Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)



For the first achievement, it can’t be gotten at Thelma’s. It can only be gotten during the encounter with Lopez and his squad.
For the second one, you need to trap a zombie in your home on day one, and kill it on day two.

As for Five-Finger Discount, I’ve never tried it, but maybe it doesn’t work if you steal some items but buy other items, so maybe it only works if you only shoplift and don’t buy anything.


That’s from training the group in Close-Combat Weapons, if I recall correctly. That was a really good scene.


(To Rachel, post-reveal): Would you mind helping me more with training the group? We all know you’ve had real training and I had some ideas for things for some of our people to concentrate on…


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I have subscribed even if I don’t know what hell I am doing…


Pro-wrestling?? Wow!!! Too bad it is Heart’s choice … is it occur in a total different alternative world or it is following what’s happening now??


I am actually coding and co-writing this for my friend, David Drader, who writes gay male erotica. So it will appeal to people interested in that content. I know very little about pro wrestling or male erotica normally but helped a good friend check off a box on his bucket list. In the meantime, I make a game for some of my normal readers. As I see it, there are not many options for long-form romance and erotica in interactive fiction.


@JimD If you need a tester of something else tell me a wrestling game romance sounds so cool. I would love be Mara the heel all seductive lol :wink: Even if I am not gay I love sexy guys at least :wink:


A slash fic?! :heart_eyes: Oh, wait… never mind… :sweat_smile:

Now, this one, on the other hand… :smirk:


A wrestling game definitely sound nice… although the hottest topic in wrestling world today is the big company vs independent circuits… it is actually a good story of david vs goliath , in fact the independent just score a victory only last week


Thank you! Is it possible to walk out without buying anything, but still get a decent amount of stuff? It doesn’t take much before it begins warning me I’m stealing too much and am likely to get noticed. I imagine more Stealth would help here?


I have no idea of wrestling. But i love the wrestling game here so much. Is like a real life role-playing in a ring… I love the heel stuff.


Imagine a beta testing group with mara giving feedback to a gay erotica game … It could be a wild adventure lol :smirk_cat:


It does have a bit of this. Sadly, I can’t talk more about it since this thread is a SFW one. Eventually, I will make a thread to discuss the game.


Looking at the code, it seems like it depends on your stealth and search stats. Stealth helps you steal more, and search lets you know if you’ll get caught. If your search is above 60, then you’ll know exactly if you have too much, too little, or just enough.

As to how much you can steal, it seems like you can get a good amount with high stealth, but nowhere near as much as you can buy with the richer professions, or with hackers. Certain items are easier to steal than others, like food and water are easier to steal than cookware. With 100 stealth, you could steal about 40 servings of food or water, with chicken and beef each counting for two servings.


I thought i found a tv series name I Zombie, where the female protaginist is a walking zombie… Zombies in this series need to eat human brain to survive, i think… :slight_smile:


That TV series was actually based on a comic book series by the same name. In fact, the television show is going to have a fifth (and final) season due out next year I believe.


5 seasons is actually good… many didn’t survive after 2 seasons…
It would be sweet if there is an intelligent zombie RO…Lol


And now my GF just saw an ad for a movie she is curious to see: Anna and the Apocalypse. A Christmas-zombie-musical.


That’s one reason I love the zombie genre, so diverse. It’s kinda like rock in that way(just been reading that new music thread). There’s a zombie movie, game, book etc out there for everyone