Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



This does not bode well.


Oh dear, I can see people on here shooting random people :cry:


Thanks for the tip! It’s much appreciated Jim


Hey thanks for replying, I can be a bit demanding.

And I get what you mean-- not many people really want to do a whole kill everyone for no reason thing.
Especially since it’d kinda derail the game.
I just mean maybe add an option to firebomb (also I didn’t mention I love how the poison gas bomb, Molotovs etc. All already have uses) the store after being forced to leave.

And I can’t remember if it was you or another author with a vote on letting them die early or live to play the whole game, but there should be (as in, I’d love it if there were) an option to try and kill the guards at thelma’s (maybe short fuse, delusions etc.) And have warnings that it’s not a good idea.

And then if they go through with it, die.
Because death in an apocylpse is pretty real, especially through pretty dumb decisions.
And more death.
There should be a chart, so like the more options we get to kill/ fite, the more chances we have to die.

And super smol side-note, it’d also be super amazing to add a lil’ fun note to people who play it nodded (or maybe even release a 'super duper easy IAP mode) where it comments how even though you should have something (like the arsenal AK before finding it) you can still use it.

And Just to clarify, I completely get why you can’t always kill everyone, especially because it’s the first part, it’s just at thelma’s (w/ dog or dep) it’s kinda like how you’d act in a new civilization, and could give a bit more freedom and shizzle. Since There’s a smaller chance they’ll be big plot repercussions you won’t have to add much, although I understand why if you don’t want to.

And anyone else looking forward to killing their neighbours and stealing their pets?? Because I am.
Especially the small dogs, just imagining them barking at a horde of zombies.

Also I may have been unclear and come off as more uh entitled? Or is petulant better? Regardless, when I said what stuff do I get (surNet, gardening) I mean what effects will it have?
Will some people (like Deter, other spy person thingy) be happier with us, will we make an enemy of that Col. Faulkner (or something ) guy?
If we do gardening, will someone in our group say ‘Hey das pretty kool’ or maybe ‘we gotsta focus on the zombies and getting weapons, not cucumbers!’


Not exactly leading on if he’s been gay from the very beginning :confused:.


I’m in love with her.


+1 #HeterosForRosie !!!


Random question but does anyone know who Bailey is?


She’s the shy temptress from Rachel’s gang. You meet her at the very end of the first Part, when your house is burning down.


Didn’t know you could be both.

But thanks. I see I have some replaying to do.


What is a shy temptress?



All I know is that it was how one of the NPC’s introduced her.


Hey I was wondering because so was trying to get my games to play COG friends and one of them asked about zombie games, and when I asked (I kinda talk a lot aboot the Apocalypse haha) one said why not adapt the virus to make it more effective and less violent (or some combo/ edit), so if everyone had it it’d basically give us immortality (depending on how the zombies work, I mean)


At least in part one, if your science and medicine (I think) are high enough, you can work with the virus to try to find a cure … who knows what will happen in the next parts though?


I assume Bailey is just shy. “Temptress” is added alliteration by Rachel. Probably 'cause Bailey’s hot.


No bc apparently he’s dead but I assume the guy that took over can be


@JimD is Part Two going to be an IAP or will it be a separate app?


I think he mentioned before that it’s going to be an IAP like he did with the first ZE game. =D


And she Is. She definitely is, does Rachel like her in that way or something? I wonder. I’ll do research on that whole term.

This is true.

Why is this funny? :smile:

Wait, will we actually be able to do that? Send people on missions and just Tom-around? That would be amazing.


It is like @CSGo88 said, she is shy but attractive. The “temptress” part is foreshadowing.

IAP as @AngelOfTheBroken said. I like everything in one app.

That’s my plan.