Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 released 3/21)

I know I’m just putting down my experience down with a rapists so pepole could know one of the reason I don’t like them.

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I’m giving Keith and his crew the benefit of the doubt because we’ve had very little interaction with them but the Makarovs have time and again proven that they’re unhinged and dangerous. Even the idea of any further encounters with them just puts me on edge.


Since first impressions really shape how we judge/look or perceive other people, I have had enough interaction with the Silverthornes to know that I don’t trust them and have a feeling I’ll have to kill them sooner or later. Especially since they decided to threaten us in our own camp. Despite my personal feelings, I don’t know what I’m going to do yet in terms of actually dealing with them but, I do know I’ll do whatever I need to do to keep the group alive. I’m curious, what more interaction do you want with them before you make a decision about them ? or do you already have an opinion about them but you don’t know what you’re actually going to do ? Depending on how your encounter with them ended, they’ve already made a decision about you.

If they did do that then I think that would be a stupid tactic on their part and an excellent way to get murdered by another group. Because without the law or military being there to protect us, we would have to protect ourselves from the dangers other people pose and saying “if you don’t fall in line and join in our conquest of other people we will kill you” as a joke !? That isn’t just a stupid thing to do it’s an invitation for war and an excellent way to get your own people killed.


Oh, I agree that first impressions are important but I get the impression that they (Keith, mainly) haven’t a clue what they’re doing.

I’d at least like to see their group/encampment for myself and talk to Natalie, Benton and Wyatt (who seems really nice from what I remember) without guns being pointed at everyone.

I’ll obviously pursue all options just for the sake of doing so but I’d like to work my way to the top (whether it be alongside Keith or the “real leader”) and try to direct Keith towards better methods of survival. If I can change his views on the elderly and children being liabilities (they generally will be, but still) then it’ll be a job well done!

Also, happy birthday! :tada:


Either they were being genuinely nice or it was a manipulation tactic to get the group members they were talking too to lower their guard so they could get information about the group and the camp just like Keith was doing with the MC. Also, I’m doubtful of Benton being nice based off how he was acting like a creep around Maddison.

I don’t know how you’d convince Keith to spare the elderly, but I can see him being persuaded to spare the children based off the obvious they are the future of our species not to mention their capacity to learn could potentially make them excellent survivors and assets for the group which is what he cares about. So you’d probably have to convince him using logical or pragmatic appeals rather than moral, honorable or ethical ones because why would he care about that ? Also the definition of “better methods of survival” is relative because if their plan is keeping their group alive everyone is going to believe that they have the better survival tactic and it would be difficult to persuade them otherwise if their group is thriving regardless of the means of that survival being moral or not.


Thats not to forget that sometimes luck and situations have an effect as well. They barged in a FEMA camp and took over all their ressources and weapons. For now, they’ve been lucky and have the safest haven available. But give it time and it could just turn around. No dictatorship was eternal and now that society fell power struggles, dissent and general homewrecking is gonna become even more common and they’ve made it clear that their favorite method to deal with all of this is decimation and executions without a tribunal. They might feel like they’re the big guys rn but once peoples finally get to sit down and relax, a lot of them will begin to ask for more liberties, wich I strongly doubt the silverthorne will allow.

So yeah against zombies they’re effective, but its not so easy with survivors. They will make A LOT of enemies in and out of their group and even “disposable” peoples become dangerous when they’re united with their back against the wall.

Overall I dont see silverthorne lasting. For a time maybe, but their pragmatic approach to everything is really gonna get in their way once survivors become more experienced and used to how chaotic the world have become. They will have powerful enemies who know they have nothing left to lose and group members who either cant handle the violence anymore or who demand more rights.

Peoples like to think that the apocalypse would bring peoples back to medieval time but everyone here lived in the modern world and are familiar with modern concepts. Despotism and fascism wont stay in power without serious resistance.


Their view is not pragmatic at all. Slave half of people you see only three days in apocalypse is hardcore as hell and have ZERO SENSE. Same with kill kids and elders.

That’s no way working out in long run. Same with the slavery. people will reveal in moment of a zombie orde or other group attack. Women will reveal and their partners when they end pregnant Tell your warriors that his wife has to die before she is pregnant and same for his unborn children. Or that xhis dad has to be sacrificed because is too old to be of use.

Thing is stupid and that. Look Nora she is super useful She makes a good guard if you put her in a place she can snipe with someone younger to help or helping in the camp.

