Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 released 3/21)

I didn’t even know you could die o.o


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@JimD I noticed that replaying Part 1 of the game, I am unable to get the duffel bag from Fred in the alley, since my character immediately talks about nightmares coming true and runs back home. I never had this problem in previous runs and I never picked the Delusion Challenge either so I am confused :confused:

If you get the line, “Instead of letting your nightmare come true, you turn and rush back home.” it means your athletics is low or stress is very high.


In his phone conversation, Goodman mentions that he is also taking care of civilians (600), which means that he is in a similar boat as the MC (and his definition of “civilian” likely is “someone physically unable to pick up a gun”). His dismissive behavior could also be because the New Army is incredibly decentralized (when you ask him, he mentioned it), and therefore he could be unable (but not necessarily unwilling) to send help. Jude also mentions being part of the New Army, and does not mention a (uniformed) military MC.

The hesitation when asked about Faulkner could mean one of two things- he killed Faulkner in order to usurp him, or whatever happened to Faulkner was so gruesome that even a hardened military man can’t immediately talk about it to a fellow soldier. In a zombie apocalypse setting, both are equally possible.

At this point, Goodman knows the MC about as well as the MC knows Goodman -a voice on the phone. While MC may be wary of Faulkner’s (supposed) killer, Goodman may be wondering if he is talking to a bandit that found the phone and is posing as a soldier. It’s understandable for even a high relationship value to mean little at this point.

In a way, Goodman is like Badger from the first ZE game, in that the player meets him if they make the right choices (spare the raiders during the zombie attack; be military), and relationships with him strongly impact the mid- and endgame and influence what endings the MC achieves (become a raider after the Exodus; stabilize [at minimum]/destroy the US as we know it). We will have to wait and see how his role in the story plays out.


i noticed that too, the squeal i mean, it was cute and surprising to find a girl underneath that warrior of a woman… and i guess it’s just easy to swallow for most of society since its a “male” teen MC with a female RO… the one with Madison possibly being a RO for an adult MC in part 3 is the one im cautiously eyeing and looking forward to how @JimD will write that in since there was zero hint from either the adult MC or Madison of any attraction.

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You keep on focusing on this. Attraction not being acknowledged or spoken about does not mean it doesn’t exist. Especially if the MC or Madison, herself, was being careful not to reveal it.

I believe the farm dialogue and interactions with Madi show her to be more than a caricature of a teenager and that she has feelings and thoughts she does not always share with people - not even her brother.



Damn it, who’s the A**hole that reported the attribute exploit, I was having a blast with it.


I actually don’t understand the meaning of attraction … , and the way some people keep pushing on it…where is the line ? What is the drawing line of attraction and what is the perception of someone attract to a person?

As a movie star or wrestler … i did got lots of memorable conversation with Madison, and some of her respond was cute as well… like when i attend to her wound and the new mission too… i would say Madison attracted to my movie star or wrestler …perhaps not towards an in-dept intimacy , but as a genuine soul mate or even a romantic “friend” ? By meaning of romantic, i don’t think it is necessary to move forward to an intimate activity… a gift of flower or some courtly romance like in the arthurian era seems suffice…

Hence i don’t think it is always necessary for a story to specifically tell us… yes this person is your romance partner , because sometimes it is more romantic when there are words left “untold” openly :-):blush:


ymmv indeed but hey if there was any attraction unspoken, it would be from maddy since there was never a “choice” for the MC to have any unspoken attraction. oh well, like i said, ill wait till part 3 and see what becomes of it.
i just want her transition from group member to an adult RO be as natural as possible and not deus ex attraction.
sorry if i seem hung up on this issue, the teen male mc x rachel thing really annoyed me for some reason ever since i encountered it in the code (i never played teen mc)

It seems to me that any RO chosen can be defined this way - there is no chance that you fail as long as you meet the initial requirements…

In this case, Maddie is moved from teen RO to adult RO by her age increasing … so everything is the same as any other adult relation that qualifies.

I’m sorry but I don’t understand why this annoyed you? In any case, why would this have bearing on an adult Maddie having a relationship with an adult MC; because you knew her at age 17, that would forever forbid you from forming a relationship with her later?


Not sure I understand what you meant here :confused: The point I was trying to make didn’t involve gender, just a possible Rachel X Teen romance.

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with the maddie thing, like i said, i want it as a natural transition. suddenly having maddy as a RO because +1 age seems to be forcing it since there wasn’t a choice for the MC to be attracted to her, spoken or unspoken, in parts 1 and 2.
if we had choices that hinted MC was attracted to maddie but held off telling her or making a move because of “circumstances”, then i wouldn’t have mind her becoming RO.
this, i think, is what my problem with teen male mc x rachel thing. the slight bias to the teen mc, i guess?. because it establishes mutual (sort of) attraction between the two that would naturally progress into part 3 while maddy x adult RO doesn’t have that luxury because there were no choices.
sigh, i cant believe a 28 year old like me would be hung up on topics like this. haha.


I’ll let @JimD or @Lys correct me if I am wrong but Maddie’s romantic options was a careful design decision to avoid any hint of inappropriateness.

An adult hitting on Maddie would cross that boundary, even if she dismissed the advance, or said to wait or anything else. It is this simple fact that forbids a “choice” that hinted an adult MC was attracted to a minor.

With regards to Rachel, she is the adult and teens hitting on adults is something that is even dealt with in “After-school Specials” and her reaction is something an adult would conceivably do in that situation.

That is ok. This thread is for discussion (not circular argument, name calling or such) so what we are doing here is hashing this out.

I am learning from talking this out with you and I believe both Lys and Jim would say the same thing.


well that’s explains a lot. i understand now. thanks for enlightening me on that aspect of the design.
i’m sorry for immediately looking at the RO decision as “the MC just realized she’s 18 now, so he can make his move now”.
i trust you guys in making the transition feel natural, maybe like maddie doing that unspoken attraction angle that she gradually shows during the time-skip?


Jim is definitely going to be working on making as natural as he can :slight_smile:


Who brought Parker along for the Pharmacy/store mission did he get shot in your playthrough ? Or did you leave him behind ?

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I leave him behind i promise to get him insuline, and he survives after that

I hope to bring that family in though, they look positive in joining


That’s weird, since she’s now a zombie, maybe it’s a bug ? Also isn’t shooting her a waste of a bullet ? not to mention noise draws attention…

@Eric_knight again, given their current unkillable status wouldn’t be surprised if they could be recruited( 1st we need a proper base with room for the people we already have and then some before we take more people in.) Or potential trading partners like the River Dogs


I took him with me in one playthrough and left him behind in the other He got shot but was barely kept alive by my soldier mc who has like 1 point in medical skills lol

Question: Does Jude (the guy sniping at us over that grocery store) always die when playing a soldier character who’s wearing combat uniform? or can we talk to him with high persuasion/electronics about New Army and Faulkner?