Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



It could also be a demographic shift thing. Jamie could have encountered biphobia or homophobia growing up, but things could be changing for those a little younger like Brody (I’m assuming there’s an age diff here because I don’t play a teen, so Jamie and my MC are about ten years older).


You are absolutely right. I was just trying to show my appreciation for the character but I now realized I may have come off as demanding or whiny.

I’m a massive fan of the series regardless of who’s a ro or not.

I’m so happy for that! :grinning:


You live in America’s Dairyland and the place that keeps electing Paul, “let’s impoverish all normal folks and re-distribute all wealth upwards to the billionaires” Ryan to Congress, if I recall correctly, don’t you?
If so you have my commiserations, for what they’re worth.


I can see the benefit to having characters be playersexual, and I get why you had it structured that way, but I don’t think that adding a character who is exclusively heterosexual would significantly impair the experience. Most other characters would still be able to be dated by the MC regardless of their sexual identification, and it would add an extra dimension of realism to the game.

That said, you have created in Safe Haven a fantastic game, so while I would like to see a heterosexual character, I am confident and look forward to playing Part 2 when it comes out.


Given that we do have one who’s exclusively homosexual, I would agree. However, I’m going to hazard a guess that this is less a matter of JimD not wanting to include a hetero-only character, and more a matter of cutting down on the number of romance options in order to have a more manageable number of options. After all, you’ll see Dante, listed as straight, on the old list… he’s just cut from the current list. That looks like running out of room to focus on such a huge number of romances, not unwillingness to write a hetero-only romance.

Yeah… to be fair, I do live in the liberal part of the state, but that doesn’t change the state government :grimacing: It also seems like we’ve made a significant rightward shift over the time I’ve been alive… um, I might be getting off topic, though :sweat_smile:
Oh well, at least the dairy products are good :cheese::cow2:


Maybe it’s too late because the game is already very advanced but could you add medieval weapons, armor of the Middle Ages and Roman times, medieval European swords, shields, Macahuitl? And please make Rosie an available as RO for us heterosexuals, please.


Also, it does look as though the cut romances were ones fewer people were showing an interest in. I certainly don’t remember anyone being that interested in Dante.


I think a contributing factor to both cutting Dante and fewer people being interested in his romance would be the fact that he doesn’t have a lot of material in part one, and there isn’t any romantic content with him yet, so people hadn’t gotten as excited about him yet, and it was also more feasible to remove him as an option. Compare with Reilly… lots of people reacted when it mistakenly appeared he was cut, but Dante didn’t get the same kind of reaction… and I’d suspect that the fact that there’s already a crush sequence with him is a contributing factor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Of course, I realize people do sometimes get excited about characters who don’t have romantic content yet :sweat_smile:)


You suspect right. I’m extremely predictable.

But I honestly can’t even remember who Dante is :sweat_smile:. Then again, it has been awhile since I’ve played Safe Haven…


Dante was a bounty hunter with a TV show about bounty hunting. You specifically have to same him from the zombies for him to be able to join the group, though, so it’s very easy to never meet him at all. (And when he does join the group, if he does, it’s quite near the end of Part One, so there’s a lot of other introductions going on right at the same time.)


I’m just excited for this game! I honestly don’t think its that big of a deal that most of the npcs who can be romances is playersexual instead of just be hetro and whatever. Jim hasn’t fail on giving us quality content, and say its safe to trust his judgement on his story.

Though on an unrelated note I’m replaying yet again to try to get the most food. What is the highest you guys gotten on that? =D


Agreed. Looking at the list I’m still amazed at the number of romance options there are. I can’t imagine how much work that entails but the replay value is off the charts.

About the food, my highest food portions were 49 by the end of part 1. I don’t know if that’s a lot tho.


My baby woody is Bi, I’m Bi so team bi! lol


I could perhaps see Dante appearing as a love interest later on, however, much like you said, there would have to be a lot of character development for that to occur, because, at least in the first part of the game, Dante doesn’t have much to his personality other than the fact that he was a TV star, but if he gets more character development later on, he might be a good option.

Alternatively, Jim could also add a heterosexual romantic interest, but that would be extra work, so I’m not sure if he’d be willing to do it.


What do you mean when you say Julianne sort of?


The only way to stay in touch with Julianne is via computer, so she is a sort of long distance romance.


O okay, that’s actually an interesting idea. Would we meet at the end or?


I don’t know, but it could make for an interesting mission later on.


Another fact that most people up to this point are not taking into consideration is that there are going to be more characters introduced in part 2 and thereafter.

This list is not complete, and I suspect that some of these people on that list will fall off as new characters are brought into the story.

What if in the next installment, the god/goddess of your dreams is introduced … do you really want them kept out of the RO scene because there are already 13-15 options available?

I just think it is a bit premature to even be concerned about this.


Right now, unless they are looted from a museum or a collector’s vault, including such would be unrealistic and not really possible with the tools the MC has available.

For example: Making one medieval 16th century breastplate takes 35+ pounds of high-grade steel, a process that itself takes over a week to produce, using a back-yard forge of the type even remotely possible. Then it takes another week to actually make that breastplate using power-hammers and other modern tools that might not be useable in the MC’s world due to power issues.

Once we actually find a safe haven of some sort and can build proper infrastructure, this would be a more viable thing.

Also remember, while the best armor of the day was able to reflect musket projectiles of the 16th century, today’s armor piercing bullets and higher caliber ammunition would still punch through that armor.

Maybe we’ll be able to find some collector’s stash somewhere though for a ready-made stock-pile. Lots of crazy Coloradans in the “Mile High” state :wink: