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I’m not totally sure on this since my memory isn’t really that great, but I think I heard she’ll be a lesbian RO? You can post multiple images in one post by the way, you just need to do a line break between each one to upload them (after they upload, I’ve found that you can remove the line break so they’re side by side instead and the images still work okay)


She will be lesbian? :'C bad news for me i guess , also thanks for the info about how to upload images


I’m not sure any list of RO options has been released by @JimD but it did seem like Billy was flirting over the phone with my MC when I called her - she could be one of those naturally “friendly” types or she could be showing interest… I wasn’t quite sure myself.

Rosie was too trigger happy for my MC to keep alive.


I go with naturally friendly, that archetype is what I’m going to be shooting for in the upcoming Villains wip for my mc.
The downside is that being “too friendly” can give people certain impressions that may not necessarily be true as those signals can indeed be misinterpreted.

Still it could be friendly flirting, or flirtatious banter between her and my movie star mc (much like Dorian and female mc can do in Inquisition), particularly since he likely is known to be publicly and openly gay.
For my teen mc doing so would totally be out of character though since he isn’t as self-assured when it comes to those types of relationship. In fact he’s the total opposite of that.


I make my MC someone I think I would become during the apocalypse (not who I am right now, but who I would be in the apocalypse). So a pragmatic MC who really only cares about his family (and whoever he’s romancing). Other than that he judges people based off of their usefulness.


Took some digging but I found the post:


Well, given that Jim said in August that there were 13 ROs (including Julianne), while that list (from February) has 16, I’m assuming some have been cut… After all, he does specify that it’s subject to change. (And 13 is still far more than most games.)


I already know that Sifer is a asexual R/O.


Brody is surprisingly experienced then…which would probably make my poor teen mc feel even more insecure of falling short of expectations if/when having his first time with such an experienced lover. :sweat_smile:


That moment when you realize you activated the romance of 4 female NPCs.

That’ll surely end well.


To be fair, it’s more realistic that a teen would be experienced in sex than not experienced in sex, considering that teens today grow up in an environment where sexual topics are discussed more openly, while at the same time being able to experiment since there are things like condoms and birth control that remove the less enjoyable aspects from sex from occurring.


Here is the new list of ROs. This is subject to change.

Jaime (R/O Bi)
Woody (R/O Bi, only experience with women)
Brody (R/O Playersexual)
Madison (R/O Playersexual)
Rachel (R/O Playersexual)
Bailey (R/O Bi)
Reilly (R/O Playersexual)
Kelly (R/O Playersexual)
Jillian (R/O Bi)
Driver (Demiromantic)
Tommy (R/O Gay)
Lopez R/O Bi, only experience with men)
Julianne, sort of (R/O Bi)
Gina, aromantic, Playersexual


Sifer isn’t RO (for foreseeable future at least):worried::worried:

Also what’s “Demiromantic”?


It’s where you only feel romantic attraction after establishing an emotional connection with someone first. So romantic attraction would only be with someone you’ve become close to.


Are there going to be any romantic interests that will be exclusively heterosexual? There’s already various homosexual, bisexual, and asexual romantic interests, but no love interest that is strictly heterosexual. It would be nice to have a strictly heterosexual love interest, since it would add an extra layer of realism, as some characters wouldn’t have their sexual interests determined by the player, much like in real life.


If Dante will still be an RO at the end of this all, he’s exclusively straight.


Why did you remove Reilly? :crying_cat_face: He’s so cute. Who will my adult characters romance now?

Perhaps, and Brody is/was rich, popular and very good-looking.
My mc on the other hand while almost as good looking was simply too busy for sex and of course considered himself a nerd at school, even if he may not have looked like one except for the glasses and the fact that most of his clothes used to be fairly cheap.
It does tend to make my mc a bit of an insecure stuttering mess around Brody, but then again that has always been my headcanon.


We do have Dante who is straight but still I love the fact that half the R/O are P-Sexual or Bi. But, we don’t have a straight female R/O option and we have a straight male R/O but not female; kinda breaks the realism when you think about it; welp that’s my 2 cents at least.


Zombies break the realism too but somehow we get past it.