Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 released 3/21)

It’s definitely possible that I did, but I would always “see it” in my earlier playthroughs.


You need to be home at 10 am to meet Lopez.


I think it depends on the group for instance, and how much food you give them for it to come back to bite you in the ass. If I was a part of raider group under the guise of a “peaceful and struggling survivor” and you gave me 75 portions of food (which is a lot and rather risky.) I would definitely try to sweet talk you(tell you whatever sally sob story that will get you to lower your guard and take pity on me.) Tell you some bullshit about interest in forming a trade partnership than after we had traded, I would have a hidden member of my group follow you back to camp. Gather a raiding party, wait until the cover of darkness, kill everyone on watch and then murder you all while you sleep. Take your supplies, burn the camp down, and put your severed head on a pike as a marker/tombstone of the collective burnt corpses of you and your group. :smiling_imp: :grin:

Moral of the story, giving too much food/resources can cause people to want to rob you while giving a moderate amount can still cause them to want to rob you but it doesn’t make you as big a target who gives away large amounts of supplies or presents it.


I would have poisoned the food and put a track gps in a box or something like that. Because being as hopeless as they sound or are a lie and are raiders(mara idea) Or they are really Pudding lame so diarrhoea to them and raid their camp like locusts… However i understand that game is already too much variables and 99% players are hugging trees so logically my style of playing is secondary and i am just grateful to have content to begin with


Would it be bad if I also told them everything about my group? Am I Kelly 2.0?


Sending Kelly jelly to infiltrate deserves being murdered lol. :smiling_imp:


Does anyone know how to become the leader of the group when you are playing as a teenager? Is it possible?


Leadership and charisma my teen has always been choosen às leader.


I had no leadership and was still voted leader. Was really unexpected lol.


That happened if you are loved and had taken very good sense choices. It is easier if you are charismatic and a born leader. However, even if not you are good and has a common sense they see your value.
People that looks code could give you numbers etc but i found this game so common sense oriented that code is not needed.


It’s about as realistic as it gets. Let’s not forget that society only ended days ago so not all people are going to be immoral, depraved scum. The River Dogs are down on their luck and they are written to be very real even in this messed up situation. I also enjoyed the scene because it was tense at first but the River Dogs came out to be a really interesting bunch I am very eager to get to know as a reader.

I understand the Silverthornes are a pretty serious threat (if they aren’t your allies) and I like the fact that each little group (and solo snipers) you meet is diverse. Not everyone is willing to drop everything and join you. Not everyone is capable of even surviving on their own. Not everyone is camping in the woods. Not everyone is particularly friendly. I love it!

And a game shouldn’t limit your choices based on the previous ones you’ve made. The way I see it, ZE:SH keeps all options open. Just because you started out as a ruthless raider doesn’t mean you should be locked into that role. This is a damn RPG. Because your choices do not limit you later, you can role play so much more. Now, I can be a ruthless raider from Chapter 1 to 4 and eventually regain my humanity later (for example) BECAUSE the game doesn’t say, “Oh this character’s bad? Well I have her all figured out. Let’s just make her worse and worse.”

Instead, the game says, “This character’s pretty awful and all but they’re still free to decide how they go forward. Here’s all the options.”

That said, I have not encountered a moment in this entire game that makes you feel guilty for not doing something like giving food to another group. Just because the characters you’re with are shocked (because they’re, you know, individuals with different personalities?) doesn’t mean the whole of Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven thinks you’re a nasty fiend. This early into the apocalypse, it’s quite easy to distinguish right from wrong and mercy from brutality. Personality stats such as morality also have a huge role to play here. It’s so much more than “the game wants me to feel bad for being mean.”

It’s always so nice meeting other decent players here :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I did a poll on this a long time ago and the results proved that the majority of players play morally “good” characters. Personally, I find it a little more taxing to be the helpful good guy in the game so I usually play neutral and less-moral characters. Throughout my experiences with different, reasonable play styles, I’ve found the game accommodating. Mind you, the game must still maintain some sense of realism at the same time.


I’m not sure if this has been discussed before, but going through the game again the initial spread seemed really fishy. The virus was previously only recorded on another continent, but without any warning it was spread throughout the city simultaneously. It was like there was a thousand dormant carriers who were scattered throughout the city and all became active around the same time.

