Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



Kinda funny that my bank robber can pick this option


I really don’t want to remove player agency by limiting the option. Someone may be roleplaying a Robin-hood-style bank robber or had a change in morality at the time of the outbreak.


Yeah, I though of my bank robber as a type of Robin Hood too though I didn’t pick that option


Who is your number one, overall favourite? :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Jaime
  • Madison
  • Brody
  • Sean
  • Lyle
  • Fred
  • Billie
  • Rachel
  • Nephew
  • Woody
  • Driver
  • Sifer
  • Rosie
  • Tommy
  • Kelly
  • Parker
  • Reilly
  • Jillian

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Thank God for polls :smile:


I like the nephew because I can mold him into whatever I want.


Since there is no such option: Me, Myself and I.


Does anyone know how to hack the atm has a movie star?


We have already, or rather the aftermath.

As you step into the master bedroom, you smell the unmistakable odor of death and find your neighbors, though not like you expected. They lie together on a king-size bed, held in one another’s arms, each with a small hole in their temples. An empty bottle of wine stands on the bedpost, and an ashtray has the remnants of marijuana cigarettes. They appear peaceful in death and have escaped the horrors of the apocalypse. You leave their room, locking the door on the way out.

The main character didn’t know them before their death. I believe you have to explore the rancher in order to encounter this.

It’ll be interesting to see how this compares with the multiple choice polls I did earlier :grin:

(I enjoy polls :grin:)

You need an electronics skill of at least 75, and your laptop must be charged. In order to have your laptop be charged, you’ll need to live in the suburbs, or have a generator, or have a battery.
This is true whether or not you’re a movie star.


I, unsurprisingly, went with the Nephew. Family comes first, after all.

Though I would still pick Madison and Jaime as well. And, while they’re not my absolute favourite characters, Rachel and Jillian have grown on me.

Overall, I like the entire cast. There’s only about one/two people who I legitimately dislike, and I can always just kill them off halfway in my playthrough if they grow too unbearable.


Bruh why?!?!?! :cry: I love the nephew because that’s family. I have nephews and would kill anyone that would try to harm them so in the game I would’ve done the same thing in the game. :family_woman_boy:


I was torn between Reilly and the nephew but when it comes down to it the little guy is family and family always comes first in my book.

It’s good @The_Division didn’t put the dog as a choice tho because then I would have really been unable to vote.

That’s a lie, I would have totally picked the dog :joy:


I have a niece and nephew too, and I would kill anyone that tries to hurt them too, but in this zombie apocalypse like world, I would teach them how to survive. The best chance they have for survival is doing what I say, and if it came down to a choice of saving myself or them, I would choose myself, but I would still try everything to save both of us. Self preservation first after all.


Well then, I’m like sort of shocked. :scream::fearful:


Does anyone know how to do the stat editing I asked about before? :frowning:


@JimD, in a situation like this, what would happen?


Zombies are the least of your worries.


Better sleep with both eyes open…


Wow, I didn’t expect the nephew to be that popular… Kinda makes me wonder if I’m the only one who is not particularly fond of having him as a challenge.


Rather late reply, but why exactly does everyone like Madison so much?