Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 released 3/21)

I know this was way back when… but with the way you explained it, the only way for adult mc to be with madison is for her to express that she is attracted to him and then wait till she turns 18?.. im sorry, just annoyed at the teen MC x adult RO dynamic, because i can guess what the “future” content would be… and i dont even want romance madison as an adult…


Hey @JimD, I don’t know if you saw my last post. Wondering if there’s going to be a fix for the new character glitch any time soon. I really want to play again but I also really don’t want to customize my attributes.

Madison has 18 already or is one or two weeks away. You will be able to romance at the next part if not in this if not you always create a college student or a teen for that @JimD @Eiwynn @Lys could be morespecific

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@poison_mara but you as an adult MC cant show interest to her because it would be… weird… but teen mc can just crush on anyone… i havent got to that part again but


Teen male mc can attempt to kiss rachel but gets rebuffed and teen mc can complain the he got rejected because he’s young

I cant imagine an adult mc scene like that unless its madison initiating it…

I sent a quick fix to Hosted Games so hopefully that bug will be squashed soon.


College student MC can romance Madison?

@JimD Your post made me curious: I found out first about CoGs/HGs around 2015 by then ZE already had all five parts released. I wonder when did you first started to work on that game?

Maybe it was added in the new update?.. because the option in the codes wasnt there for even college to romance madison, as far as i can remember…

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Yeah, I don’t recall of that either hence why I was surprised.

Well I enjoyed the new content that I read last night.

The new interactions with the characters in the camp was interesting to read. And I’m somewhat disappointed that I couldn’t convince Jude the ex Army sniper to join my group. All he needs is a spotter, yo! Lol

And I just somehow managed to get everyone to be a best friend, friend or at least an associate at the end of Part Two which is a neat feeling not having anyone hate me lol


I am confused by the talk of “no update on the app store yet”. I have the Omnibus app, and it simply updates the game without needing the app to update in the store. Basically I got a push notification that it was there, opened the app and it was.

I also encountered the survey attribute bug, but also found an issue with the customization. You can set all the attributes ok, but when you look at your character stats once you are playing, they are all reduced from what you set. e.g. my intelligence of 70 was down to 65. Actually, it looks like 5 less per attribute across the board.

Maybe it was a bug but during beta I romanced Madison with a college student. So i thought it was implemented

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Here is my first post on it. https://forum.choiceofgames.com/t/my-first-cog-city-of-zombies-feedback-welcome/

So, June 2011.


I hope not. After all how old is college student MC? Around 20 I’d guess, that isn’t too old for a 17 year old imo.

Madison is 18 i think already Taking account time passed. I thought it was logical the romance so i see it normal. Like i don’t see code no idea.

Madisons 17.

Bug or not, if what you say is true about maddy turning 18 in part 3, she should be the one showing interest in your adult mc first… it would be really weird/creepy when in parts 1 and 2 we dont have any romantic attractions to her and then when she turns 18, adult mc just realized she was legal and make their move…


Started with 17 however Her twin said something being about reach 18 in first part so more or less about 18 as time passes. College students are a year older… so i don’t see the fuss.

Gina actually didn’t need help fighting those zombies and manages to kill them by herself if you don’t interfere. So you honestly just “assisted” her if anything because, your willingness to help or lack thereof didn’t determine if she lives or dies unlike Dante, Tommy and Rosie who can die or live due to your choices . As for the saving of her soul, very debatable her “friend” was the one who got her husband senselessly killed which is why she kills him or tries to in the first place so you trying to stop that possibly causes a relationship decrease because, you tried to do the “right thing” even though it’s possible she sees it as not being your place to do so. As for the guilt thing and saving her from that there’s been no evidence (that I know of) that she feels guilty about killing George (of course this could change in part 3) but if anything, she’s a lot more willing to kill more survivors if they threaten the group’s survival and has even said " If someone hurts a person I care about I’ll go after them."


She doesn’t turn 18 until the part 3. When the timeskip happens.


Just how long the timeskip is? Weeks?