Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 released 3/21)

I’m teaching him medicine and ranged weapons with a dash of driving… AJ must survive.


Training your nephew in Survival is worthwhile. In the shootout with the Sliverthrone Militia he instinctively runs and hides from the gunfire instead of helplessly freezing on the spot.


The nephew doesn’t exist in my playthroughs… I don’t need him getting between me and my men! :kissing_heart: :nail_care:

Woody and Tommy need all of Remy’s attention.


What do you think of dark Tommy I LOVE DARK TOMMY SO SEXY


When you thought the dependent child was only one challenge and ended up being the hidden cock blocker challenge…


Only one of my MCs, Dax, would actually let Tommy spiral down that path. :thinking:

Personally, I’m more interested in trying to help (or potentially force) Tommy acknowledge his feelings and grief. That breakdown, if it happens, is gonna be an awesome moment in the story, I can tell. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: That Hurt/Comfort gives me life.


I don’t see that way probably because the Mara with Marcus is not romancing anyone?
As main mara is actually single because there is no male available for her . I think she likes the Rebel Reilly however she didn’t say anything. Maybe she should say anything… Mom Nora wants us together lol. I love Mom Nora she is my quatermaster

And My characters are raiders and ruthless so hippie Tommy Zombiehugger has no sense. also I have a crush for fallen jedi characters

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I’m the same way (except for the force part) I’m trying to get Tommy to deal with his pain and move on. But, if he thinks the best way for him to move on is to get revenge on the Makarovs I’ll support him but make sure (or try to) he doesn’t get himself killed and help him find meaning in this post apocalyptic life.

@JimD Why after buying The new 20 attribute stuff I can’t raise stats over 70… i have the points but i want 100 charisma not being 70 in everything. I wanted try a 100 charisma intel zero combat …

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It’s a bug that is being fixed. The IAP code is difficult to program.


I thought it was a balance decision. I normally not playing with them as i prefer less stats more challenge. Still i boughthem as support. sometime could be fun play as a superhero

Small bug I found (playing with HG omnibus):
When I choose to take the survey, I am taken to the customize stats menu (the game works fine from there).
Will Kent, Ed, Harriet, Aris and Kate join our group in part 3 if we made a good impression? I can’t wait to see them again. Looking forward to finally meeting Goodman face to face!
I negotiated with Jude, and tried to get him to join my group (my main MC, Jacob, tends to use words before force, especially when someone has Jude’s skill set). While I think that his skills alone would have made him a fine member of the group, I understand why he is not recruitable- it wouldn’t be in line with his personality.


Typos in part 2.
In Dante’s convo.

You pause for a moment, thinking.

" Actually, there was a boarded-up home in my neighborhood back in Nightfall."

Remove the space between the double quote and “actually”.

In Jillian’s convo.

"What was life like before the outbreak?."

Remove the full stop.

“I think I’ll go talk to him after we’re done here.”[’]

Remove the bracketed single quote.


I have a feeling we will meet them again as well as the River Dogs since my attempts to murder both of them seemed to be blocked by plot armor. (Just like Keith…) :thinking:

@JimD Well played on Jaime’s dialogue in response to the attempted murder of Kent’s family :clap::clap: It’s currently making me hypothesize on how a “villain” MC can potentially butt heads with him in the future.

I have the complete opposite reaction, because I think Goodman is soooo shady, not to mention his annoying belief that the Lancelot safe haven is your only priority and anything else you have to deal with should be at the bottom of your to do list.


All these names being thrown around currently mean nothing to me 'cause both my new MCs died at the farm, the first goddamn mission :man_facepalming:


When we meet him, we will know for sure whether he is genuine or shady, but I’m looking forward to finding out :slightly_smiling_face:.
Also, he has a relationship stat, which suggests that he can be at least be reasoned with, if not befriended or allied with.


He paused when asked about how Colonel Faulkner died, as if he was lying about his cause of death. He also just dismisses any threats or obstacles you have to deal with as “this is war deal with it” which completely undermines what the MC has to deal with not to mention they have to deal with civilians who don’t have the same tools and equipment or training he and his army has.

I don’t see his treatment of you as an ally or friend, He’s treating you as one would treat their underling or minion and since he mysteriously and conveniently got promoted, he is your superior which means you’re an underling who’s sole purpose is to follow the instructions given by your superiors regardless of what obstacles you have to face which is reflective in how he talks to you he doesn’t seem to care about what the MC has to deal with. He cares about his orders being followed and his missions being completed. If he were an ally or friend would he not be more understanding and respectful of what you have to deal with ? Or show concern for you ?


I must say, it actually interests and appeals to me. More particularly, the somewhat-possible teen romance with Rachel. I am very much invested in that one because it’s the most unique and one I’ve had a little real-life experience with. I understand that this may be more of a tricky relationship to write for @JimD because it’s more complex but I am infinitely curious about how it’ll proceed. I’ve given it plenty of thought. Rachel does say that when we’ve settled down somewhere safe, we can do other unspecified things but I’m not sure what that entails for anyone. Yes, she has ulterior motives and may not even be interested in a teenage MC. I acknowledge that. But what if, even after her big secret is out, Rachel has an exceptionally great relationship with my teen, Frankie?

I hope there’s a chance it can at least progress into something more than what it currently is, no matter how slow the progression is. Without coming to an abrupt end. That would be very disappointing especially because Frankie has a solid relationship with Rachel as her RO. However, an abrupt or gradual end would certainly be plausible where Rachel’s relationship with the teen was anything less than exceptional.

Maybe, over time, Frankie matures and all that. The relationship wouldn’t even have to involve sex of any kind. It could just be more romantic. Filled with things like candlelit dinners, emotion, stargazing, kisses, goofing off, cuddles and endless conversation.

I won’t forget how Rachel let out a “squeal of excitement” after she shares a kiss with an adult MC. That gave me a hint that underneath all that “woman” there is still a “girl.” That little scene showed me a part of her that gives me a bit hope that maybe Rachel X Frankie could be possible. Hell, even Tommy came back from the dead and became a fully-fleshed out RO!

Frankie and I have been hopelessly in love with Rachel since the very beginning and are doing everything in our power to make a romantic relationship develop between the two of them.


That’s hilarious, what were your skills/specializations and what choices did you make to cause your death ?


Both MCs were killed trying to lure the zombies out of the house to kill them and were then put down by Brody and Madison.

First MC had high ranks in empathy, persuasion, survival, cooking and medicine.
Second MCs specializations escape me because I tried to rush through from the start of Part 2 just to get back to where I was :neutral_face:

All is well now, though, I just finished the farm mission and the interactions with Gina, Brody and Madison might be among my favorites from this point on :thinking: