Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 released 3/21)

I also don’t see the whole “sex addict” thing. I’ve taken every chance to talk and interact with him, and all he does is just say a dirty joke here and there. The fact that the complaint is coming from a person who roleplays a character that seems to be sexually charged themselves make this seem more confusing and reek of double standard.


Mara is demisexual and has no romance in game. She in fact have a totally trauma against real relationships and all the activity is fake as an actress to obtain info money or something similar. So due she has not even touch anyone I don’t know where the sexual driven Mara comes from.

Anyway as demisexua person myself I would not be near a man I don’t know full of weapons that can’t stop talking about sex I would not feel safe with someone that can rape me or my people.

In fact, as my grandmother and my grand grandmother warned me in a civil war run from any man that looks like a soldier in their tiny village army passed and five or six women were forced.

In Apocalypse even worse. I would never trust in a soldier more if all he said have sex on it

No criticism about game of character. Is a very well done character very realistic and i understand why people like it.

However, i would ran from him in real life for sure same from Jaime or Woody

We probably don’t have to worry about Lopez being aggressive with anyone since he’s targets would the guys(aside from Brody) and they’re all either too big for him to simply take or can fend themselves well enough, especially since everyone already has atleast one friend close by.
Ex- Brody has Madison
Parker has Kelly
Woody and Jaime have each other

Has anyone else done hacker playthrough or did hacker stuff? I found the stuff kinda interesting, like putting up the network for the group to use. Also wondering if we’ll meet up with Jullianne face to face.


Yes, I know Lopez is mainly gay but still is creepy for me anyway a very realistic character.

And about Haker, I have a teen called Average Joe that is a hacker and is very funny the mission and use technology and homemade bombs to play is a great playthrough

@Bahamuht, thanks, I figured it out finally. My teen MC wasn’t going to the Makarovs to get the option to invite her to stay because she’s hot. That overrides the teen block on setting her as RO, which only applies if you’ve never indicated interest in Kelly. She doesn’t have the teen blocks in Part 1 that Woody and Lopez do.

As for hacker, that’s one of my favorite angles to play. It’s definitely one of the more intriguing extra storylines.

@poison_mara Lopez has a lot more convo options that aren’t about sex. Personally, if I was worried about a sex addict in the camp, it’d be Jillian. Not so much an addict, but she is definitely willing to get by on sleeping with the MC regardless of age.

None of Lopez commentary seems sex addict. He’s a flirt, and he takes no for an answer. Him being willing to find comfort in flirtation or sex is no different than Jillian doing it for security, Gina to avoid grief, Rachel avoids sex because she doesn’t feel safe yet, etc. He likes adult mags, but so do Gina and Nora.

@Zen1 If you take the trip to the farmhouse and you either don’t have a set RO or your RO is Jillian, you can flirt with Gina during the drive over. But no option for her to be an RO yet. (As a teen MC)


I haven’t Jill either lol. My group is far far far smaller than 90% of people have. I playtesting with more so I know how they are. However, my character won’t find safe to have a soldier in a group that could take the power for himself in any second and Do Keith’s turn.

Then I am Spanish and my family suffered from the military dictatorship. We don’t see the military as friends and defenders as most people from Democratic countries we remember all the shit they do to common people here. In Spain during dictator years the number of rape women by soldiers were catastrophic. Almost none was punished. Then several modern group rapes that were judged this month have military people in them.

Edit I am not saying military people is bad. It is that we were taught to be wary about them due to dictatorships and all in Latino America…


Since this is a game I do try to get as many characters as possible since they’ll probably never be seen again but I do plan on a playthrough where it’s exactly how I’d do things.
@poison_mara While not as deep, over here in the west the military and the police(to higher extent) aren’t always held to a high degree and it’s probably due to the ingrained idealog that the government should work for the people not the other way around.


Would it help to see the viewpoint of the culture Lopez is from?

My experience is certainly a different one. My spouse served in the military, both our fathers did and his uncles did, several cousins, my niece is set to go to boot camp the week after high school graduation next year, and my daughter has already met with the JROTC instructor in our school district about if she can start a year early in 8th instead of 9th grade. So kinda my comfort zone.

Lopez is National Guard, and while he mentions having been on active duty a while, many Guardsmen are closer to law enforcement than military. While there are full time active duty soldiers in the Guard, most are part timers. They train a weekend a month and a couple weeks in summer, in exchange for a pay stipend and military benefits like healthcare. In case of natural disasters, they’re the troops called up to rescue people and prevent looting. They can be called to serve in war zones if troop numbers are needed (my best friend served two tours in Iraq), but there’s a limit for the most part on how many months they can be called to serve. They are also a state type of military unit, not national.

As a PFC (otherwise known as E3 rank), Lopez has also most likely been in the Guard for less than three years, so would not yet be considered career military. He’d be on his first enlistment (typical is 4 years), unless he’s a complete screwup, because promotion to E4 (Corporal or Specialist) is an automatic promotion after 24 months unless you have disciplinary issues.

A lot of impoverished kids enlist because it gives them career training (my cousin got his HVAC qualifications and spouse got a CDL) and money for college once they complete their enlistment. There’s an imbalance of poor and lower middle class Americans in the enlisted ranks.

My daughter’s middle school band director is still in the Guard. The kids adore him to the point the other teachers complain about why he is so much more popular despite being one of the strictest teachers. Even the non-band kids love him.


As I said I understand Americans have a very powerful and positive military and guard national . We don’t we come from 40 years of a military dictatorship were a mikitary could freely abuse of any woman nearby and the abuse of our military during Francisco Franco is notorious . Then I lost family in Argentina dictatorship abd now people fleeing Venezuela.

So see a military talking about sex first reaction is RUN .

It is very interesting how politial power and culture works.

No worries. I just wants to give you some background that might allow you to view him more like I do… to me, he’s a bit of a quirky puppy, but probably because I’ve been around so many young military members over the years.

Our backgrounds do color how we view the characters… I struggle not to see Jillian as a creepy pervert because someone just like her targeted my teenage son and it took years to sort his life back out. She was the world’s worst con artist, but he didn’t have the life experience to see through her crap.


Yeah, I understand that I see her as creepy too as if you have a nephew she has in the house some behavior I won’t consider myself appropriate so no character mine with a kid has Jillian.

this discussion shows how multidimensional and realistic are and all well written so we could see on the different things and readings


I almost forgot the hacker playthrough (its probably somewhere rusting and getting bored among all my other saves😅)So, how do you know Jullianne is interested in you. Because, when I had played the hacker, me and her had been a thing in past and when we find Decker, we get to chat with her again. I tried to flirt with her, and she said “We tried it once, but, it didn’t really work out.” or something along the lines. Then I recently played the bank robber with high Electronics stat, and found Decker and Julliane again. I tried to flirt with her and she seemed to not take the hint, I guess. How do you know that she is interested too?if at all(because, there is also that thing with Jason afterall)

Julianne isn’t an RO.

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Well said.

One other thing: @poison_mara – Driver and Lopez are not the same in leadership qualities, and they do not react the same way in the exact same situations nor for the same motivations.

I think by claiming this you lessen both characters and their uniqueness.


I don’t I just found the whole thing interesting and wondered whether or not we’ll meet later on.

I agree with you. I just trying to portray that the fact that Lopez uses the Jeep doesn’t make him a leader. However I agree that him could be a leader and direct small scavenger hunts or do stuff requires tactical knowledge and skills with leadership. Thing Driver would neve have.

But Control a submachine gun could do have the same level of proficiency

I think I’ve read somewhere a while back that even if we’ll get to romance Julianne it’ll be more like online dating(?), so I’d assume that we won’t meet her in person.
Anyway if all our interactions will be through a laptops camera or whatever then I guess I’m perfectly fine with passing up on her as an RO.


@essay715 thank for the directions will definitely do that.
@Bahamuht i think the hacker have good additional content but not really something that make me say interesting since technically even if we are not hacker and playing as other background we can still ser up the server as long we have enough hacking skill and hack the military website. Im more interested on scientist and soldier background playthrough because they have very close ties with the event.
@poison_mara it’s understandable about your view of military and belief me i also understand that because i live in asia and my country also under long military regime, my country have complicated relationships with military. In one hand we suffered under them in so long on other hand we look them as source of order.

By the way im an Indonesian so sorry if my English is broken hehe


Yeah when was young I didn’t like pepole in the military because my stepfather apart of the Brazil army. He abused me,my brother and sister. I also did not like that I would be conscripted into the Brazil military when I got older. That all changed when my mom send me to America. I was not bron in Brazil. My dad was in the navy as corpsman(marine medic). He is the nicest man I know and he would do anything for me and my siblings. Also most of my dad side severd in the military and they all treat me nice. Eventually me and my brother joined the military. I will say this there is alot dirt bags in the military but that is every job tho.

I think she maybe later on because I think you get to pick her as a option when the game ask are you interested in anybody.


My father was a soldier, so I experienced everything a bit different^^ Here in Germany soldiers are most regulated and when we see them it is mostly always to help when there are problems, with floods or something like that. So here we view soldiers more positive. When our soldiers are at the front, they hardly fight, they help the citizens and provide health care or logistics, so they are seen more friendly here. It is so interesting how things differ in the different countries.