Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



Foreshadowing? O no not that word. That words always bad. Whats going to happen?! Whats it referring to?!
Welp you got me hooked now I’ll have to romance her in one of my play throughs.


What does Bailey look like?


“Bailey: a college student and member of Rachel’s group.”

“Description: long brown hair, pale skin, dark blue eyes, short nose, and thin lips.”


I thought back rob the Part 2 teaser and I’m wondering if creating a group of real bandits is actually possible. It seemed that most of the group preferred to keep their humanity when I had other plans. I’m looking at you, Woodster. It’s not like I said we should butcher old people.

Is a forming a group of loyal bandits and murderers possible? Having a group of benevolent, goodie goodies for a group might be okay for some playthroughs (albeit cheesy and usually boring) but I’d like be more inclined to run with a pragmatic, survive-at-all-costs group and possibly a group of ruthless killers over a bunch of huggers. I’d just really like a change of moral scenery. Too many times have I read about a survivor group (or even an individual) that the story is centered around that just seems to enjoy saving lives, doing the “right thing”, rejecting “evil” and just playing the “good guys.” Rick’s group from The Walking Dead is not a bad example of this.

How about an antagonist that plays lifesaver? That would be a nice alternative, like a doctor who wants find a cure because it’s the right thing to do. Imagine your gang of bandits going against a community of “good guys” instead of having to face a greater evil that makes you seem like a somewhat decent human (a group of pickpockets against sadistic serial killers) OR just having to play hero (“I may be a child murderer who kills little kids for fun and eats them, but I am not going to let those innocent tasty kids who I actually don’t care about die. I will protect them with me life.”)

I don’t know how everyone else feels about this. But there’s my two cents and some quarters.

What kind of group are more likely to create?


I think it will be but maybe not with the known characters at this point in time. Even Rachel, who I suspect is a cold-blooded killer has her set of ethics in survival. So, with Jamie and Woody in the group; no I don’t think it is possible but with others, ya I think it can be done.


While we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of part 2, @JimD was there any notable difficulties or challenges for the development of part 2? Generally curious about the development process of this great game.


I hate to be that guy but when is it being released (it’s close right?)


It’s against forum rules to ask that: “Don’t ask when a game will be updated or released. Usually the author doesn’t know.”


I played many walkthrough but at the moment my most successfull is the custom engineer path. I got pet and dependant child. I manage to get so many people

But the prologue is boring in comparison of the teenager.

Do you think the teenager can really become more interesting in term of skills? Without high caracteristics does it worth it? My engineer succeed pretty everywhere !


Did I do good?


How does This Seems Like a Good Time work?Don’t think I started a relationship yet I got that achievement


Same happened to me. I guess that you also get it when you have a high relationship status with a character even if you don’t start one.


Btw,do we have only one save slot to import to the next part?


You can have multiple save slots.


Oh wait Rosie’s gay? Well that’s ironic…

Ok maybe that statement requires some context. I suggested a long time ago that she, as a villain with the potential for redemption, could be a really interesting RO, and am a straight male. :cold_sweat:


You can also have numerous save slots.


Such fun, just like every time.

There was an error here ↓ Tommy is actually dead. Luke shot him :sushing_face:


It must be the anticipation that has everyone quiet




In my first playthrough,Madison sat next to me in the final scene.In my second playthrough I went for Jillian and nobody sat with me in the end.
So is it Madison exclusive or my relationship with Jillian wasn’t good enough?