Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)


you meant check her text response ?

yeah sure… i can load one of my Jillian romance file or replay it altogether to read those text again , will reply you later on :wink:

although you do get the scene in chapter 2, where before the hill battle Jillian do approach you and offer to run away with you right ? :-):sweat_smile:

Edit : I do remember as Movie Star , Jillian was mentioning how she love all those movies i was in … as wrestler i kind of forget whether she love wrestling :-):thinking:


Johann to the rescue with a Jillian save he left stewing for over a week :triumph:

If your response is “I want it to mean something.” the first paragraph of the next page reads "Jillian’s lips curl and eyes narrow like she’s weighing down her options. “It will mean something. It’ll mean we both go to bed a little more relaxed and less lonely.”

I’ll probably go back and pick the “What about Lyle?” option since I can’t remember what she says verbatim but regardless of what she says I don’t assume there will be the chance for an actual connection with Jillian, at least not for a long while.

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I remember this one :-):sweat_smile: Jilian will said " Do you see Lyles around here ? Who knows where he is now and whether he is still alive ? But what we have now is the company of each other against who knows what happen in tomorrow ( i think it was something like that) " :-):stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ummm… now since the discussion had been raised up, i feel Jillian is someone like Heather in original Zombie Exodus , in the sense that we aren’t going to be sure whether they truly love us emotionally ? I remember reading that for Heather case , it was a Symbiosis relationship , which means we rely on each other to survive … and in the sense if one of us is gone, we leave a hole in each other’s heart… that could be the same vibe for Jillian as well :-):thinking:

Another observation i notice from MC’s romance with Jillian and Heather is perhaps the "White Knight Syndrome " … Although the White knight’s heroic actions may take the form of slaying his partner’s metaphorical dragons, the knight’s real goal, which is often beyond his own awareness, involves slaying the dragons from both Jillian and Heather’s own past. Thus, at a deeper level the compulsive knight is trying to repair the negative or damaged sense of Jillian and Heather that developed in their past, which for Jillian’s case… Lyles ? or someone else from her past ? This could be the case for Bailey as well , since i sense that ( from her conversation) , Bailey was running from unwanted "troubles " too…

That’s reasons which make both romance of Bailey and Jillian very intriguing … especially in Jillian’s case , after rescuing her from her troubled past … what will be our role in the Damsel’s heart ? :-):thinking:


although you do get the scene in chapter 2, where before the hill battle Jillian do approach you and offer to run away with you right ? :-):sweat_smile:

I think that’s a matter of perspective and up for interpretation not a definitive example. I don’t see that as a profession of her love at all but rather her saying “we have a better chance of surviving if we leave then staying with this Hodge podge of a group.” Which in a way lines up with your Jillian protector theory because if she does want a type of Guardian as you previously suggested, it would be a lot harder for her to be safe if said guardian isn’t solely focused on her and she has to worry about other people being protected instead her getting all the attention. She is a Con Artist after all and at the end of the day this is about survival.

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Which one is Heather? :man_facepalming: Is she Tom’s sister? Either way I didn’t romance anyone but Tom so I can’t comment on this, just wanted to know who she was.

On topic of the “White Knight Syndrome” as you say, I don’t think Jillian is a damsel in the slightest. She’s a con artist and uses her sexuality to get what she wants which so far almost exclusively seems to be companionship and/or safety. Whether she really loves Lyle or not I almost certainly think she’s just biding her time with us until he returns (provided he’s alive, otherwise she just wants protection because she literally has no one).


Heather actually did care and love you though. She tells you multiple times throughout the first one and didn’t even sleep with you for a while after you got together, mostly just wanting to cuddle together and have someone to trust and talk to. Jillian so far just wants sex right now and that’s it. Might change later though who knows.


Yupe… Tom’s sister :slight_smile:

About this… @CreoleGuy519 @Johann @No_This_Is_Patrick , i am wondering … Is the White Knight consider protector of Only ONE damsel ? So is it an expectant that the White Knight couldn’t or shouldn’t be as helpful / caring for other damsels once he is already task with one ward ? :-):thinking:


@Johann Thank you! I was just about to say that. Jillian doesn’t seem like the kind of person that wants to be repaired or healed she seems very comfortable with who she is and doesn’t seem like she wants to be treated like some broken bird. She’s a vixen and or siren. Like Johann said, she knows she needs us to protect her since she’s vulnerable now that her old one is gone


Jaime: So why are we keeping Zombie Joe again?

MC: Well, he is for my nephew.

Jaime: Why? Was it the boy’s father?

MC: He kept begging me for a pet, so I thought this would quiet him.

Jaime: Don’t ask me to help him housebreak his ‘pet’.


Personally, I absolutely #$@%*!ing hate the White Knight syndrome . But to answer your question I don’t think it’s expectant to only care about one “damsel”. (I’m not writing that again so I’m saying person or charge from now on.) It’s just difficult and unrealistic to think you will or should be able to solve all the people’s problems that you decide to tackle. Also this is about survival why would Jillian give a damn about the needs of other people? Especially when that potentially takes away a guardian’s 100% undivided attention not having that 100% can lessen her odds of survival. Which is what she does care about.


Decided to browse through the topic to check on update statuses and noticed this from a few weeks ago. Sounds like Part 4 all over again. Not a lot of content linearly (most of it coming from branching paths to add replayability), and a lot of people not really ‘getting’ that. Just wanted to say that even if we are a minority, you know we all love what you do mate, hope you aren’t letting this get the best of ya’.


