Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



Yeah, I can definitely relate. Personally, I’ve never had sex because social interactions have never really been my forte, so I’ve never gone gotten far enough to actually have sexual interactions with other people. However, just from interactions with several people at my high school and others of my age, many of them have stated that they have already had sex, which leads me to suggest that pre-marital sex among teenagers is at the very least common. Plus, even if you’re like me and you’ve never had sex with another person, the Internet has led to a flood of information being made available that has led to people being exposed to sexual content at younger and younger ages, meaning that almost everyone, regardless of whether or not they have sex, has at least a certain degree of knowledge about it.

In Brody’s case, since he’s a rich jock who seems to be very popular in school, and since he is mentioned as being bisexual, it would not at all shock me if he’s had multiple one-night stands with both guys and girls, especially in the hyper-sexualized environment that is the American high school system, and the fact that he was on a sports team just increases that likelihood due to the belief that the sexual act conveys masculinity and that you’re somehow “less masculine” for not doing it. Plus, other girls would be interested in him due to his being an athlete and thus, relatively high on the popularity scale, giving him multiple people to date. To make a long story short, Brody, as a popular athlete, would very likely have screwed around many times, making him a player in the sexual sense of the word.


That like saying Aliens don’t belong in a sci-fi game, just because we haven’t seen any yet.


I don’t follow you.

My point is that we’re playing a work of fiction where we suspend certain expectations of realism to serve the plot.

Zombies are cool, so let’s have some, and to hell with realism. Same thing with romantic options. More choice is better, and if that leads to an unrealistic number of bi/pan characters, so what?


I feel that the choice for a purely heterosexual character is missing. That choice would add an extra dimension to the game and would make the character’s sexuality feel more real, as opposed to something that is controlled by the player’s own sexuality.


A few of the options are “playersexual” i.e. monosexual for whatever gender your MC is.

If you play a male MC, Madison is heterosexual in your game. Does it really matter if she’s lesbian in my game?

It’s a narrative trick to include as many people as possible. In my opinion, Jim creates such interesting, textured characters, their “three dimensionality” doesn’t really suffer from this.


Wait you removed Reilly? He’s the only RO I like :sob: guess my poor mc will have to ride solo.


I’m pretty sure the sexuality talk has already been had, either on this thread or on some other one, so I’m not gonna go all that into it

The lineup doesn’t seem all that unrealistic to me, but also I have only one straight friend who I’ve seen roughly twice a year since we graduated high school, and currently I have only one straight acquaintance in my social circle who I see maybe every couple of days because we have mutual friends. And I’m not going around assuming the sexualities of all my classmates and professors who I never talk to unless I have to, so I don’t even know what’s the case there

I met most of my current friends only a couple of years ago and not through any type of lgbt thing, so if you described them and how I met them like it was the character lineup to a book or game, you’d bet there’s gonna be people going “but that’s not realistic!” But I supposed what’s ‘realistic’ is subjective

(Long story short; if like 8+ nonstraight people in a room seems weird, it’s not a case of realism, it’s more like limited worldview or something like that)


I know how it can be when there is an NPC we might really like, and hope to romance, but are unable to for various reasons. I mean, I know I was disappointed when there was only one G romance in Metahuman Inc, while I know others who wished Lily in the Heroes’ Rise series would have been playersexual.

However, usually when romances are cut back, especially in a case like Safe Haven, there are often many reasons for it. Sometimes, the extra content can add a lot of delays; JimD already pushed back the release date.

Another reason is that it could also allow for developing some of the other characters better. I know I was one of those who wished there was more relationship development in Part 1, but I also understood how things needed to get done/released.

Something also to bear in mind is that part 3 will have a couple more extra romances, so some of the ones removed from above may show up there.


I edited in Reilly. It was a typo.

Playersexual means if your MC is straight, then that NPC is straight. It’s like how the game changes if you choose city over suburbs - Thelma’s no longer exists anywhere but the city.

I hate to b blunt but this is a decision to be the most inclusive. That’s not just a PC term to throw around – people pay to experience the game the way they want to play it. The exceptions are major exceptions and going in to the why’s and who’s is too time consuming and unimportant. At the end of the day, you either trust me to produce a game or not.


