Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)



I hope our nephew doesn’t pop in.


In a way, that is a bit of what is happening with delusions, right? :man_shrugging:

You propose an interesting angle. Cassie was a polarizing “character” so I put that storyline in a secluded area under the Cathedral. It might have been good to add it to endings too.

Keep in mind, delusions in ZESH is a challenge, so I don’t want it to be too helpful. It’s a struggle to write challenges, since the nephew and pet can be helpful.


“Blue? What are you doing in the tent?”
“Nothing. Just talking to Ray.”

I love delusions because of how well written they are. Cant resist choosing delusions so i can read about the man in the trench coat or Ray or Zombie Earl trying to get at us Ring style, through the screen.


"Okay…but why are you moaning? Are you okay, are you hurt? Do you need some help? "

“No I’m okay! Don’t come in! Ray’s just helping me with a massage and giving me an extra hand with my…pencil. It needed sharpening.”


Haha… I was thinking like in the ending where Emma died , her last words to MC should be something like " Look, i saw Cassie waving to me now … i am so happy to be joining her soon, don’t worry…MC , we will be waiting for you too when you are ready … "


Lol, That would be so funny When I actually kill Emma and trying to vanishing Psycho ghost …


Lol… I thought everyone like Emma . and she is our sister… so you really want to kill her? :slight_smile:


That creepy smiley…


Lol… I thought Mara was joking :wink: That’s the reason for a smile :stuck_out_tongue:


Ejem… I even did with @JimD permission a small demo to learning choicescript called 1000 ways to kill Emma. If you or the most new people in the forum want have some laughing i recommend you reading the first game thread where I debate tons of times about Emma and why I hate her with all my heart.

You know @JimD with the time perspective I miss Emma… in this game I don’t have people I really hate. And as my grandma said that If you don’t really want to destroy and killing in a soap opera, The show is "


I see… cool i guess :slight_smile: and @AmericanShakespeare , that smile is out of courtesy :stuck_out_tongue:


Well… It seems like a thing one of my Delusional Devious MC would do after killing someone…


I hate how we couldn’t kill kelly on the hill battle because she had plot armor


Stupid useless kelly


“Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.”


Huh I don’t understand


What’s the appeal of ray exactly because I only see a jerk there


Ray’ is the moral opposite of the MC, and somewhat a manifestation of MC’s dark/decent desires. Also the sex of Ray is always that the MC is attracted to, and shares MC’s facial characteristics, so essentially a soon to be RO for the extreme narcissistics.


As some of you may recall, @JimD did a Zombie Exodus: Soft Haven, an amusing diversion.

Well, my girlfriend loved it and had me commission an artist to do a bit of fanart. You might have seen it on some of @JimD’s social media.

This is what she titled Zom-Bae. The artist who created it is lindaroze (at the moment it is attributed wrong but that will be edited. The person listed it actually commissioned it; that is me).



Hidden Achievements
I’ve gotten all the hidden achievements except two. Can someone please explain what we need to accomplish for these? I found out the names from another site but there is no explanation of what they are. Names are in spoiler text below.

Just a Bit Outgunned
You’re Not Welcome Here

For the first one, I’m going to try getting myself killed at Thelma’s, but I’d hate to get all the way to that point and die for nothing, so please let me know if I’m on the right track.

Regular Achievements
Also, does the achievement “Five-finger Discount” work? I’ve stolen successfully from Thelma’s several times, but it shows me as still not having accomplished it.