If Jillian can be “taught” about Hope, Empathy and Faith by MC, such as Solara in Book of Eli… where Eli actually pass the torch to Solara in the end , totally altering Solara’s initial passive approach in an Apocalyptic future by making her into his image …

Well… it would make a great interaction between MC and Jillian here as well, instead of continuing to act as her White knight , MC could start to train and teach Jillian into someone who would start taking an active role in helping others as well :slight_smile:


If I am playing as a woman, I mostly also dislike that white knight type, as long as he is not the totally clueless type, because I am a sucker for that one(Alistair from DA1 would fit into that pattern, I love him). But when I am playing a guy, I am totally that knight^^. On to rescue every person in distress and then riding away with another sexy knight :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. So every damsel is totally save with my knight.


I hate rhe white knight. In fact I hate playing as any good alignment. I get bored so fast. I am the type say This time I will role play good knight and half hour later I am a corrupt in a demonic cult or something.
I found the white knight insulting. The motto is WOMEN WEAK MEN STRONG SAVE WOMEN BANG WOMEN AFTER… No option for girl to prove herself or to say I don’t love you women become a trophy by default.

White knight are also incredibly boring for me I still have nightmares about casavir dialogue lol… Alistair is not a white knight at least not in my playthrough…


I don’t think all white knights consider the women they save as “trophy”… in fact according to the account of Knight Templar, these Templars are forbidden to have any sort of intimacy :slight_smile:

As for the boring part… how is it boring at all when you receive endless pledge of help from those who seek you for help :-):joy:


They have lots of bastards… lots. Then the concept is still insulting born from the idea women are lesser beings that can’t defend themselves so male has as superior being protect them and save them. literally is said like that in many of those codes. Cervantes in the Quixote has several parodies of how stupid those knights were.

And about boring it depenďs on play3r entirely. Thats the reason there are multiple choices. I left for you all goodie ones :wink:


If Jillian can be “taught” about Hope, Empathy and Faith by MC, such as Solara in Book of Eli… where Eli actually pass the torch to Solara in the end , totally altering Solara’s initial passive approach in an Apocalyptic future by making her into his image …

  1. A Con Artist that uses empathy is one that’s bad at their job and her skill set is something she now needs in order to survive.
  2. You can’t instill morals into someone who’s fine with being “amoral” or morally flexible. It also seems rather arrogant & self-righteous to think we can or should change the morality of an individual simply based off of the fact they don’t have the same principals as us
    As for the boring part… how is it boring at all when you receive endless pledge of help from those who seek you for help :-):joy:
    3.This is when moral relativism comes into play. You think you’re doing a good deed and helping people. I think you’re just a pretentious glory hound that’s running around. (I’m not saying you are one, that’s just how I see the White Knight) Each person has their own different take on what is “good” or “evil” based off of experience, the way they were raised ,etc. Yes there are things we can all agree on as right and wrong but we each have our own spin on it.

Hmmm… i would think you had over complicated moral relativism , because i clearly believe that we act and perform based on our own “initiative” and our own “judgement”, we don’t need to think what or how others perceive of our action, well … in technical term perhaps someone is looking for the SOP (standard operation procedure) … but in the end, it will be easier and simpler to act on our own conscience … :-):sweat_smile:

In the case of coming to the aid of others , when someone’s house had been burn, being rob or being bullied , i clearly think that i am doing good deed and helping the people in need … i will of course feel good of doing something i clearly believe upon , whether the person thank me or not … there is no hiding from my own enthusiasm …, but do i really need to consult how the third part thought about me ? :-):thinking: that do sound weird :-):joy:

as for the glory part… hey hey , why there shouldn’t be glory seeking in the good deeds we perform ? :-):smile: Glory seeking is actually part of the effort to encourage people to perform the deeds we are endorsing , to become a standard bearer of what we could become … it is actually a counter act towards the “Fear Factor” imposed by evil doers :wink: what i meant was, evil doers and their empire introduce “Fear” to drive people into obeying and acknowledging their philosophy , goodie two shoes of course need to show people the fun and enthusiasm in “Glory Seeking” , making a life of fun while performing good deeds… Alright it is sort of like the Face faction in wrestling, the faces come out cheering, jumping and interacting with their fans to promote the value of their stable , to drive their fans to continuing cheering and rooting for them when they face the “heel” faction , which obtain the support from those who support their action … it is a way to promote one’s self assurance .
and in the case of Camelot or emperor charlemagne’s paladin , how else people will remember them or trying to act as them if they are not properly glorified ?

But in the end, i think we were talking about the “fun” part of being the White Knight right ? That was why i mention it was fun and not boring being a White Knight :-):grin: Glory seeking or not, but the White Knights are never Bored :-):hugs:


Are never boring for certain people. I have ended snoring playing those pathsand i prefer seeing drying paint to playing them. CHOICE of games. There is choice due each person prefer play in a certain way. and we are all fans due that freedom the game gives. I mean each have their style and their reasons. So argue who is better. It is rath wweird due is something subjective. Remember this is a game not reality evil role players as me aren’t monsters lol :wink:


Hahaha… precisely what i meant in my post , we perform actions based on our own enthusiasms , and having fun for it … so it doesn’t matter what others think of us right ? :-):sweat_smile:

Imagine the scenario :

Eric : Hey Jillian !! I save another person today … am i cool or not ? :-):grin:
Jillian : No you are not… I hate you for not paying full attention on me instead :-):angry::rage:
Eric : Oh alright … your reaction is cool :-):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: