Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



Do you wanna join this one? :slight_smile:


I’m in!!! 20 characters


I feel so stupid, but what is RP? The only RP I know is role playing, but I don’t see what that would mean


I am down for some rp if you guys have me. Thanks


@mistylavenda Zombie Exodus RP you say?


Zombie Exodus Discord? Interesting idea.


@Gregory_Pena Hmmm yes indeed


Are you certain that LEGIT haven’t already hacked it?


I am kind of worried that there won’t be any challenge in the Part 2. Considering the way I build my teen is like It can scare the hell out of people just walking near them and kill zombie by just passing by them.


Part One is focused on building your character, so challenges may not seem too difficult at first. @JimD has indicated both here and on Facebook that things will tighten up in the next part(s),

Personally, anything less then “Master” level skills are suspect. The game seems to have checks that can cause consequences, even if you don’t necessarily fail, especially when further constrained by challenges (ex the Nephew).


The other thing I might mention is that if a player went the bonus point route then the game would be much easier. Even just doing the whole ‘play Zombie Exodus to completion to get 25 bonus points’ makes it easier. And if you buy the additional 25 points on top of that, well, Rambo eat your heart out.

The player made the conscious choice to build a goddess among humans sort of build in this case. I have no problem with this; this is what I did with my first character. The option was there to make someone out of an action movie, and I took it.

So if someone did go that route, then complains it wasn’t hard…well, that is on that player for deliberately choosing the easy route. I honestly have no problem with indulging peoples’ power fantasies, but that also means they don’t have much recourse if they complain about something being easy.


It’s been a while since anyone has talked about music here, but I feel like Shelter is a good fit for ZESH (like Shelter? Safe Haven? It’s even in the name)


I’ll have to respectfully disagree with you, I don’t think this fits tbh


Understandable, I figured I’m playing the game in a different point of view than most (though I was thinking mostly about the name lol)



I wrote a new blog post discussing the schedule for release of Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 2. http://zombieexodus.com/2017/09/the-status-of-zombie-exodus-safe-haven-part-2/


As a game developer, I am not telling my story—I’m telling yours. My job is to give you the ability to create a character you want and live out a fantasy adventure the way you see it happening. To fulfill this goal, I have to be receptive enough and flexible enough to listen to feedback and make a game worthy of your time.

This. This is why you are so highly praised. And also why you deserve every single ounce of it.


We will be able to date Rosy? kek