Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 releasing 3/21)



No, I meant Ray. He tells me to hurt bad people and abandon anyone holding me back, that’s husbando/waifu material right there.


I 've no romance in part 2
. Is possible to begin a relationship in part 3 ? Or i must play part 2 again ?

Thanks you


part three isn’t out yet… so no one can confirm or deny for now…


Hmmm… Cassie was the exact opposite , she was watching over MC and Emma all those years … manifesting herself when she felt MC need her companionship again , but was too shy to face MC in first encounter due to MC had forgotten about her … some may think she was creepy, but i think Cassie is sweet


ray does the opposite of what your morality meter is… if you’re high on morality, he’ll goad you into attacking a certain group visiting… or if you’re low morality, he’ll tell you that its safer if you guys just join up since your group is weaker…


Ray is not real at all. Is not ghost is a derilusion created by the lack of medical care. Nobody can see it because it doesn’t exist. Is a disorder a dissatisfied twisted version of the pc Reason why heis all contrary you as character are. Is your shadow side.

So I don’t understand why all of you actually act like he is real and worse romanceable. What will be next romance your machete a tequila bottle :wink:

No seriously, This is a serious game so much defend that a character mental problem should be marriage choice is shocking… Like wow.


Err… hahaha, actually i never play the delusion MC and never met Ray :wink:

I was actually referring to Cassie from original Zombie Exodus, who is / was our ghostly childhood friend following us even after we grown up :slight_smile:

some fans here were comparing her to Ray, and was thinking whether Ray could be another Cassie …

I can’t say about others since i don’t intend to romance Ray … but as for Cassie , well she is / was definitely “Real” even though she is a ghost , i think there were already quite a lot of stories about the protagonist romancing a ghost , hence i don’t think it is unusual :slight_smile: But i would think Cassie is lots more than that , being a childhood friend who accompany MC and sister since they were small … she had the power to harm them but never did, even with the zombie apocalypse where zombies were suppose to be undead like her , Cassie still chose to help MC and sister … so that sort of loyalty is hard to ignore, was cassie intend to follow us till we grow old and perhaps one day join her in after life ? :thinking:

Hmmm… Ray definitely is not my kind of "friend " :wink:


Each on their own. I prefer Vampires. :wink: But casie is a minor both in mind and appearing… so i found it weird. And romance your own illness is just bonkers. In a serious game. That could go for a fan fic.


That’s why i had mentioned also in “Connected Hearts” , a visual novel i read, the childhood friend of the protagonist who died in a fire… told that she manifest herself based on the appearance she should had grown when she came to find the protagonist again, just so the protagonist will feel natural by her side… i would had thought Cassie is actually much older than MC, depending on when she died…

Connected Hearts was original a spanish novel, perhaps you had read it too ?


Jaime: So what should we do with the prisoners?

MC: Tie them up and decide in the morning.

Nephew: Ooh, let Bailey do it!

Jaime: Uh, why?

Nephew: Look at my aunt MC’s wrists. She said Bailey did that as they were…playing…last night.


No ,i don’t read it probably because i wouldn’t feel comfortable with something like that. I found ghosts as a big no. Then also those stories had a big tendency force content were ghosts invade you and obligated to do stuff. I even found nasty ghost or ghostbusters.


I know if I get time, I would love to work on/collaborate on a story which allowed someone to play a ghost.

I mean, making things ice cold, eerie howls and having the walls bleed are bound to spruce up any party that a person inhabiting your haunted house would have.


I would then ask for an option of trying to vanished oneself and non possess people. That could make a interesting sto


What I would try to do is allow a small range of powers that a person could choose, and try to offer different solutions based on the situation, so not possessing people would be a viable option.

And one could even work on a ‘notoriety’ factor. Get things to high, then ghost hunters, or exorcists might show up…and possessing people would certainly bump that up.

Anyways, I will get back on topic.


After that harrowing experience. My mission was to kill Tom, still is. Only on some playthrough do i decide that Tom should keep living otherwise he is dead.

Excuse me…clears throat AGHHHHHHHHHHH


Well… the “ghost” Alice wasn’t exactly invading the protagonist’s mind, she just visit him in his dream encouraging him to remember her and his vows while they were in orphanage … something about the protagonist promised Alice, while they were small (the night before the fire started) that when they both had grown up, he will becomes her knight and comes rescuing her like what happens in the story. The fires happen that night , the protagonist survive and the others had all perish …and he had forgotten about the incident when he grows up… Alice , on the other hand still remember his vows and waited for about 10 years before coming to visit the protagonist so that he remember what happen that night.

Well, in the end, Alice never force the protagonist to fulfill his vows to join her, she just wanted him to remember her… the readers have a choice of whether following Alice or bid a farewell to her :slight_smile:


Ray’s totally real! Look, he’s right over there with Rachel and the Trenchcoat Guy.

literally just Rachel

@Beaterxys Ray only shows up to MCs with delusions.


wait wait. never did a playthrough eithout delusions before but Ray is a constant even if you dont choose delusions as a challenge?
@HomicidialFrog Good, good. Could not take another Cassie situation.


Wouldn’t a romance with Ray basically be the MC playing with themselves in the tent?


At least with the zombie apocalypse, the player wouldn’t have to be afraid of parental disapproval over their relationship with Ray.