Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



This was fantastic, Im hoping you write more.


I just had a thought. Does anyone wanna start an RP with all of our MCs? It’ll be like some weird alternate universe.


I’m always up for zombie rping :stuck_out_tongue: .


I’m up for it~~~~

20 characters


Funny fact, there was actually an RP for Safe Haven.

It’s now dead, but hey, it’s still there.


I think I joined it, but never participated because I forgot about it. xD


Oh yes I’d love to be a part of it


How should it start though?


By making a separate thread preferably PM thread and add people interested and then assign/ask for roles they might wanna have and then let it happen… … … … … … … … …I guess … … … … … …


I tried to start one, but it unfortunately died as life got in the way. We tried again on Discord, and it went extremely well. We had everything from NPCs to full on romance.



It’d be chaos though.


Sign me up!

What are the rules and regulations?


we have hope for you man how made zombie exodus and good day


Where should the setting be?


Set it in Phoenix, Arizona. There are a lot of problems to deal with in the apocalypse, especially here, since you would have to deal with extreme heat, and rattlesnakes, bugs, and things like that. Oh, I also want to sign up for the RP.


I meant more like should it be in a military base? A cathedral? A fortified town? A cruise ship? A library? Etc.


I heard roleplay and came over as soon as I could.


Fortified Town would be my first choice but you should first make the thread and discuss there to …keep the things on topic here


If anything make a PM between everyone that wants to RP, not to sure the mods want to hear about a ZE:RP in a thread.


Alright folks, I made the PM, let me know if you want to join.