Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)


Jill will end stolen everything from you including your pants lol . If lyle returns but sure you are charismatic enough lol


No she won’t do that… she already made a promise in Chapter 1 :wink:
I warn that if she don’t behave i am not going to harbour her anymore … :-):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


1st of all I said that as my interpretation of the White Knight, I even said so in parenthesis.

(I’m not saying you are one, that’s just how I see the White Knight) my interpretation of moral relativism was what I said after that.

Each person has their own different take on what is “good” or “evil” based off of experience, the way they were raised ,etc. Yes there are things we can all agree on as right and wrong but we each have our own spin on it. or as you said:
we act and perform based on our own “initiative” and our own “judgement”

I didn’t say anything about consulting some third party. As for the Glory thing let me reiterate this again. I was talking about MY interpretation and perception of the White Knight. Personally I don’t see glory as having anything to do with doing a good deed but that’s just me and I don’t enjoy wrestling so that comparison doesn’t make sense to me.(seemed nice though)

Honestly I feel like either what I said didn’t make sense or you didn’t read my whole post. (if the former explain what didn’t make sense)

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I did read your whole post , i was referring to the point of whatever we do may be interpret as glorification hound, which i was explaining no matter what we did , we don’t have to worry about how others interpret us… like what i did here, even though i tried to explain with as much example and specific to the point, it had been misinterpret by you as well… at least that’s what i think since , you are thinking of me replying the whole of your post about what is good and evil ? :slight_smile:

Ummm… i was also trying to say there is nothing wrong with glorification , of course you may not agree with me , that’s the reason i put up the point with example as well … i never argue about what is good and evil , but somehow you tend to continue the point on my take on what is good and evil ? :-):stuck_out_tongue: believe me, it was not my intention to talk about Evil at all , in fact i had never condemn anyone of their stance ? :wink: the third party consultation was just an example about how a third party perspective towards us and the recipient … like how others view about our action :slight_smile:

And well… in the end, i was also just discuss this as a general issue , not directly towards you as well …in case you misunderstood my stance about the issue , i was referring to the issue we brought up as a general, perhaps friendly discussion … of course we aren’t aiming to win over each other, but it was just a discussion to make our life lively , that’s the reason i still give a “like” to your post as a friendly gesture and understanding to our involvement in this :-):joy:


Does anyone know how to read/do this code? I am trying to see the specimen values for research.


Hold_Sample seems to be a string but it’s used like it has both a string and a value?

You acquire the specimen and place it in your sample kit.
*label ScienceConvert
*set {hold_sample} +1
*if living_subject
Since you acquired a specimen from a live subject, you theorize you will gather more information from it than a sample from a dead zombie.
Specimen Collection has increased from {samples_needed_culture} *if hold_sample = "zeta_arterial_blood" *set sample_results_hold round((science/8)/{hold_sample}) *if hold_sample = "zeta_venous_blood" *set sample_results_hold round((science/11)/{hold_sample}) *if hold_sample = "zeta_brainstem" *set sample_results_hold round((science/7)/{hold_sample}) *if hold_sample = "zeta_lesion" *set sample_results_hold round((science/9)/{hold_sample}) *if hold_sample = "zeta_cerebrospinal" *set sample_results_hold round((science/6)/{hold_sample}) *if living_subject *set sample_results_hold +round(sample_results_hold * 0.15) *set samples_needed_culture %+sample_results_hold to {samples_needed_culture}.


I try to defeat you code readers. My tiger style > your viper style.

But I will tell you @Bracks if no one else does.


hold_sample is a string; {hold_sample} is a value. Specifically, {hold_sample} is the value of the variable called whatever the string in hold_sample is.

So, for example, if hold_sample is "zeta_arterial_blood", {hold_sample} is equal to the value of zeta_arterial_blood, whatever that may be. This gives a sample_results_hold equal to (science/8)/zeta_arterial_blood rounded (note that the zeta_arterial_blood will already have been incremented a few lines earlier). If it’s still living, you multiply that by 1.15, and then use fairmath to increase the samples_needed_culture by sample_results_hold%. Does that help?


Thank you! That makes sense, I just need to find where the values are placed. I’m just trying to understand and do the math for sample values. Someone with a science/medical background would understand the values and difficulties of each so I don’t see a calculator for that as cheating.

