is the first companion in the entire game outside of character creation.


I went back to part 1 to perfect my specimen gathering now that I have a specimen success calculator and ALOT relies on keeping the stress levels down. Since snacks and alcohol drinks take 0 time in part 1 (which only makes sense) I tried sticking to my guide and inserting a drink or snack before the zombie attacks the house at 1800 (my guide lands me at 1845 and allows 1 action before triggering the zombie attack). After the attack, the stress level is 56 before collecting the specimen. So logic dictates that having a drink of alcohol with a willpower of 60/3=20 stress relief would score me a lot less stress but for some reason only 11 goes away and somehow end up with 52 stress post zombie attack???

I need to get the stress level down to at least 34 to collect a Cerebrospinal fluid sample which is the hardest sample to take barring a living subject and I think will be the most rewarding besides brainstem samples. Any help you guys can provide in re-ordering the to do list I have for the first day in order to achieve this would be greatly appreciated and of course will help you and other members when zombie research becomes important. Also note, I’m trying to have the snack with the nephew having his own can for the relationship boost.

Below are google docs/sheets and I’ve allowed editing. I have backups saved in case anyone tries to troll. Please feel free to IMPROVE these as you see fit, but in keeping with the intent of the guide. For example, if you know how to reduce the stress effectively before a specimen collection without changing the tasks for the day, or if you want to improve the organization and layout. As new items or characters come out please feel free to add on their info!

The excel sheet that has the calculations for Attributes/Skills, Stealing stats, a listing of each characters stats and a specimens collection calculator.

Here is my guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VHrRC7SuPmkBIuaad8oZ4CPcjpYK15zUbF8j-e6iUuc

Here is my excel sheet with calculators:


Here are the stats I have at the current attempt:
64 str, 30 dex, 50 agi, 58 sta, 59 char, 69 intel, 50 will, 40 perc. Stress 56% without any snack or drink.
Science (3): Adept 65%
Medicine (3): Adept 65%



I don’t think that’s what we said about the White Knight at all. @Johann seemed to have a better take away of the discussion as it relates to characters who “need” White Knights.(@Eric_knight correct me if I’m wrong please.) That seems to align better with the conversation we had about Rosie and Driver than with Jillian. Jillian is fine with who she is and is who she needs/ wants to be. Rosie and Driver have a long road to earn the trust of the members they attacked.


Except actually she’s not at all fine, because who she is would have gotten her killed multiple times if it wasn’t for the MC. Hell, if the MC turns out to be a less compassionate person they can kill her themselves for trying to rob them.


But she seems fine enough to take that sort of risk. Even Lyle lampshades the fact that her first instinct when meeting someone is to con them in some way. Her old boyfriend is/was probably one of the few things that keep her from going overboard with her conning (not that he was against her actions even remotely, but he still seems to be more willing to risk sticking with a group for security instead of conning them if it sees more benefit in the action while Jillian prefers to stick with distrust and conning).

Now why she became a con-artist in the first place is a whole other matter that would probably shed some light on some of her favored actions. But it still stands that she is perfectly fine putting her own survival first and is not above stealing from even a child if it meant she can get through another day (there’s no denying that she is kind of a pragmatic character that rarely would stretch her neck out for someone at the risk of her own self-preservation).


Well… haha initially i was thinking that a White Knight would want to act in a chivalrous manner as depict in the code of chivalry … below is an example which i copy elsewhere :slight_smile:
"The Knight in Shining Armor
Chivalry was the honor code of the knight and great importance was placed on courtesy towards women leading to the concept of a 'Knight in Shining armor. In modern times the terms chivalry and chivalrous are used to describe courteous behavior, especially that of men towards women. In the movie ‘Pretty Woman’ the character played by Julia Roberts dreams of a ‘Knight in shining armor’ who will rescue her from captivity in a tower. When the character played by Richard Gere realises that she will settle for nothing less he rides to her apartment in a shining car (in place of a horse), wearing an expensive suit (in place of shining armor) brandishing an umbrella (in place of a Sword) to climb up to her apartment (the tower) and rescue her. A highly romantic gesture fulfilling her dreams of a 'Knight in shining Armour "

And the discussion was correct that such act may not be view favourable by some quarter of people , hence that’s why my idea was that as long as the person feel that he/she was in No Wrong in performing an act of chivalry as the White Knight , he/she should carry on to what they are performing… like in the case of Jillian, MC could help both she and Lyles while looking after her as her White Knight, it is not necessary for the MC to pick her as first RO or sleep with her … it is just that MC is ready to be there for her when she needs help, but As many had mention …Jillian may not regard favourable to such gesture as well because MC would be dividing too many attention helping others :slight_smile:

I thought such act is cute since it follows the Courty Love of the Arthurian Legend , hence i just brought it up for casual reading :-):sweat_smile: