Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion Thread 2 (Part 2-2 released 3/21)

Did the mc in zombie exdous safe haven know the mc from the original zombie exdous before the outbreak.

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I don’t think so… the variety is too much to write , both the original and safe haven have multiple start up personality, hence it will be impossible to let them “know” each other, although in real life , such thing could happen :slight_smile:

Found a typo. Chapter 6, talking to Gina about her marriage:

“I was,” she says, rubbing the diamond with a slight smile. “His name was Michael.”

“What as he like?”


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I just played again after a while and holy f*ck silverthorne is even worst than I remembered them.

They straight up threaten you and tell you they raid, murder and torture anyone who isnt on their side, they most definitely murdered those two peoples in the wood (I doubt many peoples have barbed wires.)

They’re basically social darwinist fascists who believe anyone who isnt ready to murder without a second tought and follow orders unquestionably is weak and deserve to die and they even purged their group when dissent grew because of how they run things and try to pass it off as “mercy”. Thats as uncivilized as it get and I’d say they’re worst than most raider groups out there. Usually raiders are starved, desperate peoples. Silverthorne just want to make a point by being as violent and oppressive as possible. They’re peoples that only waited for this to happen so they can let out their worst. Hell, Denton is probably a pedo after that thing with Madison.

Those guys seriously deserve to get shot. Even my raider character isnt that bad.


There were discussions about those 2 persons in the van long ago, i think the conclusion was at least Keith wasn’t aware of their fate, it could be Bendon or Markarov but i remember evidence point mostly to Leather Jack

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I thought the woman’s journal talked about having an encounter with Keith and how Benton was creeping her out. What was the evidence that pointed too Leather Jack that makes you think they’re the culprit ?


Leather jack??? You think a 50 year old legend is the biggest suspect? Makarovs possibly, if they havent taken off to some greener pastures or die yet. Leather jack tho for real…

Keith made it very clear peoples who didnt join end up dying and he could very much lie to try to convince the group to join them. Its clear to me that the woman was murdered and might have have something terrible done to her. I wouldnt put it beyond silverthorne to have kidnapped Evan to use him as a slave. The journal make it clear that he’s the type of person silverthorne want, he’s a survivalist who wasnt beyond stealing a RV from a family after attacking the parents, but he wasnt cooperative. Silverthorne torturing the woman in front of him to break him and make him obedient is not only very possible, its also absolotely believable that the silverthorne did it after admitinf they tortured and murdered peoples. Their whole way to manipulate peoples is to make them think that being their slave os better than being free, and that being their enemy is worst than being with them.

Overall I’d say they’re the group who would make the most sense doing this. On top of that, I think both makarovs and silverthorne did their shares of murder. I think makarovs might have murdered those bodies bailey found in the wood while silverthorne murdered the camp peoples. Possibly the opposite too tough but I think silverthorne having barbed wire to spare make more sense than the makarovs.

As far as I know the makarovs could have joined the freaking militia. They’re the kind of messed up bastards they love if we consider they have denton.


My own Suspicion is or Benton is a psycho that is copy cat leather jack or someone is copy cat leather jack. And Silver are beyond messed up either way.
Because is not about raiding and obtaining stuff for them they are cruel and harm people just for sport. They lust in violence.

I am sure that Benton won’t be near any of my group ever poor Madie.


That’s why i said it could be Benton but not the Silverthorne’s order, the person who wrote this analysis did it last year when the game was out, i was just reading through… he/she mention Keith seems genuinely surprise of their demise too…

@cyanide, the person who wrote this mention it was stated a piece of her skin was missing , and he/she wrote other analysis as well… there was also speculation that person who stole our supply after his wife was mercy killed at the srart of Part 2 is the current leather jack, it was mention they found some tools in his backpack :slight_smile:

If you go to lake you know Leather jack was caught 50 years ago and is death. So no leather Jack however a copycat is totally possible.


I personally still dont think leather jack have anything to do with any of this tough. It looks way too much like a red herring. For all we know we might never hear about those two again but we do know that both silverthorne and the makarovs arent above this. There’s also the possibility that another raider group we’re not aware of is responsible. What is certain tough is that leatherjack is dead and that if its related to him in any way then its definitely a copycat or a successor.

I’m also not sure that the missing piece of skin is the best clue to link things to leather jack. She could have been bitten, tortured, damaged after her death because of all the struggling. The fact that she’s restrained with barbed wire really doesnt look good for the social darwinist fascist organisation.

I dont think keith looked that surprised but my empathy isnt at max so I might be wrong. I doubt benton is rogue tho. It seems like his coworkers are more than comfortable with his habits and if I listen to keith right, he also said Benton absolutely love how the world have gone without protesting about it so yeah.

What I’m worried about is that considering that silverthorne have proven that they are pretty much the worst peoples we’ve met so far, and that most of them are ex soldiers, they know what breaks peoples. And seing your girlfriend/friend tortured and r*ped right in front of your eyes with threat of a similar treatment if you’re not going to obey would break most peoples. Think about it. They didnt need her, she was dead weight like they love to say, but Evan wasnt. He was worth more alive than dead unlike her. I’m terrified of whats going to happen to kelly for players who couldnt keep her from getting kidnapped.

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What i understand is Leather Jack was caught and still alive in the prison… with the zombie outbreak, it is possible he escape … i think this is the conversation in the lake :slight_smile:
@JimD did hint we already met him…

@cyanide…haha yeah, of course you could be right as well, but JimD tease us a lot about Jack in the earliest release of Safe Haven :slight_smile:

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He could have teased us with false information to mess with us. Throwing everyone in a wild chase to find a fake serial killer isnt above peoples during the apocalypse, but peoples like leather jack are everywhere now and the idea that a 70+ year old somehow managed to escape an asylum crawling with zombies, escape back to his old hunting ground and started executing peoples non stop is more ridiculous to me than that being the work of the monsters we do know.

Its also important to point out the difference between the two murders. One is very calculated, being an execution of a whole family. The other was savage and have proof that a kidnaping and torture might have happenend. The ax for exemple was slightly burned and could have been heated up and used to torture, while the one boot on the ground could be a clear indication of a struggle. There’s no body or blood related to the boot, so I think evan is still alive and captive somewhere. From wearing the uniform of a soldier I killed, I learned that keith doesnt care much for anyone who isnt a marine so making slave soldiers or slave labourer out of civies after breaking their spirit seems like the kind of crap they’re into.

Both murders could have been done by both groups, but if I have to bet it would be on silverthorne. We knew they’ve been in the area for a while, we know how immoral they are and we know they are able to pull off both kind of murders.

Edit: anyone actually know anything about the New Army btw? All i could find out is from the sniper I punched to death who told me they lost contact and maybe those three soldiers who were after Lopez.


Keith hasn’t total control of the group with max charisma and persuasion you could see several dialogue the tension and concerns he has and he seems not trust in their men.
In fact in one of my replays my team managed to ransom Benton and kill two of his men so he runaway with only a man scared to dead.

That scene makes me wonder that there is no way he is the leader

Or he is NOT the leader and is just a pretender that want use us to take control of the power
Or he is not awesome and has not the number of slaves he says. Due if you are supreme commander with dozens of soldiers and dozen of slave farmers you don’t go around with four guys that you don’t trust invading other camps.

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The New Army seems to be an initiative started by the U.S Government itself as a way to carry on civilization. The idea behind it seems noble and civilized but given the fact that the chain of command has fallen apart, those with power left in the military will most likely become corrupted by the freedom they have to do whatever they want. Based off conversations as a soldier with Colonel Faulkner, Colonel Goodman, Jude, and Lopez, the New Army feels like a contingency plan the government had in case all else failed. Colonel Faulkner called it a separate initiative set by the government as plan to save humanity by recruiting the best candidates for survival. Colonel Goodman however seems to think the New Army and the US Army are the same thing, as he asks in part 2 if you’re still loyal to the US Army (if you’re a soldier with the SAT Phone), which if you respond “yes”, he’ll say “The New Army is counting on you.” Which could mean the New Army is just the remnant of the US Army. In addition, Jude also served colonel Faulkner but clearly did not receive a satellite phone (SAT phone). Lopez was also part of the New Army but never had the SAT phone. Therefore, in conclusion, I think the New Army initiative and the Safe Haven mission your character may or may not be on depending on your profession are two separate things. The New Army seems to be the survivors of the initial outbreak in the military while the Safe Haven mission seems more top secret.


WHAT!!! How did u do that?

Also. I dont think keith is the leader. He’s probably like the Rachel of their group.

Also didnt the new army test shit on lopez or something? It doesnt seem far fetched that if they’re ther US army/gov remnant, they might experiment for a cure or a weapon on dissenters and such.

It was with a super character when I was testing the beta with max combat and with trained people athletism and weaponry with people hidden in forest and focus in attacking my group tearing them . However I don’t know if that was fixed or not for the final release but dunno I suppose is still in game.

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Crap!!! I’l have to max my raider character to be max gun and max athleticism then! Goddamn man

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The smug in my face when I saw Keith run like a chicken with his survivor And while menacing me about We had a ultimatum Yeah Keith You and what army? My Rambo character would have said lol.
Still i suppose is super difficult if srill is in the game you need a code reader to be sure


The game is still in the chapter where some guys asking you to join them or face death or theres a new chapter?