Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 released 3/21)

I think in part 3 , we need to worry.about our ammo, from what i heard, they are going to track our ammos in part 3

Hence, most important is to start thinking how to make ammo or start training other skill than ranged weapons … there is a reason the game don’t want to turn into a first person shooter game :slight_smile:

Wr may have to utilise other skill soon :slight_smile:


Hey just played (and subsequently modded, because damn it I want to be an evil character but who also researched the virus and is a hacker and keeps everyone alive but also attacks everyone else) the new update, and again, it’s amazing.

I dont really have tons of specific feedback, but I will note my favourite on-going trend, NPC’s talking to/ commenting on other NPC’s actions.

The way Woody reacts to Reilly reacting to us killing Flynn makes the whole thing feel more real, and the subtle conflicts/ moments of tension between other characters (and the Parker Lopez thing(?)) Does greatly help with immersion.

If you can wait like 4 years I’ll be on that Master Creator tier, so, and I cant believe I’m saying this, take as long as you want to make part 3 (since I’ hoping enough other people will donate to reach 1350 per month in four years, and we can get a part 4!)


It’s quite simple really. Just start making some spears, swords or various weapons to give us some reach where we can safely kill a zombie without the risk of being bitten. We got Gina and Woody now so these two should be able to figure out a way to start weapon production considering that Gina is an engineer and Woody has alot of book smarts.

We could just scavenge for some scrap metal, wood and mechanical parts to make it possible. That and gunfire attracts zombies and there is no implication that the world is going to get better any time soon so might as well start preparing for the future where bullets are outdated and we figure out different ways for common problems, like having no fuel for transportation so we switch to horses or something like that. Electricity could be solved with solar technology.


Woody Smarts? Not in my game the most intelligent he said in my game is he wants BARBECUE my KITTY. After that and tried to poisoning me with a gross sandwich you could imagine how he ended. also he thought Mara was interested in him lol HOW ???

We’d still need guns to fight other people, but for zombies I think our best bet would be to arm the group with something like a halberd or a boar spear, something with reach and some kind of crosspiece to fix the zombie in place failing a clean brain kill.

Until we can find a blacksmith and build a forge we can settle for making fire hardened wooden spears from hardwood saplings.

Of course crafting in ZESH is abstracted to the point where we’re unlikely to worry about that stuff. But it’s fun to make plans.


Bows and arrows could be an viable option against humans if we did manage to find ourselves a blacksmith if guns aren’t an option any longer in the future.


Honestly, we should have been worried about the amount of ammo we currently have and the amount that’s been used before this possible tracker thing is even a problem because the game already tells you that you need certain types of ammo for each firearm and without that ammo you can’t use that gun.

Or we could invest in making Molotov’s and burn them alive preferably as a surprise attack that way we aren’t immediately killed by a better equipped group. We could also possibly lead/lure a hoard of the undead to their base and let them be overwhelmed and snipe anyone who’s fighting the undead with what ranged weaponry we do have.

Actually, if you look at the crafting reference and have the proper crafting skill, it tells you what you need to make melee weapons as well as weapon accessories and more, So you don’t need to rely primarily on Gina and Woody.


You can also make gun ammo if you have the gunpowder, metal, and crafting skills for it (The crafting stat at 70 covers all your ammunition needs). But yes, ammo should be conserved and guns used on “special occasions”, unless we run into an abandoned gun store (unlikely) or link up with an organization with large amounts of ammo (unlikely unless the MC has a specific background or makes specific choices).


Speaking of Molotov’s I plan fire-bombing the Silverthorne in part if we have the option




Yeah … my new MC is trying to stock as much gunpowder as possible for my latest playthrough …
It is good in the sense that this will balance up the game , just so everyone won’t simply boast up the range weapon skill or concentrate too much on firearms and think it is a shooter game …

It will be fun if there are occasion we could still apply armed or unarmed combat skill, however try to fight zombies with unarmed combat is risky :slight_smile:

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Yes, I am laying the work for this. It is ambitious and requires considerable testing, so I can’t guarantee I’ll accomplish this feature.

For me too. Leaders have a lot to do in Part 3, but I’m also giving specific content for non-leaders.

Yes, I am coding a way to track ammo, not magazines. It is a lot to track though, and managing a huge inventory is burdensome. Another feature in the if-I-can-get-it-to-work pile.

I’m really trying to do this more. It’s actually a lot of fun for me, like I’m playing my own version of The Sims.

I’ll be around :slight_smile:

I’m working on the new crafting menu in early April.

For those of you okay with spoilers, here is a peak at the chapter 8 free-roam/open-ended menu.



Wow !!! with that amount of work … Zombie Exodus : Safe Haven really had exceeded the value which we paid , especially exceed the value of some EA games and DA2 … which i don’t mind pay more for the future installment of Safe Haven , and i really hope Safe Haven could carry on as a 5 Books series :slight_smile:

If the route expansion is really too much … perhaps after Part 3, you can selectively pick a certain pre-determine route for a spin-off game :slight_smile:


Train a pet? Are you implying we can get another? :flushed:


Love the new update Jim. Already bought everything.

It’s nice to know all the metal I had some of my characters collect will go to use.

Will there be content in 3 that rewards expert or master level skill bearing protagonists?


So here is the situation Mara is a hoarder has like Three millions of stuff he has never-ending use as Mara has never ever crafted anything. Except basic defence stuff. Could she end saying You are my damn Stuff Maker Make stuff I have 9 millions of plastics five generators ten cookware diamonds Kelly Jelly…

And just don’t bother by details. Because in character Mara will die before starting making stuff when she can instead leading scout and raid. I like crafting and all that as player. But sometimes i just want play the story And not worry in planning each single minute in live of each npc and if Kelly remember that we are raiders .

Many people play this for story and don’t want handle five millions of Strategic games and Loot the game. That Superdetailing could limit replay value a LOT there is several games I don’t replay because… Uff Replay this means micromanaging a freaking Kingdom and my entire party no way. that has happened to me with Pathfinder kingmaker If i could skip the tedium strategy in a HARD-CORE RPG i would have replayed a lot more.

The crafting should be there toenhancing the game Not to become a burden that players have to overcome. Moreso casuals


I don’t think manufacturing ammunition from scratch on a group scale will be too monumental a task. The infastructure is already there and a mc with good Science and Crafting will have a fair working knowledge of chemistry to make primers and mix powder (albeit with a not inconsiderable risk of being maimed or killed in accidental explosions). Recycling casings and casting new bullets is comparatively trivial.


If pre industry society without knowledge of real science could make canons and first muskets etc and coverage a entire warfare without any idea and without technology. A still year one apocalypse can make hundred bullets or so. Hell people in Alaska make their own bullets without tech even today.
What is my problem is i don’t want have to track bullets and care to make them at all. So i suspect that will mean direct game over for Mara but i swear i won’t be angry making something i found terribly boring and a chore just to have a ending i should have due CHOICES not grinding ammo like a EA paidservice.

Edit Maybe sounds really harsh. It is menu in choice script is all except fast and intuitive. I found most time time ticking have no idea how i have done how objects left and what could be the use . It is the contrary of funny for me so i just skipping the boring for me.

In first game however it was cool upgrading the cathedral as it was simple MAKE X…not build each block then assembling it then placing it then micromanaging X go finishing it. Zombie game no Building game…I sound rude again sorry better i go out for a while before angry people… Sorry


Can we have a poly relationship with jaime and lopez ?


Ooooh I’d love that.

Oh and I must say, that I tend to dislike Jilian and Lyle, after the playthrough where they threatened me and pushed my nephew just because I found out that Lyle lies. Now even in other Playthroughs, I do not really care if one of them dies. The only reason I do not kill them, is that I do not want to spend energy on digging graves for their bodies.


Think of it as a good way to stay fit (morning exercise done) and two less parasites feeding on the local food sources…