Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



Replayed the game after a long time, still loved it a lot. Though I’ve never done any beta testing before, I’d love to volunteer for part 2 if it’s not too late.

(Spoiler for people who don’t do the teen route) Thing I liked: After playing as a teenager, I can say that Jonah is one of the best minor characters I’ve met in the game. Barely a few paragraphs after he’s introduced, I already hoped he was going to be in the rest of the game. It was such a shame that he dies no matter what (and I understand that this adds a sense of realism that I appreciate), but him saving my MC cemented him as one of the best bros you could have in the apocalypse.

Thing I disliked: The, uh, uncertainness of the mechanic surrounding when Jamie calls on the last day of Part 1. After Woody comes to your home, the player only gets a few activities to do before the aforementioned call. I partly chalk this up to me, as the player, needing to manage my character’s time better, but some activities that don’t move the time in the game still trigger the call. There’s also when you go to Thelma’s and find Woody tied up by the Makarovs - and the subsequent scene where you go can choose to go to their home for revenge and such. The call that usually comes up around noon if you don’t go to Thelma’s gets delayed till sometime after 2 without any consequence (so far in Part 1).

I realize that I may sound like I’ve nitpicked at this particular part of the game because I hate it, but it only slightly distracts me from enjoying the game. Overall, it still is one of the best HG titles that I’ve ever had the pleasure to play. Even if I don’t get chosen for the beta I will quietly hype myself up to get it when it’s released. Best of luck, Jim.


Hello, I highly doubt to be able to beta test seeing as it is the last day of the specified trial period but I’m gonna share my praises anyways.

I have played through five or six times and I personally loved the game, it was 100% worth paying for. I absolutely loved the character diversity and character customization. The options you gave allowed for me to create myself in game, which is absolutely amazing. The writing was fantastic and well worded, I was able to create a very clear picture in my mind of my surroundings. As well as the character dialogue and how different people would use different vocabularies and have certain sayings. It makes me almost giddy to read well written stories.

Now along with my praises I do have some dislikes. Such as, how little the romance scenes came into play. I get the fact that they are being set up for the future but would have liked just a bit more from them. Another thing was the choice with the wounded soldier, Lopez, I had really hoped I would have been able to save him but they always managed to escape. Thought it was not all bad as when I reached the ending and he came back and joined.

All in all this game is a masterpiece and I feel that it should be given more attention. Especially with a genius like you writing it. Thank you for reading if you do and have a wonderful Day/Night.


So I was reading Jim’s blog and couldn’t help but notice this particular part:
“Where does that leave Safe Haven, Part 3? After writing about zombies for over two years, I am taking a slight break. However, I still plan to continue that story as long as it interests my readers.”

This makes me nervous :frowning: I can assure you, Jim, that it interests your readers greatly hahah, please don’t leave the story unfinished! A break is totally understandable though.


I am working on 2-4 games in 2018 but will also work on Part 3, here and there. Part 3 will be massive too, so I want to pace myself :slight_smile:


I loved part 1 of safe haven, my only criticism that actually persisted was that I wasn’t as much of a fan of the skill building. Where we allotted the points ourself, which in the long run made sense for skill checks. But with as much as was going on and all the options available, it almost seemed trivial with as little time is spent in the home in the grand scheme. I loved the streamlined gradual stat increases via choices in the original exodus. Made it seemed far more realistic.


2-4 games! So many at once? I can’t even play that many games at once without getting confused


Not all the games will come out at once or in the same year. Additionally, JimD will be working on different roles/capacities based on the game.


He stated in his blog that at least 2 of those games aren’t actually his, he’s just working on them in some capacity (maybe writing a bit of them, but not HIS games). I’m guessing the 3rd is one he hasn’t discussed much, or at least that I’ve seen, and the 4th is ZE:SH.


Dad, when are you going to let us free from these shackles and let us test ZE:SH part 2?


Testing is closed. :notes:


Within a month you should be able to play the game


We don’t know the release date - it will be ready when it is ready.


Part 2 has been sent to Hosted Games. It is about 310,000 words and 30,000 words per playthrough. Lots of side branches and replayability.

HG staff are very busy, and the game is large. Copyediting will take a while. I will keep y’all posted on the progress.


Wish I could have part 2 immediately. But I’m still happy It’s coming to me sometime this spring or late winter and my wallet is ready. Thank you Jim. Your original zombie exodus is what drew my attention to hosted games and made me come to love them. As such I’ve been closely following safe haven since announcement. I’m glad I get to continue the story now with part 2 thanks for such a intresting and fun take on the zombie apocalypse Jim.