Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



No. It’s fine. Really. They were no spoilers, friend.


I usually let him join because he seems nice (although a bit murderous, but then again, I also let Rosie become a part of the group, along with Driver).

You know, whatever is the answer, it’s going to be a spoiler :scream:


I can understand where your coming from. I just think that, untill he is well trained, hes going to be useless, and a waste of resources. As for the thing about him being harmless, I wouldnt put it past him to risk the group in a dangerous situation for his personal vendetta.


I’m laughing but you’re right, that’s very true. I’ll relax about it :+1:


The same can be said for 90% of the rest of the group.

Only if you’re not skilled enough to defuse him.


That’s taking an unnecessary risk. Smart leaders don’t take those. So I’d have to respectfully disagree, friend.


Plus, you’re assuming you will 100% defuse a vengeful boy, with there being no possibility of a problem. At least, that’s what you’re giving off.

Never assume you’ll be able to do something with no problem. That’s how you mess up.

Never take chances when you don’t have to.


The thing is, most of the adults already have a set of skills their very good with. With Brody and Madison, I took them because their connections might help later. The thing about defusing Tommy is, he is a vengeful boy, which means, while he may calm down for a while, there is always the chance that he could go off, and get the group killed because of his vendetta.


Well, anyone in the group has the potential to fuck you over, not only Tommy, you know?

Rachel and her team could betray you.
Jaime could backstab you (or crush you with his weight; he’s as heavy as a grizzly bear!)
Kelly might rally the other survivors against you (remember what happened with the Makarovs?)
Jillian can take off with your stuff (she’s a con artist, remember).
Rosie and Driver could team up and skedaddle, too.
The nephew too, he’s planning something :wink:

Laughing is a good thing :grin: But yeah, I think that people should chill a bit :see_no_evil:


If I don’t defuse him with words, I still have bullets :rolling_eyes:


I didnt let Jillian or Rosie and Driver join me group. Im keeping a close eye on everyone else though.
Edit: @KapitanSokolov, well then you killed him, but it would be much safer to just do it before he gets out of hand.


And there is something beautiful about seeing a disaster unfold and a loose canon causing chaos. I mean, the world just went to pigs, what else will people do as entertainment besides killing zombies and watching some beautiful chaos? I need my fun, so he is totally in.

Well, there is chaotic killing (that guy looked at me the wrong way) and there is apocalypse-justified killing (this guy is a threat and he has stuff I need). The second one seems easily justifiable in a world such as ZE.

I think smart leaders don’t even lead. They let other guy lead the little group of useless chaps (lets face it, if an Apocalypse happened, 98% of the people would be useless) and when they finally get theirselves in a bad situation, he will just steal everything he needs and go alone until he finds another group of useless bastards to exploit, or finally find that one group that actually knows what they are doing.

Don’t trust kids, that’s like rule number one in horror scenarios.


I love the discussions here but please be careful with revealing beta content. Even vague statements may dissuade someone from reading the thread for fear of spoilers. Just use a spoiler tag.


Waiting gets you cool gear, and maybe some use out of him, until he’s past help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now I hear you. Smart words. Cheers. :clinking_glasses:

No one else is vengeful as fuck.

Smart leaders also care about their people, mate (the ones who aren’t loose cannons). :wink:

Madison can also shoot good. You’ll see soon. Girl’s becoming that certified badass I knew she’d be.

God has spoken.


The thing is, if he is part of the group, he needs to be useful, meaning I have to train him. If he then goes crazy and puts the group in danger, Ill have to kill him, which not only puts me in danger since I trained him, but it means I wasted time and resources on someone who wouldnt survive in the long run anyways.
@ArchangelVoldemort, I knew there was a reason my teenager MC (not my main one) wanted to romance her.


He has military-grade gear, hand-to-hand training, and is athletic.

As it is, he’s one of the best combatants you can get, even before proper training.


I don’t blame Tommy for wanting revenge because I would want the same thing like lets be real. I unfortunately don’t have in my group but for sure my MC is going to worry about him and hope to see him some time. I wish the Makarovs come back so I can kill them myself or with tommy, shiz! :angry:


This. (Plus 247,000 characters).

Yep. Too bad he was a threat. Oh well. Less mouths to feed, no?


Hand to hand may be useful against people, but hand to hand against zombies is a good way to get infected. As for the gear, if we kill him, we can take it, and use it as we see fit.