I prefer one Nora to five Parkers. And same with the teens or Marcus. Kids are future and the real key to survival. Raiding only will get one or two years … But killing kids mothers and elders only lead to grave and a violent death


Oh God, I just played through Part 2 without Rosie to see how Driver changes and even though he’s guaranteed to survive on the hill he’s so lonely :cry: God bless this big baby, only having MC and Jaime (who doesn’t even have time to give him attention).


On logical point, i would think Driver without Rosie will be fiercely attach to Wrestler or movie star MC if such MC is kind to him… since Driver display idolised emotion towards wrestler and movie star…

I could imagine Wrestler and movie star MC could have Driver and Tommy as the Hands :slight_smile:

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I’m kind of thorn when it comes to those two. If it were real then I sure wouldn’t feel safe around them, especially around Rosie who seems the more dangerous out of those two. But since this is a game I want to see more of them.


I played as a medical professional to see if he’d react differently having been sectioned but I’m tempted to try a celebrity now :thinking:

Oh absolutely, Rosie seems to know what she’s doing moreso than Driver so even though she didn’t agree with all of Dillan’s acts I’d still be much more wary of her. That said I can’t wait for her romance path…


Same. I’m curious how that will be handled.


I can’t bring myself to save Those psycho messed up people as Rosie and Driver and i don’t get what everyone is so forgiving about them when i am totally sure Driver has participated in rapes as We could see Rosie stopped one rape attempt and it seems clear as day that wasn’t a isolated moment They tried killing Jill and lile and menace me and my nephew they shooting Madison and Brodie and i think is implied they killed more people. So no way in hell I save a rapist and a druggie psycho that shooting people because drugs. I don’t want them and i don’t trust them and never will.

I don’t know the volume of messed up shit they did with Dillan and Jaime is very traumatized by it. So no way in hell i save both as i don’t know if Driver is a pedophile or has raped women with dillan.

Rosie I know she saved a girl from it but still tried kill us and was about to kill me so no way i will ever save someone pursuing me with a submachine gun menacing kill my nephew after shooting a teen and desire killing Jaime like NO WAY IN HELL I SAVE BOTH OF THEM

There’s really no indication that Driver has done anything of the sort, though :confused: Not sure what gave you that impression.

Driver and Rosie are “messed up”, yes, but if they were pedophiles and rapists I doubt Jaime would even consider letting them join us. I doubt even Jim would let that happen considering we have children in the group :confused:


Hey Rosie already swear and promise she won’t hurt us … she genuinely feel sorry and i trust her promise because usually those who is mentally unstable will regard a promise more highly than those mentally stable , at least that’s what i experience in my school days … those persons who felt isolated and mistreat really single mindedly treat me better once they promise to repay my friendship as compare to the elite group of students …

IPlayer don’t think so but that’s METAGAMING KNOWLEDGE In player knowledge we have only seen both of them acting like mad max psycho raiders trying or being killing two npcs Jill and Lyle One rape attempt and several death threat and pointing a machine gun to me .

So sorry In role-playing I can’t see a reason to REALISTIC save them more having minors and a teen they already shoot trying to murder.

Jaime is angry because i shoot a sniper pointing guns to children and himself and potentially killed Parker so no way in hell Jaime opinion matter he would have save Jack the ripper

So if it were real you would trust her that something wont make her go crazy again and grab a gun to shoot at you?


InSpain they left out to visit his mother a serial rapist after supposedly being cured by therapy He raped two women in ten hours killing one old woman. he raped women each time he was supposedly cured.

So no way in hell I trust in someone several times That has being attacked us and maybe even killed Lyle accept an I AM SORRY

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Yupe… if i don’t trust her, i won’t save her in the first place … i save her because i trust her to change , she say sorry again after the school mission and gave a 2nd promise so i will hold Rosie to her promise

But based on our experiences with her in part 1 we don’t even know if her promises are worth anything. Sure Jaime says we should take them with us but the only good thing we saw through the MCs eyes would be when she is obviously against Dillan raping that woman and even that can be easily missed if MC doesn’t know how to hack the cameras. Also I’m not a therapist or anything so what would I know about how crazy her mental illness could make her even if she means that promise seriously atm. So once again as player I don’t trust her, but I play MCs who would try to give her a chance or accept them bc of Jaimes opinion, but still keep an eye on her and Driver.