Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



True, but Brody and Reilly are imho too awesome to not be RO’s. Besides I like that they’re available fairly soon, as in the previous installments gay guys who like cute guys like me had to wait an awful long time before we could finally get Devlin to join our little group, while the female ro’s were all available much sooner.


@JimD has really improved his character development that is for sure.

Also, it seems whoever @JimD has helping him test and beta is doing a good job this time around too. Perhaps he has a more diverse feedback loop that helps him in that respect…

One other thought - there are bound to be causalities ahead, so if you do get attached to someone early, you might be regretting it later.


Noooooo! don’t say that I gotta save them all!


Great advice but honestly, if something happens to my nephew or my dog even the zombies would gain enough intelligence to be afraid of me.


I managed about 80. :thinking: And that was with the dog, nephew, and Jillian; I imagine I’d have far more if I was alone.

Things to try:
  • Live in the city and ask Fred for help. Then remember to fetch the chili from him. :yum: (Don’t remember if you have to help him first, sorry.)
  • Loot all the houses. Especially the three-story house, as there’s a lot there, including money.
  • Collect money for Thelma’s. The best option for food is chicken, followed by beef (sorry, vegetarians :sweat_smile:).
  • Try to get into Thelma’s early, as the prices rise and the stocks deplete; teens can do this, but they’ll have less money to use once inside (I don’t know about other professions). I think you probably need a car as well, but not sure.
  • Hackers can get far more money from the ATM if they still have their laptop.
  • Do not let the Makarovs (or Lyle and Jillian) steal from you! This is probably the easiest way to lose food.
  • If you do not live in the suburbs, get one of the generators and set it up before day 3. This will stop the food in your fridge from going bad.
  • Ask Jaime for food.
  • Skills to concentrate on: Scavenging (for finding food), Cookery (even a small amount of cookery will let you use less food per meal), Crafting (to keep those darn Makarovs off your lawn).

I think that’s all, but I may have missed some.

Just remember that if you concentrate too hard on one thing, you may have problems in other areas.


You won’t be able to get the roof supplies if you have a Fear Of Heights. You also won’t be able to get the chili if you have Delusions.

Also, I remember fedning off the Makarovs with a Movie Star that had low Crafting. I think my house defence was somewhere around 4-5.


Also, if you have low crafting, you can have Woody improve defenses too, so get the basics done, then have him improve your defenses and you’ll keep the Makarovs away.


If we can’t it’ll be the cutest guys (and Nora first). :grin: Truly I would have made a great old-fashioned captain with those priorities right, eh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There are rumors that Casanova was Dutch and not French … any truth to these rumors? :slight_smile:


Couldn’t say, if so it is a skill most modern Dutch men, including yours truly since when I tried to dance that one time a trained nurse thought I was having a seizure, seem to have lost or never had in the first place. Of course there are always outliers, like how China despite being known for on average having a not very tall population more often than not manages to have the tallest guy in the world be Chinese too.


Off topic, but I just really want to say hey to a fellow Sconnie :stuck_out_tongue: Go Badgers :wink:


Tommy and Brody fused into a single entity? :flushed:

Hmm, how about cutest guys and the nephew? Must protect kid! :persevere:

Hmm, and Billie if she ever rejoins the group :thinking:

Hey to you too :slight_smile: Go cows, cheese, and corn, as well! :grin::cow::cheese::corn:


Are you implying that his Rambo skills won’t be able to get him to safety?

Forget saving him, he’ll probably be the one saving you.


I wonder why this sounds so familiar :smile:


After a year and a half of lurking, I finally decide to comment on the forums because a question is bugging me… is Rachael an assassin?

I was replaying the game for like the 6th time due to extreme boredom (thanks for that, Hurricane Maria) and it was just now that I put these things together.

First, she says she works in a supplier of funerary material (or something similary). What does she supply them? Corpses.

Second, she mentions that she’s seen lots of deaths and is tired of seeing death. Why is this weird? Well, it’s the end of the world - we’ve all seen significant amounts of death, but not thaaat much at this stage of the event. She also seems like an emotionally strong, focused person that has her stuff together, so maybe 3 days and few zombies shouldn’t be that bad for her (yet)? But wait, despite giving the appearance of being strong and all that, she says that she’s tired of all the death she has seen in her life. Maybe she has wanted to stop being an assassin and the end of the world is giving her the opportunity to do so? This was the most suspicious thing for me.

