Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)



Well… Brody was funny , that’s for sure… especially when i am movie star :-):grin:

As teen , he seems to view me as buddy initially , but i get the feeling he was jealous of me after that…Lol :-):joy:

One question though, did you manage to invite him to ride a bike with you? I didn’t manage to invite Madison to ride with me because she said Brody won’t let her, and relationship with her drop after that , if i am not mistaken

So far, it is always Jilian who was willing to ride a bike with me …Lol :-):smile:


Wait wait wait. Hold up. What do you mean ride a bike?
Ok. Did I miss something?


I’ve never chosen the bike so I don’t know if he goes with the mc, he probably doesn’t so he can be near his sister. @Hani_Fina at the end of part 1 when leaving the school you can choose different vehicles, one of them is a bike


Ooh, that part. I usually choose car when I’m going out


Haha actually you must choose the bike before you go to rescue your friend at the school, then you can continue to ride the bike until book 2…
I thought it was cool with the motorbike and our RO sitting behind… too bad only Jilian was riding with my MC thus far


Oops. Well, I’ve never picked the bike and it’s been almost a year since I last played the first part


Lol… it was funny, my MC on a bike … Woody and Jillian in a car next to me, and i got to shoot the bandits because they couldn’t do it …

But if we are all in a car, then Jillian hits a jackpot with one lucky shot :-):joy:


Random thing to post (that I’m pretty sure a good deal of others have realized already), but I never truly realized how dangerous Empathy is as a skill for the PC.

And then I created a friendly character with high Empathy whose been helping those they can. I’m partially cracking up at the scenarios that have popped up almost as much as I did with Gina and Jillian scene. But at the same time, I’m just like, “I’m surprised that this isn’t raising their stress levels just as much as the zombies.” :laughing:


I know, right? Manipulation for the win.


Jilian is always an intriguing character … ummm, she is like a Dove who fly into our house, take some of our food , stay within the warm of our blanket … at the end of the day, she may or may not decide to follow us around, and if she fly away… there always exist a sense of lost with her departure , and a longing for her to drop by our house again :slight_smile:


Hey, I remember there was talk a while back about there being an expansion type thing for part 2. I was wondering if that ever dropped.


No. It will be out early next year, at the latest. Be patient.


VainCorsair is right. I recommend you occasionally check Jim Dattilo’s Twitter for updates on that!


Is the threeway only possible between jillian and gina?


Is there a way to completely finish the vaccine yet? Or will that be added in future parts?


Safe Haven is running concurrently with the original Zombie Exodus, hence in theory there could be a cure, however in Safe Haven we lack the specific blood that immune the zombie virus, where we could get it from a character in original zombie exodus…

Perhaps in the end, the MC from original zombie Exodus make the cures and the government start delivering them to colorado :slight_smile:


So far, yes. It could change as the story progresses so stay tuned!


Just a quick note to say I am working hard on adding new content to Part 2 coming in early 2019 (estimated) for free to those who activated Part 2. Info on additions is on the first post. Most of the content is written but not coded, but I am finishing this month.

Also, for those interested in supporting my writing or in backstories of characters from my games, consider becoming a patron.

While I do offer betas through Patreon, I also will provide short-term open beta opportunities, especially to stress-test the game. I will probably host an open beta weekend some time in January, 2019.


I saw on your twitter that part 3 will likely be the last, and I just wanted to say what a shame that is, especially because I believe you mentioned having plans up to part 5. The vast amount of detail and alternate courses packed throughout the game are incredible, to say nothing of the stellar writing itself, the distinct characterizations, the visceral action; it’s all a blast to read. I’ve explored the majority of the different starting careers and challenges, and I’ve become quite fond of my MC’s, not to mention the rest of the group.

The length of part 2 did take me aback, though less so as I completed more playthroughs exploring different options. I think it’s very cool of you to make a free addition. Personally, I think I could do with having the branching/different origins and perspectives cut in half if it doubled the story’s progress, but I don’t imagine many people would feel the same. This is sort of my hope for Dead Zone, a good middle ground between Safe Haven and the original.

I’m cultivating a killer headache, so I’ll just cap this off with a ramble of some of my favorite parts of the game in no particular order (I haven’t played in a while, unfortunately, so specifics will be sparse).

More words with spoilers


Madison comes to mind first. She’s just so real, an excellent subversion of the stereotypical popular teen girl; I love that she’s a closeted nerd, and I love her pragmatism (her being one of the few in favor of a more aggressive group disposition was a cool surprise). Sidenote, when I had my charisma-deficient teen mc make a speech in favor of raiding, reading everyone’s quietly appalled reactions made me die laughing.

Woody’s voice is a fun one to read, too. He’s funny and likeable, and he’s got a different way about him that I enjoy, where he just says what he’s thinking without a filter. He reminds me a little of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. I love his folksy sayings and euphemisms.

Bailey is another I’m fond of. I like exploring themes of mental illness, anxiety, trauma etc. She’s a nice window into those areas, and I hope she gets much more development. The physical quirk of hand-wringing was a nice touch.

I also want to make a quick note that Reilly never gave me my share of the take. He thinks I’ve forgotten, but I haven’t. (Let me shake him down for it!) Actually, by the end of part 2 it likely doesn’t matter (there would be a bartering system instead later on, I imagine,) but it’s the principle of the thing, y’know? If he’d been more prompt I could’ve bought out Thelma’s. Bottom line, he owes me.


My favorite challenge by far is ‘delusional’. It’s authentically written (I mean, it feels that way), and it adds such a cool new facet to so many scenes. I can’t wait to see how things escalate with Ray and the man in the overcoat (was this inspired by the Fallout series’ Mysterious Stranger?) Other psychological modifiers like fear of heights and claustrophobia are super fun, they add to scenes and shape your character, giving you another reason to try different approaches. The passages where an mc of insufficient willpower reacts to their phobias are nice and vivid (and it was a great little addition when the nephew noticed on the elevator and asked after the mc).

The nephew is another significant one, obviously, and he adds yet another fun dynamic to the game. It’s awesome how you can gradually mold him as time goes on (or drive him away, like I did with a murderous psychopath playthrough. His ongoing despair at every innocent I killed in front of him was morbidly hilarious to me. He wasn’t buying my half-assed excuses, either; like all the characters, he’s well written. Kids aren’t entirely, or even mostly clueless).


I’m not sure I can pick a favorite, I enjoy them all more or less equally. The movie star option is a fun idea, coloring the first impressions people have of you. What I like best about the careers is how they inspired me to imagine a new personality for a new mc, and of course how the backgrounds figure into altering the little details further on.

Sidenote, just thinking how it’d be cool if our mc’s were asked about themselves and what they were before the zombies. It feels like few choice games give you the opportunity to connect to characters in that way, where someone else initiates interest/contact with your character first (and just who is spurred to do this would, of course, depend on the actions and personality of the mc in question, ideally). I don’t mean in a purely romantic sense, either. That aspect of the game is a nice addition for more replayability, but, to me, it’s not as vital as some people act like.

Other stuff:

The dialogue between choices, where your character responds automatically: those bits being tailored to your personality stats is one of the best things about the game in that it goes such a long way to facilitating multiple playthroughs. By anecdotal contrast, my enthusiasm for a second go-around with Mass Effect: Andromeda died the moment my super srs professional Sarah Ryder started spouting the same dorky snark as casual Scott.

Also, I know I said I’d prefer less variation and more story, but I do love the plethora of approaches we can take in any given situation, as well as our motivations behind those decisions. All of that really enhances the experience of simulating different characters.

Anyhow, I hope you reconsider about ending ZE:SH at part 3, but I totally understand if you don’t. I can’t fathom how complex a project this is already, let alone three parts later. Either way, I await your future works with enthusiasm.


@cool Thank you for such a thorough review.

I believe Part 3 will be the last. I would like to stretch it to 4, because there is a lot to tie up, but it comes down to player fatigue. As more parts come out, fewer people play the game and due to the phenomenal amount of work that goes into it, my thought is to move on to more traditional formats or one app per story.

Things change though, so I may continue the series.

I tried to do a sandbox game but it is difficult to fit in sandbox levels of content. To make it so requires lots of side paths and missions, but most players look at the main story for length. I love to hear of people replaying 35 times but that is the minority. So, I am going to work on Part 3 starting in January and do one long trunk with smaller branches.

I hope you feel better!

Thank you for your thoughts here. I will say on Reilly that you will be able to discuss the take from the bank robbery in Part 2-2.

This is one of the most time-consuming parts of writing. Really. But if you make stats, you need to use them. It is how I know how to represent your character.