Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



There’s a Zombie Exodus facebook page and someone there takes drawing requests. I am not sure if it’s still open though.


Do you think you could give me the link?


The post is from August 19 though.



Does anyone know how to get Sifer to the group? Can I make her to join like Dante or the solder?


if you’re in the beta test and talking about that please ignore this, I’m referring to the part of the game that has already been released. Sifer won’t join you just yet but you’ll be seeing her again!


Don’t Madison and Brody have an older brother named Jack Slim? Whatever happened to him? Zombie food?


Yep. The game said he was trying to hold off a couple of zombies, but he didn’t make it into the attic with Brody and Madison.


He still lives! :angry:

We must make a #SaveJackSlim campaign now!


#Zombie Jack - here he comes.


Anyone with the nephew headcanon what happened to their nephew’s father? He could still live! :open_mouth:


Although there’s no reason why the nephew would stay with us if he’s around. Unless he’s a deadbeat dad.


And now I have the idea of an undead beat dad…


More seriously, if my MC met the nephew’s dad, and he was alive…well, with her gardening talent, she could always use a little more fertilizer.


Old memory and maybe not real anymore read at your own risk…Regarding Nephew’s Father.

Back in ye old days when Zombie Exodus safe haven chapter one was still in beta, Jim said that one of the complications surrounding the Nephew was the fact that while his Mother (your sister) is gone, his biological father, whom might I add has since parted ways with your sister (So either ex boyfriend or ex husband.) is still very much alive and searching for the Nephew. Which opens up a lot of conflict, we don’t know much about the man other than the fact that he left your sister, and that in the middle of a Zombie outbreak he’s willing to search for he’s son. Do we let him take our nephew? Does our Nephew trust him more than us? Will our nephew be safe?


His situation didn’t look very promising… :fearful:

You hear the sounds of fighting nearby. In the grill area, Slim stands between a deranged trio, a shovel in his hand as he fends off their attacks. With each violent swing, he utters a battle cry like a gladiator, but his opponents keep coming.

Poor guy :zombie::scream::zombie:

That must mean that he and Jack Slim are the same person :astonished: this is clearly a logical conclusion with no possible contradictory evidence :grinning:


Oh heck no. No, he’s not taking my nephew! I am too attached to him and I treat him as my own child, honestly I would be devastated. :cry::sob::broken_heart::angry:


Alternatively, he could just join our group.


Or he could join Tommy in his metaphorical grave…


Huh? You kill Tommy?!


Im glad Im not the only one whose going to kill Tommy, he seems like a loose cannon.