Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 released 3/21)

Are you talking about the chick that’s associated with the hacker storyline/background or do you mean Jillian the con artist ?

It may have sounded like a simple request to you but, I can see how it came across a demand, when you started the sentence with "I want" as if you were at a fast food place and he was taking your order. True there’s nothing wrong with asking for racial diversity, but when pointing something out or asking about something, you should try to be considerate of how you phrase it so you don’t come across as ungrateful or entitled.

JimD has already given us 14-soon to be 15 RO’s with the addition of Rosie. He can’t please everyone and there’s already, a lot of romantic interactions and possibly storylines that he has to write for the existing RO’s. Asking for another RO doesn’t seem like good timing and would probably set him back even more in the development of this game.

Yes their deaths has always been like that since the beginning, you really do have to try different playstyles in order to see all the content that’s in this game. Also it’s worse if you have the nephew sit there and watch you kill them.


Hacker chick lol.

Fair point, wasn’t my intention to get anyone riled up so I’ll (of course) try and pay more attention to what I type.


It happens. Heck, I know sometimes what I write down isn’t what I meant to say…or else my mind reads it differently than what actually comes out.

I know there are a couple of times when I’ve written “Oops, I didn’t mean to say that…sorry.” Of course, I’m also known as the deletion queen in some circles, so that may not be a good thing :wink:


:+1:t5: thanks

I still haven’t had a reply about romancing julianne the hacker chick :upside_down_face:

Probably because that content isn’t even in the game, and we can’t help you with something that no player has access to. Also if you look at the very first post, there’s a list of the characters who are RO’s and Julianne is not on there.


Yeah. Went back to try and retry and make it happen. Even had character flirt with her then reconnect in part 2. It’s impossible

I think she maybe a later romance in part 3 but who knows.

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But isn’t Madison 15 - 16 and college MC is 21? I suppose at the end of the world age doesn’t matter. Does that mean Rachel will be a real romance or just a sexual lover like Gina? Or in part 3 will she still be a distant character, using MC?

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Madison will be 18 by the time that Part 3 is taking place in.

Gina is more than a sexual lover, just as Rachel is a multi-faceted and complicated character … as far as being “distant” … that is yet to be seen.


If you start out as a hacker who is into women, it is revealed that there is history between you two but it came to an end. There are opportunities to flirt with her when you establish contact (whether you have a hacker background or not) but they don’t lead to anything concrete.

So no, you can’t romance her at this point in time.


Given how often people keep asking about Julianne being or not being an RO. Or will adult MC’s be able to date Madison, I feel like this info should be placed at the top of this discussion. So we stop having the same conversation about it over and over…


It being a strange question aside, I wonder why people only ever ask about Madison :thinking: Brody gets no love :pensive:


Because Maddie is more fun!

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Maybe not that many people romance Brody as they do his sister ? It could also be a personality thing also. Madison has snark for days, and calls people out on their stupidity and reckless behavior. While Brody is the nicer one.

Quick question for everyone : Who’s your favorite RO in the game? Also if you could only save 3 characters from the group who would you save?


Favorite Female RO: Rachel, even after the revelation about her identity. I find her intriguing and want to explore more about her past and what it means about the present. I also headcanon that at a high relationship value (think 75+), she does genuinely care about MC (it’s a bit early for love, though).

Favorite Male RO: Either Tommy or Reilly. I like the way that Tommy can be influenced (either to come to terms with his grief or become consumed by vengeance), and am looking forward to seeing the implications of what direction MC pulls him in. I also find Reilly charming, and think that his relationship with Nora is well written.

Which 3 characters I save if I can only save 3:
Rachel (she is highly skilled and a competent survivalist)
Tommy (strong fighter, respects MC, pulls his weight)
Madison (great shot with both fighting and hunting, has survival training as well as tech and science skills).


Madison so far, but it’s like you said, she’s just the most interesting personality wise.
I’d save Mads, Rachel and maybe Woody. They’re just useful tbh.


Top 3 ROs in my opinion - Bailey, Madison, and Jillian. Madison in 1st place, Bailey in 2nd, and Jillian last. Too bad I had to make a teen mc just to romance Maddie lol.

Also can we stop talking about saving only 3 people? I sincerely like a lot more people then just 3 so it’d suck if JimD just up and went “Welp, you guys can only save 3 people in part 3. Have fun :smiley::sob:

Just because I proposed a what if scenario, with the simple intention of it being a conversation-starter… Does not mean let me say it again doesn’t mean Jim D is going to implement it into the game. He wouldn’t do that because people wouldn’t want to be forced into that position.

Also if you’ve noticed he’s very good at giving a broad range and variety of choices to the players. So to suggest that he’d do something like that when it would be completely out of character for him to do so, is crazy. It was just to get a conversation started, it’s not going to murder you’re chances of getting a post-apocalyptic happily ever after.