@JimD I love it! Haha. You do a great job. I always enjoy and play the game by feels a few times before looking at the code to clear up certain things that bug me as a perfectionist.

Like if I’m a character with a science and medical background I would recognize the different sample types and have an idea of their difficulty but there isn’t anything like that, which is fine, but it’s things like that that encourage code reading. If I’m an expert in a weapon type I would be able to recognize the range and fire rate and mod ability of each gun or the most damage and mobility with ccw, or recognize the stance and posture of a hand to hand fighter. And for character building, it can be difficult to create and represent my idea of a character and some choices have unexpected effects on a character rating. I know coding all the things that would give the effects I seek would be a lot of extra and unneccesary work so I enjoy reading the code and interpreting the intent. I also learn some new coding tricks. I eventually intend on writing a book and using the CoG platform to help me do that. My main focus is to finish school first though! :grin:


I don’t mind code readers who want to do the things you’re doing.

This shows up when you research the first time:

For now, you can gather samples from the infected to analyze later. You open a spreadsheet on your laptop and enter a column for specimens. Under it, you include space to record collection of the most important samples:

- Arterial blood: an easy sample to obtain, and hopefully you can learn how the virus behaves in a stream of oxygenated blood.

- Venous blood: the easiest sample to obtain. Virus should be plentiful here.

- Brainstem tissue: dissecting brain tissue can be tricky, but you could learn a lot from examining the virus in it.

- Lesion tissue: easier to dissect than the brain, lesions are caused by the virus. Does Zeta leave itself inside these areas of pigmented skin?

- Cerebrospinal fluid: since the infected decompose at a rapid pace, obtaining fluid from the spinal column can be tricky. Examining this fluid might give you great insight into Zeta.

All of these could be used for two main objectives: to obtain cultures of live virus and to gain a better understanding of how Zeta operates in humans. You decide to keep a sample kit with you at all times and a notebook for recording your progress. (- accessible through the Stat menu -)


Correct sir, but each zombie may have a different difficulty rating depending on how decomposed it is, the size of the zombie, the state of it’s body (wounds), if it is alive, and if it is aware. I think you represent this with the varying zombie specimen difficulty but we can’t see that and make an educated judgement on each case.


I see. I will consider adding what you describe. No one has asked for it, and I never considered it. Great suggestion.


Well so far, the research portion of the story has no effects so many people don’t pursue it as vigilantly or at all. Hope it helps, and that you don’t take it as criticism because it was not.

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No, it’s very constructive. So far acquiring specimens is a mini game only.


For a MC who don’t play medical skill and knowledge, is it possible we have a future companion who could do this for the group?
Could Lyles’s daughter be such a scientist? I understand some will prefer to be the hero to find the cure by themselves , however for those who prefer to invest their skill elsewhere, is it possible for the group to recruit such scientist in future ? :slight_smile:


I’m curious about this too, though mostly for the sake of having a doctor in the group after Nathan’s (or was it Benji’s?) death. Taking the weight off my teen MC who only knows basic first aid would be a miracle.


I’m sure it’s possible but look at it this way, People with medical knowledge were most likely killed or infected because they’re the first responders . A Dr. or someone else with medical training would most likely be a rare commodity that everyone wants but most people don’t have in their group.


@CreoleGuy519 I agree with you… what curious me was Lyles said his daughter work for government facility , hence she may be a scientist or doctor… and @jimD said we will meet her as an RO… so that is interesting… i only hope she won’t use our team as test subject :-):laughing: if MC know good medical skill… at least we know what she is doing

@Johann yeah… it was Benji or Nathan, sad that we couldn’t save them … without extra bonus my MC know nothing about medicine , but my Hero MC had medical 3 or 4 along the way :slight_smile:


What are your favorite backgrounds and are there any cool/interesting ones you have created?


I enjoy making teen/college student MCs because it’s easy to self-insert but Combat Medic is probably my second favorite, can’t remember them all off the top of my head to name a third :man_facepalming:

I did try making a detective MC last year around the time part 2 released but I can’t recall how I built him.


A medical-oriented NPC will be met in Part 3. Kinda.