Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



Im glad Im not the only one whose going to kill Tommy, he seems like a loose cannon.


Why?! He’s such a sweet little cinnamuffin too pure for this world.


Ha. I killed him in Part 1.


Whoever’s talking about killing their fellow group members sounds like more of a loose cannon to me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@Ylva: You’re not a fan of male ROs, are you? :roll_eyes:

@TSSL: No, you don’t understand; no matter how murderous they are, the MC can never be a loose cannon. A guy angry about the death of his mother? Totally a loose cannon. :expressionless:


She’s a lesbian, mate; of course she’s not. :wink:

Also, her hate for Tommy has nothing to do with his sexuality or gender. We just dislike his character.

You misunderstand. We’re killing the loose cannon. :rofl:


Which somehow makes your character not a loose cannon? :roll_eyes: nope, nope, looks like murderer MCs cannot be loose cannons, only ones who talk about it, I did not understand, so sorry :pensive:


Yes actually. Killing alone doesn’t make you a loose cannon. A loose cannon is someone who kills a bunch and with no or invalid reasons.

Example: A bandit. Loose cannon.

Jaime: Not a loose cannon.


A loose cannon is just an unpredictable person. But, by your definition, you’re clearly not talking about Tommy, who only wants vengeance against a specific pair of people for a particular reason, which is the opposite of the definition you gave.


I thought we we only talking about a certain action here. As in killing. Tommy was a loose cannon because he did stupid things. Stupid things get the group killed. So he was a danger to the group. Therefore, he dies.


Tommy looks like he’s a stone’s throw away from going batshit crazy. I don’t even want to guess what would happen if someone, it doesn’t matter who, got in the way of his “revenge”. So yes, he’s a loose cannon, and you bet I’m killing him to get rid of the chance of him hurting someone else from the group.


Precisely. Use any definition you want: he’s still a loose cannon. And we don’t have time for those. :wink:


If that’s your opinion of him, why did you let him into the group? Or did you not feel that way about him until he was in the group, in which case, what actions of his do you even disagree with? Because you seem pretty in sync with him about willingness to kill, while the Makarov thinf is the only real foolhardy thing about him right now. Otherwise, if it’s the stuff he did before joining the group that you object to, then… don’t let him into the group, and he won’t be able to affect it?

That’s all aside from the point that murder as punishment for possible risk is brutality, plain and simple.


It’s not punishment. It’s eliminating a threat.

Plus, it’s the apocalypse. Everyone either kills or gets killed.

Simple: I gave him a chance when I shouldn’t have. Now he’s showing his true colors, which we already explained.


The thing is, someone driven by revenge can act in ways that will hurt the group. My MC doesnt have anything against Tommy, my MC is just making a decision he thinks will imcrease his survival chances.
Edit: I agree with @ArchangelVoldemort, also, the the fact that in this case we are being brutal, is a subjective view.


Apparently this isn’t common sense. Well said.

This is true.


What the others said, plus he shows up with cool gear at the end :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh yeah, if we kill him, we can take his gear. Not at all my reason for killing him, but at least we get something that can help the group survive out of it.


Smart man right here.


But letting him into the group is literally the last time he appears in Part 1. :confused: He says how much he wants to kill the Makarovs right before you can let him in.

Kill him for his stuff? Well, at least you’re honest about it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: