Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed




I’m sure everything will turn out fine, AAO tells himself as he’s locked in the closet, hiding from the wrath of the 4 ladies who currently want his head on a stake.

For me, it’s because she took the “spoiled rich brat” stereotype and turned it on its head. Also, while sarcastic, it’s not overused to the point where it stops being funny and starts being annoying. Which is a damn miracle, cuz the last thing I need is another Heather.


I kinda thought Heather was supposed to be annoying. But anyways, for me I really don’t like the rich kid type, even if it’s very well written. (It goes without saying that I completely agree with your point that the style is different)


I like Madison because she surprised me. In my first playthrough when I met her I instantly thought she was just a spoiled brat who probably wouldn’t survive long in the apocalypse.

But even in the limited time we have together, I saw a glimpse of hidden depth in her. I want to see more.

Besides, the whole twin dynamic with her brother is interesting. Can’t wait to see how those two develop throughout the series. Gotta be tough, seeing the person you’re closest to gradually change.


has this game only had one episode?


Jim’s the author is working on a part 2.


Or die.

And it’s coming soon :relieved:


Best news I heard all week thank you .


It’s probably been mentioned prior to me asking now, but will all the ‘chapters’ be released in one app / game (multiple IAPS or something under one app, or in separate apps?

Also, this game’s really good, so far at least!
I’ve kinda gone through all the variables (there’s literally tons, I couldn’t manage it myself) and shizzle and the game seems really well planned, and already seems to ‘split,’ as in I can feel the effects my choices have.

And the fact that the choice aren’t like
#Do good thing
#do bad thing
Like many other games seem to do.

And Rosie’a lesbian? (And I assume others too?)
Perhaps I should play as more than one gender, if nought but to meet other people in the apocalypse


According to my knowledge and experience with the previous Zombie Exodus, it will all be in one app.

@JimD did post an updated (subject to change) RO list, showing possible romances and their orientations. I’m saying this assuming you’re unaware of that list. If you are, then I’ll be on way.


I’m pretty much constantly in a state of perpetual unawareness, but at least I’m aware of it!
And, in general, do/ have people created 'mods for Choice Script based games?

I’m only asking because I’ve made a small thing, for myself (after paying for the game like any righteous citizen, and getting the extra points) to max out my stats and gimme cool stuff.

And given enough time, I could churn out a mod where you are a zombie in the game.
It’ll be terribly written and you’ll die in the prologue, but ehh


Found this
Here is the list of ROs. This is subject to change.

Jaime (R/O Bi)
Woody (R/O Bi, only experience with women)
Brody (R/O Bi)
Madison (R/O Bi)
Rachel (R/O Bi)
Bailey (R/O Bi)
Kelly (R/O Bi)
Parker (R/O Gay)
Reilly (R/O Bi)
Jillian (R/O Bi)
Rosie (R/O Gay)
Driver (Demiromantic)
Tommy (R/O Gay)
Dante (R/O Straight)
Lopez R/O Bi, only experience with men)
Julianne, sort of (R/O Bi)


There’s a somewhat more recent list of ROs :slight_smile:

Notably, Parker, Rosie, and Dante are cut (at least for now?) and Gina is added.

It also clarifies which characters are playersexual and which entirely bi… bisexual would mean that the character is always bisexual, while a playersexual character would be heterosexual or gay depending on the main character’s gender and orientation.


Thanks That’s pretty helpful, and I like the mix of orientations (and some which just just us no matter who we are, for some reason :slight_smile)

Also, and again this might’ve been said already, does buying/ shoplifting everything from Thelmas take ages for you guys too?

Since, even with max stats, there are some options where you have to give up your stuff… And then I realise I’ve wasted tons of my time :sleepy:


Say no more, my friend:


Speaking of which, are we going to see Thelma again? Running the Amazon of the Zombie Apocalypse?


I played a grown version of my teen who was a hacker but I forgot take a screen shot of my team/group stats:



Oh shoot, didn’t see that coming, I can’t romance Tommy with mah gurl? How dare you lead me on, Tomster.


He really doesn’t :sweat_smile: on the first encounter with him, if you play a sufficiently impulsive female teen or college student, it even notes “You even tried to flirt with him, but it turned out he wasn’t interested in women.” (Or it says “girls” instead of “women” if you’re a teenager.)

And you can get some crush material if you play as male that you can’t if you play as female, which is pretty subtle, but if you wanted to check it out, then yeah, there is some slightly different stuff to see.


I didn’t know Rosie was gay.

But this is really cool. :slight_smile: I feel like I’m one of the few people who like Rosie, and now I can romance her! Weeeeeeee


I’m sure Rosie returns your enthusiasm … it’s just a feeling I have.