Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)


Will Part 2-2 include For military MC’s, another call/contact using the device, from the “New Army”? In addition, possible clues of Colonel Faulkners actual fate or the current status of the military?


@FauxCoeur Yes according to the newsletter sent on 5/9/18 we will be able to contact the New Army in 2-2.



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I can’t believe this is still getting updated. To be honest, I thought the writer would leave in the fire and make a new game to be bought, but seeing that it’s getting updates warms my heart. Hope everyone reading this have a nice day.


I agree. @JimD is an awesome author.


I honestly look more forward to those updates (and the many choice of games and hosted games releases) even more than most triple A video games these days (but then again, I’ve always been a big bookworm). :joy:

Does it count if it’s 2am in the morning? :laughing:


And the update with extra scenes and story is Free as well… :slight_smile:


Yep this is awesome. :tada:

@JimD: thank you for your hard work and the wonderful games :kiss: best wishes to you and your family.


Has anyone been able to get the pacifist achievement ? If so what am I doing wrong because, I can’t get it.


It might be Dante. Shouting to distract the zombies counts as killing them.


@122BCooper Can you be more specific ? What were the steps you actually took to get the achievement? “might be Dante” doesn’t really answer my question. It just makes me want to ask what do I do instead ?


There’s a choice to make some noise to distract the zombies chasing Dante (this counts as causing their deaths). Going back inside your house or trying to invite Dante in doesn’t affect your kill count (which needs to stay at zero).

As for other steps:
  1. I trapped the first zombie in the basement. Or with good Crafting, you can board up your house and ignore him.
  2. In the house with the ringing telephone, I ran from the zombie downstairs (with good Athletics and no dog or nephew present, you can climb the wall and explore the house first).
  3. In the boarded up house, I waited to be rescued without touching the zombie.
  4. I distracted the zombies at the ranch with my dog (nephew works too).
  5. At the school, I talked my way past Driver and took the elevating thing in the library (needs good Crafting), avoiding all zombies. The ventiliation shaft works too.
  6. I went inside my burning house to get supplies, instead of fighting.

I had a Teenager with good Crafting and Persuasion, living in the country. I was never violent and helped people at every opportunity (except Dante).


@122BCooper It worked! Thankyou


How to get jillian to like you

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@Jordaan1 As in love you ? or value your friendship ?

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Love me

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And friendship

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Well how did you deal with Rosie and Driver ? Also I don’t think anyone has been able to get her to love them on a emotional level (someone correct me if I’m wrong please) But she’s willing to have a sexual relationship with you.


When you first meet Jillian, invite Jillian and Lyles in … talk to them nicely, follow Jillian to the bath room but give an honest polite response of why you can’t allow her to roam freely in your house… treat Lyles’ wound , cook a nice meal to them … pick all option to talk to them the entire day, i would think it is best that you don’t wander to other place once Jillian is in your house :slight_smile:

If you see Jillian searching through your belongings, tell her politely why it is wrong and forgive her wrong doings … If Jillian stay the next day, follow them and save both of them from Dillan, Jillian will follow you back …

Then don’t fortify your home… go out buy groceries from super market, just let Markarov rob your home, don’t untie Woody and go straight to Jillian Room… after the Markarov incident , she will feel more attach to you…

Next, bring Jillian along to save Jaime … in the end, if you want to accept Rosie and Driver, just reply "whatever " or try to explain " we have better things to do than thinking of the past "

After that, choose your own transport , invite Jillian to ride with you… at the end of chapter 1, Jillian will volunteer to ride with you …

at chapter 2, after end of Hill battle, you can then pick Jillian as your first romance option :slight_smile:

Hmmm… In the night Jillian go to our tent , there is option that hint she could love us emotionally unless i am wrong , because her response was vague especially when we talk about the future… perhaps there could be more about her true feeling in future chapters :slight_smile:

For true emotional love companionship , that had to be Bailey and Madison … although i feel that Bailey has more emotional attachment to us , since she mention she didn’t had anyone else left, her feeling for Rachel was about as her saviour :slight_smile:

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Can you check so you know for sure ? Because a vague possible hint isn’t really helpful.(Unless you know for sure that it’s being hinted) Also I know that could change in future updates and parts it’s just that since they were asking how they could romance her now I didn’t think to mention it.

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