Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



You know, just because some of us like the internet doesn’t mean we die without it? Quite a few of us have hobbies off the web that would work well in an apocalypse setting.

If a zombie apocalypse came out, I’d have a good few survival and medical skills. Plus a friend with quite possibly too many hunting weapons and the ability to kill a bear at 14. I’d bet on us over my ritzy older neighbors in the posh house.


I still consider that pretty heavy, but I’m also extremely out of shape :sweat_smile:

That’s still lighter than I remember from 7th grade (but I guess it makes sense for a skinny 12 year old to be told that wearing a suit of armor would be like carrying over half their body weight)

Okay I kinda resent that, but honestly, without the internet I’d probably go crazy from isolation because I don’t have a whole lot of friends physically near me, and I’m afraid the ones that are physically close to me would either ditch me and let me get eaten, or are equally inept at everything and would get eaten with me

But if I die in the apocalypse from lack of anything, it would be because I couldn’t stand living in a world without indoor plumbing (and that would be if I didn’t already off myself because I didn’t want to wait to live in the world of Mad Max or Fallout)

Also, just wanna point out that, contrary to belief, “survival of the fittest” refers to how a species as a whole is suited for the environment it’s in, not to how physically strong individuals are

Yeah, being strong would certainly help in the situation, but you can’t make a living by hunting the local wild life into extinction and punching zombies in the face all the time. You’ll need people who know how to farm amd how to make things like clothing, tools, and shelters, among other things, and they might not necessarily also be good at the punching and shooting business

Also, if the strongest guy in your group got turned into a zombie and you just happened to run out of bullets, that would be very bad news for you. Hope you’re fast



Am I the only one who found the armor video strangely comical? I don’t know why it was so funny to me but should there be a ZA I want to run around dressed like that. Just to make my final moments (as a doomed millennial) happy ones.


i’d just wrap a bunch of pillows around myself. i’d love to see anyone bite through that.


You might be joking, but a wool gambeson would be a pretty good protection for the apocalypse actually. It offers protection from the elements, makes it pretty much imposible for a zombie to bite/scratch throu, and offers decent protection against cutting/small blunt weapons without being too cumbersome.


Just putting this out there:

I think putting in preset characters like the ones we saw when we had a glimpse of Part 2 was a great idea. If it came back, I’d be happy. I feel it would be helpful for those days I’m not sure on the type of build I want to try and play. Sometimes this dilemma has me putting off playing the game completely; playing the same type of characters can get boring pretty quick. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t touched this game in like 2 months.

If anyone has any character suggestions or builds I can try out, I’d appreciate it.


Damn that actually makes a lot of sense.I wrote Rachael off as a kind of weird gun-loving woman that I definitely should not trust but you’ve given me a whole new perspective to her character.

If this proves true she’s still completely untrustable but at least a lot more interesting.

Yup plus all the other survivors would be too busy laughing at me to actually hurt or rob me.

So basically pillow wrapping is the best outfit for a zombie apocalypse. :smiley:


Thanks for the tips! I’m trying to get a few nearly perfect runs in for all the professions, just cause I’m that reader. XD


“Only experience with men”? Meaning?


That he’s only dated men so far.


Oh, ok. Now I feel stupid.


I’ve been really psyched for Part 2 to come out and wanted to roleplay a bit and I just wanted to ask a question to all those that have played the demos for 2 or whatever was released. Can I get by the story without upping my Ranged, Melee or any fighting ability. Im planning to play as a Teenager who aspires to be a nurse. Having skills with (High) Medicine, (High) Persuasion, (High) Stealth, (High) Cooking (Mid) Search, (Mid) Scavenging, (Mid) Crafting, (Mid) Empathy, (Enough leadership to train a dog, which I don’t know the exact skill level needed). How big is that bullseye I painted on my back?


This game is very forgiving and does tend to cater towards the role-playing aspect and it does not punish you for choosing certain skills over others. There are several ways to solve any problems you come across whether it be brute force, subtle manipulation, or whatever skill set you have.

So yea, RP to your heart’s content :slight_smile:


But, wouldn’t you probably have to focus on having at least a few skills high enough? If all your skills are fairly low, and you can still manage to get through the game, wouldn’t it be too easy?


There’s different ways of getting through the game. In this case (low skills), you may just get through the game with no food left, half of your group dead including your RO (If they didn’t break up with you first), terrible physical health and a screw loose.

But hey, you got through the game right?


@JimD Will we see suicide in this game? I feel that in a world like this, it’s only a matter of time before someone breaks. Also I want to ask, how dark is this story going to be?


Point accepted. Getting through the game could even mean you end up living
the life of zombie, right?


I am also studying bushcraft and getting my hunting license soon. I guess some of us are busier trying to actually trying to learn how to survive than doing the latter, if you catch my drift. :slight_smile:


Hey boys and girls!

I have done a few play throughs and really want to explore without having to restart constantly. I’d appreciate it if someone PMed me how to edit stats using Firefox dev tools. I know how to do it on other games but I haven’t been able to figure it out for this one. I get into the local storage and change the stats but it breaks on me every time. Thanks!