Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 released 3/21)

Really? Pretty sure I’ve read somewhere that she’ll be an RO in the update. But that’s been a while so things might have changed since then.

Edit: Also I noticed that Woody is still an option to be attracted to with a lesbian MC.


Huh?? There was added conversation with Rosie and Driver … but i really don’t think it is logical to add some scene just to allow Rosie to love us … at least the conversation could be a build up for future romance :slight_smile:

So is anyone else geeking out on behalf of their tech-savvy MCs over the drone you can scavenge?

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Like a combat drone? Or like a regular old drone?

Like if it’s anything other than a combat drone I’d say meh. I’d geek out over like salvaging a apc or a btr (I know they’re basicly the same thing but still).

Love the extra conversation with Kelly in the new mission… which we got to know her personality more and she really want to prove herself to us…

I feel that the extra interaction with Kelly makes her more likable… and she really can back us up in shooting zombies at the gas station… but for me the scene where she talk to the new militant group in the gas station on behalf of us is “cute” , i think not many people will appreciate her outspoken initiative but for me… that scene was funny, i can see there is choice to ask her to shut up but never had the heart to shut her up… so i just let her play leader for a while :-):sweat_smile:


Love the new update! :heart: :heart: :heart:
Nice work @JimD

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Tbh I don’t see why it would make less sense than some other characters “loving us” . Kelly, Woody, Reilly (if MC isn’t a bankrobber) etc. also just meet us the day before.


Differenct circumstance, MC is basically their saviour …

But Rosie shot at us :slight_smile: direct opposite circumstance

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Rose will be RO (to the best of my knowledge) and there should be more people you meet in Part 3 as well … one npc, I helped design.

Plans do change but as of now, I believe this is still the plan going forward.


And even tho she did that MC saved her life. Doesn’t that make MC her savior too?

Thanks for clearing this up for me @Eiwynn.


You’re absolutely right, It originally said Rosie was supposed to be an RO in part 2. I believe @JimD changed this to a part 3 update because he would have started to fall behind schedule and would have had to delay this update again. Which is why you also can’t see what Kelly was doing while Nathan and Benjamin were being killed by coyotes.

Reilly, Rachel and Gina weren’t saved or rescued by the MC but are still RO’s


Can’t say I’m not disappointed over this.
Guess now it’s time to concentrate on what extra content we actually got with this update.

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The so called saved the life of Rosie was only in one brief incident , in the school as compare to the other characters…

Example We met Kwlly from the beginning , then had scene of saving her from Markarov to other svene of interaction that could increase the relationship stat …

I suppose same could said about Woody

And in this case, i had once said the relationahip.stat is a good technical indication on why a RO would love us, it gives indication on whether our encounters were enough to bond us together…

Hence in order to romance Kelly and Woody , there would be enough relationahip to do that , same like Bailey…

For Rosie, the logical thinking is that when she shot at us , it minus the bond, and minus again if we save Jillian from her, we saved her was a plus… hence , it is something like minus plus equal zero, minus minus plus equal minus… there simply not enough encounter to make the bonds yet…

Well that is my opinion though :slight_smile:

@CreoleGuy519, that’s depend on the relationship stat as well… Gina was usually low relationship with me , even after i saved her… Rachel, as in same circumstance , had more encounters to raise our relationship with her … else we couldn’t romance them as well right ?

Well the point is, there should be more occasions to raise Rosie stat before she could logically loves us , well that is my assumption… and my relationship with her was low as well even after i allow her to join us

Edit : haha @JimD clarify the whole situation for us already :-):sweat_smile:

Just wanna point out you’re forgetting that we can also join Rosie & Driver in the truck and offer her a cigarette.

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Code readers can see I am trying to add in the Rosie RO even back in Part 2. At some point I can update the game and open up a Rosie RO in Part 2. But if I don’t move on to Part 3, this game will never be finished.


I don’t think she cares about MC one way or another when she does that so this shouldn’t be a minus in the bond either imo.

Wasn’t Jillian threatening her after the school scene? Or you mean when we saved Lyle and Jillian from Dilans gang? She doesn’t already seem to agree with everything Dilan is doing (remember the scene when you spyed on them through the surveillence cameras?) so once again I don’t think this should cause a drastical drop in relationship points.

You could have left her there to die. Rosie knows that too so I think that should be a big raise in the relationship stat.

This could easily be the case for Bailey too. Honestly as I see it it all comes down to what Jim wanted to/had the time to/whatever other reason to write. And once again if MC isn’t a bankrobber then there definitely wasn’t more bonding time with Reilly either.

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Of course it depends on the relationship score, I’m just saying that you’re not really the saviors of those 3 characters because they weren’t in any danger before they met you. What did you that actually counts as “saving” Gina ?

True, but helping Nora up the hill definitely wins affection points with Reilly and opens up a romance path despite the lack of interaction.


Oh… there was this scene when we help kill the zombies chasing Gina and her friend , and after that we could persuade her to spare her friend … i consider that as “saving” the innocent soul of Gina , if Gina had shot her friend, it was actually murder … and her soul could be tarnish by the guilt , by persuading her to spare her friend, we “saved” her from commiting a crime that she would never forgive herself :slight_smile:

@Cari-san yeah the scene of saving lyles, i would think all the choices attempting to save Lyles antagonise our impression on Rosie

@Johann… that scene of saying we forgive their action seem impact more on driver , i check it once … if i am not mistaken it raise little with Rosie as compare to Driver


Oh, I also forgot about the scene where we can potentially forgive the duo and let them join us. If we’re applying values to these actions outside of relationship increases then she probably has around the same as Bailey and/or Gina (I rarely romance either so off the top of my head I can’t recall many beneficial actions before the cut-off).


One of the difficulties of supporting so many characters is including enough interactions with each at every beat of the story. With 12 ROs and 25 NPCs, that aspect of the game requires a ton of time and energy. I set out to make a game like that but it is hard to explain to casuals why it takes so long to update.

I especially hate promising something and not fulfilling it. Those are the failures that overshadow any success But creating a game of such a massive size is a constant balancing act.

Personally I think updates come out far too often. I barely have time to edit and give it over to enough people to test adequately enough. I am starting to feel like the first release of the game or new part is the actual beta. It’s not really fair to my readers but that is the truth of the matter. But right around a year after release I start to get emails asking if I’ve abandoned the game.

The above points are not complaints. Rather, I am just sharing my experience with developing a game like this. Whenever someone asks for advice on starting their first game, I always say keep it simple and develop a few very intriguing characters the protagonist will get to meet and affect their lives.

Of course no one follows their own advice.