Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



I have to give back the stuff.
There should be an option, especially for a bank robber or something, to just try and take the stuff in plain view.

I wouldn’t even mind if it took like amazing stats (okay yes I maybe have hacked my version) but I really like the idea of just taking everything.

Or at least having a pretty cooool option to slaughter everyone in/ outside the shop, because we need a good massacre right now to distract from the fact 1) Can I actually use the scope or suppressors??? I saw the code but I’m still confused and 2) is the Chille suit wearable / do anything and 3) what stuff will I get from putting up the SurvNet surver (I want the ability to turn off the internet dammit) 4) Does anyone else find it strange how quickly the outbreak… outbroke
Like yeah, if you die normally, (I think) you become a zombie.
But in a fight with a zombie, I see that getting a minor wound and getting away from zombie, to increase the amount of zombies, is super unlikely.

Although maybe we’ll figure out they wanted to engineer the virus as a bio weapon or (if any of you’ve played dishonoured, think of the day plague) means to control the poor.

And 5) When does the research into the virus, and gardening start to have any effect (but I’ve got 100% completion but nuttin’.

And anyone else think Billie sucks? Like a vegetarian gets more food?
Why not send the vegetarian food plus meat!

All in all, I love the game.
Maybe, as a DLC or like separate thing one someone’s completed the whole game you could give an option to play as a half zombie (I feel like this has been done before… but maybe by you?) Or a class that engineers the virus, so we can manipulate it (And everyone will hate us for causing the whole thing)

And maybe give more options to randomly kill people.
I don’t want to have to pick the short fuse perk, delusions and whatever else makes you cranky (probably vegetarian :laughing:) to have to go all crazy.


So, since Tommy’s out of the running, I’ve decided that my next victim would be Driver. Curious dude, seems like he has either a stutter problem to which I highly doubt or that he has some trauma or a mental disability, which is intriguing. But, the R/O detail said Demi-romantic and I fear pursuing him and giving me another “Sorry the princess’ in another castle”, can anyone elaborate por favor?


Demiromantic means that someone won’t feel romantic attraction to someone until they’ve formed more of a person, emotional connection. Someone can be demiromantic and also be gay or hetero, but I believe in Driver’s case he would ultimately be open to any gender. He just wouldn’t be romantically inclined until you already had a bond with him.

(And I’m sure Tommy can at least be a really good friend :wink: )


Thanks for the answers so far everyone. :grin:
:zipper_mouth_face: Last question: If I forgot to hook up with Jaime in Part 1, will I have another go at it next episode?
'kay thanks.


And I’m still astounded at how an openly gay kid (at least he is in my version of the story and since the text on it doesn’t change he is just as successful and popular as his hypothetical straight counterpart) like Brody managed to be the most popular guy of the school and team captain at a mid-west highschool back in 2012.
Yes, I know you’ve explained Colorado’s left-wing (for the US at least) tendencies compared to the rest of the Mid-West, but still

Only if you can talk him down from his hare-brained revenge schemes.


Point of Order, Counselor - Colorado isn’t Mid-Western :wink: They’re fully Western, of the Mountain West sub-type. #MidwestPride

Also, because I’m curious and I haven’t seen it mentioned: Are there any thoughts on where the first ZE game takes place? For some reason I always vaguely thought Pennsylvania-ish or maybe NoVa…


I talked about it on the fanworks thread and, after a few replays, it’s most likely in Oregon

Washington is said to be one of the other places re-settled in at least one of the epilogue, it’s said to be humid in the location at multiple points and California was already in its drought by 2012, and Emma talks about a trip she took in the past to New England (didn’t specify which state exactly so I just ruled out all of them), it’s somewhere along the coast, and there are bears, which typically live farther up north in the US, which rules out the more South-ish states on the East Coast, so that leaves Oregon


I’m pretty sure the first takes place in Pennsylvania. @JimD could verify this but I’m certain it isn’t taking place anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.


This is most intriguing


In the latest update to the RO list Rosie isn’t an RO. Check post 6512 for the current list.


I don’t understand all the hate towards his revenge schemes.

I know it might divert from the survival of the group and all, but “hare brained”? If someone killed my mom, you can bet your ass I’d try to get revenge on them.

Just reign in him every once in a while and he won’t be as big of a problem as people think he’ll be.


I’d argue we kill these Marakovs or whatever right now.
Or as soon as possible, at least.
For one, Tommy (that’s his name, right?) Will be super happy, Jillian will think twice before trying to take advantage of us (same goes for Riley) because they’ve seen us kill people pretty easily.

Plus, at least now, the most you can do, even with all stats maxed out, is shoot Peter or someone in the shoulder, so I feel Jim’ s going to make these a recurring antagonist.
And we already have to deal with the zombies.

So +1 for more options to kill peoolr.
Also, can we still kill Lyle and Jillian with short fuse or something?
Because that was pretty cool.

Also, @aMediocrePigeon, although they might not be listed as an RO, they’ll probably be at least a small fling/ flirt, since

*if female
           locks her hands around your waist. "You smell good for a chick who's been running through a zombie-infested school."
           *if empathy >= 45
             It's not hard to tell she's flirting.

And is anyone else upset no matter how high your stats are, with Jillian in your party in the votes you always kick out Driver an Rosie.

Or maybe I’m just hypocritical in letting everyone vote and being upset that they did haha.
But maybe like if our empathy or persuasion is high enough we could convince Woody or Madison, at least.

And maybe an error, but we always say (w/ Jillian, when voting) “there’s no need for me to vote” but surely you’ve already voted, if your leadership’s under 50?


Does anyone have an idea of how old Rosie is? The picture I have in my head is some 40ish year old woman.


I mean, people who want revenge generally don’t think straight when the people they want revenge against are around. So if the group decided to go somewhere, and they ran into the Makarovs, Tommy would probably try to kill them, not caring about how it would effect the group, since he is so revenge focused.


Sad face.

Sigh. Thanks for telling me though. :frowning:


Hi, I am sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I could not find it anywhere. I am doing a woody romance play through, but no matter what I try, he never shows any interest in my MC (I thought he was bi). If anyone could tell me more or less what to do I would be grateful. Thanks in advance!


I’m guessing Tommy finds out who killed his mom even if you don’t tell him


I don’t think it is realistic as written. At the moment, a PC can take every item and intimidate a group of armed, organized, loyal bikers. At the least, it should lead to loss of goods to leave alive.

Again, I think it would be unrealistic, or at least, few people would have the skill high enough (without hacking the code) to kill all of the guards solo. Plus, I doubt many players would want to or try, which means I would spend lots of time writing something few will read.

They add range and/or accuracy (mod).

Yes, starting in Part 2.

This quest line is more about experiencing the story than getting items. There will be some rewards but they are not as tangible as a gun or food bank.

Like the SurvNet storyline, the rewards are in the story itself.

Gardening lowers stress and when you get to the first major new safe haven, gardening will boost food production.

Oh, it’s coming.

Yes. Any ROs can be started along the way, unless the object of your affection is taken. In that case, you need to make them want you more or maybe send their love out on an oil rig mission.

Because this is a Hosted Games story. I like to think of it as a multiverse of inclusive worlds. In Colorado 2012 in this universe, any gender, ethnicity, and orientation can be the hero of the story and that goes for NPCs. It may not be “realistic” but it’s this brand of reality.

When I first started writing ZE, I didn’t feel confident setting it in a specific city. I didn’t trust my writing ability. I did base it on an area out west but nowhere specific. @princecatling has the best answer.

This is a definite possibility, but part of your relationship, as a friend or lover, may be to change his reaction. Maybe over time, you can convince him revenge is not the answer.

As a male, you need high relationship (75+) and persuasion (60+). As a female, you need lower stats. This is going off of the version going live for Part 2. He also is not an option for teens.


Even for all my code diving I didn’t know that was in there, my bad ( ̄∀ ̄*)ゞ Also, I second the Makarovs thing, I definitely want to do that if at all possible.

@The_Division I always pictured Rosie as being in her early to mid-30s.


Quick question: When you say major safe haven, what counts as one and will there be any by part 2?