I’ve had three friends (whom I’ve known for anywhere from three to twenty years) come out as trans/genderqueer within a two year timeframe, so statistics don’t bother me–there’s always exceptions, and frankly in a zombie apocalypse, my deaf teenage girl is already defying the statistics when she punches zombies to death with her bare hands.

It’s the same thing as “Zombies are unrealistic” to me. It’s cool to play in a zombie apocalypse, so zombies can exist. It’s cool to be able to date just about anyone we’re interested in plus have some LGBT representation that is missing in mainstream media (You get way more het characters you can identify with than demiromantic/gay/explicitly bi everywhere else).

This is coming from someone who almost exclusively plays het romances, by the way (I rarely find myself attracted to the romance-able girls for some reason).


It’s not that I don’t trust you, but it feels like it detracts from the realism of the game to have other characters’ sexual identities be determined by the player. There’s certainly many bisexual people in the world, that’s true, but there ar role thank you more heterosexual people. There’s an exclusively homosexual love interest, and an asexual character, so why not have an exclusively heterosexual character as well?


If that’s the correct interpretation of playersexual in this game then that means the super cute Brody is gay in my universe, if so he goes to a remarkably tolerant US High-school, yay! :grin:
Of course him being both super-rich and super-cute does make it easier but still the school has an openly gay kid as the captain of their sports team, that’s (sadly) not something you see in the real-word, not even here in the Netherlands, just quite yet.

Phwew! You had me scared there for a bit. :sweat_smile:

Wow! So Brody really is gay in my game, yay! But also color me pleasantly surprised at how the kid managed to be so successful and popular in a Colorado (Mid_west) high-school back in alternate 2012. :astonished:


I’m assuming this also applies to the other gender, right? As in, if you’re a girl who’s gay, then the playersexual males are also gay.

With that in mind, I now have 6 gay people in my game. So that’s nice to know, I guess.


No, if your girl is gay then the males NPC are straight.


If you choose a main character who is straight, your love interests are straight. How would that differ to you if you only play a specific orientation and I limit, say, Rachel to straight guys? Unless you want me to limit other people’s entertainment based on your interpretation of a feature?

In regards to gay only characters, it’s been said a dozen times. Specific characters were developed over a period of time with input from numerous people with that hope to provide something extra for typically underrepresented people.

Look, I understand the issue you have with the game @Gregory_Pena. I know you have followed this game for awhile. I spend a large portion of my time developing games. A good portion of that time is spent coming up with ways to make as many people excited about my game as me. Not everyone will agree with everything I do. I hope my readers enjoy most of it and feel strongly enough to give me feedback.


I’d be curious to know the official answer on this too, if there is one :confused: I mean, I could see that it wouldn’t explicitly matter to the player character if you’re not bi, since they won’t be romance options anyway, so it could go either way? :thinking: I remember the twins’ exes gender would be determined by the main character’s, but you’d only see the ex mentioned if you were going after one of the twins anyway :sweat_smile:

My general impression from talking to people in college at our LGBT club who’d been to a variety of different high school’s was that there was a pretty big range from high schools that were very homophobic all the ways to ones that were very very LGBT-supportive and friendly… and that while a lot of times that matched what you’d expect from the area, it didn’t always… and sometimes the student body were very LGBT-friendly even when the administration wasn’t. So it sounded to me like sometimes it’s luck of the draw :sweat_smile:

Also notable that Colorado is more left-leaning than most of the Great Plains area. Not that I have personal experience, but it does generally go Democrat in election maps :sweat_smile:


It did happen from time to time - one high school in that time-frame even elected a transgendered girl as a Prom Queen. Popularity is a strange beast that will at times even favor those normally not favored, you just have to believe :unicorn:


Not everywhere, for example Colorado Springs is very evangelical. That said, Jim made up his own city for ZESH so if he wants to say that it’s diverse and accepting of LGBT+, then it is.


I really meant to say “on average.” :sweat_smile: Sorry for the generalization.

But yeah, I’d think it could plausibly be however JimD wants to construct it :thinking: I know Woody mentioned Jaime having experienced some biphobia, but I don’t remember much else…


Also Brody is part of the family who funded an entire wing/expansion of the school so that might help too.
In addition maybe Nightfall is one of the more tolerant and progressive regions of an apparently already left-leaning (by American definitions, by mine it would probably still be hard-core conservative) state. If not then at least its high school seems to be.