We know that the virus transmits though contact of bodily fluids, namely blood and saliva. And for a healthy virus, the dormant period lasts for less than an hour. Unless the first carriers were really enthusiastic kissers, or the first infected person just happened to do a blood donation during that one hour, the virus shouldn’t transmit before the carriers becomes zombified. The question is where did that first batch of dormant carriers come from?


Playing as a scientist will reveal a whole lot more to Zeta than what’s at surface level


My teenager won 17 votes to become leader;-)

Badicslly Max empathy , persuasion and leadership 3 is enough, then raise perception , willpower and charisma… perception and willpowet are essential for empathy :slight_smile:

But most importantly, you must start having good relationship with most of your group members starting in Part 1 …


That’s very true and I’m glad we have that flexibility/choice but that example you gave is just weird for me to imagine because it seems like a random change in the character that makes me think the character is prone to wild mood swings and rapid changes in behavior.

To my knowledge, there hasn’t been a carrier who becomes zombified now there’s a Typhoid Mary like Carrier in the original Zombie Exodus but so far no sign of some random ticking timebomb carrier who turns into the undead. Unless you’re talking about someone infected with the virus and eventually turning than that has to do with Enoch in the Scientist playthrough/intro

Ugh, preach the amount of morally good and ethical players on here is staggering, which I don’t mind but they just dwarf and consume those of us who want to take the road of villainy or anti-hero which in my opinion, limits the amount of perspectives when it comes to discussions about being a villain in this game and comparing your warlord/serial killer MC to others and talking about what amoral decisions you make or can make in this game.

We’ll have to wait and see the consequences of your actions before you earn that title. Although, if you expose yourself to every group you come across and handout information about yourselves to people just because they seem like good people then you’re going to get yourself and the group killed or put them in more danger.


With years talking with this with @JimD I have seen a improvement in his awesome writing in the moral sermon after choices. mIn first game your choices are consider good or bad and game assumes hell a lot of character supposed feelings and even supposed guilty or remorse and even worse love for Emma…

That almost doesn’t happen in this game and the amount of flavour choice to adapt your pc is impressive. A good player would never notice but anyone that plays neutral to evil will. There is nothing more immersion breaking that being super evil and suddenly game become Example little exagerated to prove the concept no in game.
OH my good you killing a guy are you alright? Do you want confess all your sins? Aren’t you super repentant?
Me Mara has killed 70 people in five minutes including SAINT CLAUS no this random raider doesn’t cause her become Gandhi. :roll_eyes:


I am telling them everything i know of my group as well :slight_smile:

But that’s because i am confident of my own leadership and preparation , as well as my own skill , … well i am the best shooter in the group with the largest zombie kill count along with Madison, so i think my way of thinking is "King Alfred is not afraid to trust Bishop Hertman in disclosing everything about the Wessex kingdom to Queen Lagertha and inviting her as ally to join up "…

As for the case of Kelly, well… i think she doesn’t have the skill to defend the group yet and she really doesn’t has strategy a true leader must have, hence that’s a different perception :wink:


I was really surprised to be honest. When I spotted them I took cover and then told them that I was just leaving and it really shocked me how nice they were about it. They walked away and gave me and Kelly time to go. Totally a different vibe than when they come into camp asking for submission. Still, the moment they threaten my people I’ll put their heads on fucking spikes.


I’m sorry but what !?

While confidence in your own skills is a good thing, your ability to shoot a gun can only get you so far in a fight. Also you can only prepare for so much before being blindsided by the unexpected or inconceivable.

Yeah that’s one way to say she made a dangerous and questionable decision that came back to royally screw us…


It was from the TV series Viking … King Alfred is the young king of old England, had just ascend the throne like MC, Bishop Hartman was a formidable warrior priest of the previous king , who now brought Queen Lagertha, Queen of a viking Faction away from Norse and seek refuge within England, King Alfred acknowledge the fabled skill of both Hartman and Lagertha, also confident with his judgement,invite them all to reside within his realm and share all his resourse …
He told them " Now that we are allies, you may walk freely in my palace, share my quarters and resourse within my court "

The vikings were constantly invading England back then , and Alfred allying with some of them against their own people was considered a bold move … but Alfred also foresee he may still find truthful allies among his enemies :slight_smile:

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