Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



I’d prefer a definition that applies equally to an MC as well as other characters.

That’s no more of a justification than saying that just because everyone’s doing something makes it okay.

Now? What action are you even referring to? The Makarov vengeance stuff is before you let him into the group. :confounded:

I mean, that at least is pragmatic :unamused:


I’m going off the beta test as well.

My MC isn’t blinded by vengeance.

It actually is.

Again, I’ve played the beta, too.

Yeah. Why not? Something good can come out of him. :wink:


Everyone has momentary lapses in judgement, maybe @ArchangelVoldemort felt sorry for him, but after he let him into the group he realized Tommy was a bit revenge crazed, but by then it was too late to get rid of him. (Not saying thats what you actually did, feel free to correct me if Im wrong).
Edit: as for the thing about everyone doing it, this is the apocalypse, morality doesnt get people very far in it, which is why my MC is also trying to teach the nephew to be pragmatic and calculating.


It’s basically what happened, yeah.


There was pretty much nothing in the Part 2 beta about Tommy. :confused: I mean, I think I’d remember if there had been.


Oh, there is. There is.


He just continues to show these little signs. They’re there. Listen, it’s mostly just Part 1. Part 2 was just where I made up my mind. :wink:



Another thing is, what can Tommy comtribute to the group? If Im going to let someone in, they should be able to contribute so I dont just give food to someone who cant contribute.


And? He’s generally calmer after he’s in the group? There’s really not big obsession about vengeance material there? He makes a few scattered comments and mostly just hangs with the group. (Slightly more material if RO, naturally.) You’ll need to make something more specific than a spurious claim.

Okay, so a very calculated cannon instead.

You were saying that an environment of killing justifies killing. As if, yeah, that makes it more okay to contribute to that.

Apart from, like, cooperation and trust, just little things like that…


Apparently, the only thing Tommy can offer is his dead mom.

tenor (8)


I think the original ZE proved that cooperation and trust arent necessary. Its just whose more skilled, and aware of things.


I played the beta as well, and yes, he is. However, he will fly into a rage if the Makarovs appear. That doesn’t actually make him less of a liability, yeah?

A calculated cannon is better than a loose one any day; It’s far easier to control something you can predict.

Morality differs from place to place and person to person. It doesn’t make anything easier.


Wise words there, from a wise, wise woman. This has been your daily dose of truth. Back to sports with Chuck Chuckerson. Good day, folks.


This isn’t a big deal but can you guys please blur out your beta spoilers for those of us who aren’t testing?


There are none. We only vaguely discussed his “signs”. You’re good.


I am quite curious now, though. Who let Tommy join their group, and why, or why not? Also, are you playing as an idealistic character, or a pragmatic one, and why?


I let him in, because I misread him as useful and in control. :rofl:

And my character is just logical: eliminate any threats, prioritize the group before anything else, never ignore crimes against the group, and keep moral and unity.


Thats pretty much what my character is too.



My main character keeps him, because he recognizes there’s a shortage of personnel in the post-apocalypse, so he’ll take and train anybody he manages to keep under control.

They might not be useful now, but nobody is born useful. They can all be trained.

Tommy is harmless under an efficient leader. Anybody who worries about him going crazy just lacks the skills to keep him in check.