And third, she has that seemingly advanced, dissassembled sniper rifle in a pretty suitcase. This is like the staple of assassins in movies, TV and games! Oh, and she also caresses it. I don’t own guns but I doubt people caress them unless they’ve “bonded” long enough with them (need a better source, so don’t take might word for it), like going to war or sniping lots of people for money. I wonder if she has named the rifle…

I think I had a fourth point, but I can’t recall it now (possibility that she travels a lot?) Maybe I’ll replay later to see of I remember.

TL:DR; She’s an experienced assassin, but she’s tired and wants to stop. The apocalypse is giving her the opportunity to start again with a blank slate.

So, what do ya’ll think? I searched for a little while and found nothing, but maybe it’s supposed to be obvious or I’m making a chicken out of a feather so IDK.


I really never put things together like this, so IDK … Maybe it is her cousin being in the CIA that always threw me off the scent.

She certainly has her stuff together - A camper is a pretty good idea for a vehicle and she had it stocked and ready to go. I just wonder about these people she brought with her, you know?

Welcome to the forums in any case - I hope you find the community welcoming and find other projects you enjoy enough to contribute to.


The armor would not be against contemporary ballistic projectiles, but fullplate armor would be useful, an almost impossible to be bitten by zombies, it would be available loote from museums or remember that the Milfords were rich people, surely they have interesting antique weapons in their mansion that we can loot, we should be available to to get that kind of weapons and exotic armor, society is in involution, bullets are going to end at some point, the better option are the old weapons, civilization has fallen, without electricity or inernet millenials will be massacred, to survive you must adapt to become a warrior or die, the strong eat the weak, Society will not collapse so fast The United States will be balkanized and there should be a route for MC to take command of a faction even though it is small, our group should have its own name, like “Los angeles de la muerte” “New American Empire” “Republic” Etc we should call ourselves a proper name, on the other hand the Mexican government will fall and the cartels will take control of the country, and there should be a route to either make alliances and unify the continent into an empire or just wait for a cure and survive.



True, but plate armor would also be extremely heavy and requires a fabric underarmor layer (that has a name that I’ve forgotten since it’s been a really long time since that time in 7th grade when I did a project about medieval armor and weapons) which would most likely be in very poor condition for actual use by the 21st century. Go without it, and you’d probably be pretty badly scratched up by the pointy bits and possibly burned since the sun’s out and metal is a really good conductor of heat

Based on the assumption that zombies still have the same general amount of strength as a normal human, just minus pesky little inhibitors that prevent the use of that full strength (like a sense of pain, for instance) leather (also more stylish than plate armor, IMO) and possibly even (for the less fashion conscious) thick, good quality denim may suffice. Much easier to move around in too

But when it comes to going up against things like bullets and knives-to-the-back, you’d be a bit screwed


That triggered me.

From Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide:

This could be defined as the classic “suit of armor.” The term itself
conjures up images of seemingly invincible knights dressed from head
to toe in shining steel. With so much protection, wouldn’t one be able
to wander among the undead ranks, taunting them at will with no danger
of repercussion? In truth, standard medieval armor is far from
invulnerable. The leather or metal joints that hold its many pieces
together can be tom apart by an individual’s persistent hands, to say
nothing of a mob. Even intact, steel suits are heavy, cumbersome, suffocating,
dehydrating, and extremely noisy. If possible, study and wear
a real suit of armor and practice fighting in it against even one (mock)
attacker. You will find the experience uncomfortable at best, excmciating
at worst. Now imagine five, ten, fifty attackers, all converging on
your position, grabbing at the plates, pulling them in all directions.
Without the speed to outrun them or the agility to avoid them, even the
necessary vision to find and strike them, yon will almost certainly end
up as little more than canned food.


Wow, what a generalization.

Empires fall because tyrants should not lead humanity. There should at least be an New Republic, not an empire. More likely, Humanity would just kill itself off over the last cans of food first. It would take an immense amount of capable and more importantly hopeful people to pull that off.


Full plate armor weights between 15 and 25kg. My combat backpack alone is 30kg.

Kevlar already suffocates and dehydrates you, so why not wear something more zombie-proof? Doubt they’ll have the dexterity and power to attack the straps that were meant to withstand sword blows, anyway.