Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



While everyone pretty much hit this subject what I noticed missing is that the city will let u have a .38 special

I would say that the soldier quest bc it allows you to find the military safezones and at the beginning u can get ammo guns and other stuff


I always play as either a soldier or a teenager. Soldier gives a lot of oppertunities to get gear/ammo (especially with the kleptomania perk).


Welcome to the Tommy club :smile:

I did manage to get a relationship of exactly 65 with him while having a fairly low empathy :sweat_smile: but you have to be very supporting of him :sushing_face:

I can think of at least three ways, and I bet there are more :sweat:

  1. Tommy gets *upset* when you do not in fact lead him to the Makarovs.
  2. Tommy just becomes a loose cannon after leading him to the Makarovs.
  3. The Makarovs turn out to be a bit more powerful than you and Tommy after all…

Hmm… playing Felipe… that’s low-empathy but managed just-exactly-65… I think he mostly said all the “I’ll be here for you totally” options but I was able to say that focusing on vengeance could hamper his own survival :thinking:
I do figure there’s a delicate balancing act… too much “coddling” and he risks becoming a vengeance machine and losing the very person his mother had been nurturing… too much “straight talk” and the MC might just lose any influence with him :disappointed_relieved:

(I would also prefer to have “gay talk” rather than “straight talk” with Tommy, but you know :wink: )


Will this game also get five parts? Because from the looks of it, the first part has only given an (excellent in my opinion) introduction, and it would be an insult (besides ruining the game) to the world you created if you don’t use it to make a story with 4-5 equally long parts.

On a side note, while I would understand if the parts are each priced at 2$ (what I expect) or more (which is plain unaffordable), I would greatly appreciate if the price could be more affordable at 1$ per part, as the total game cost would reach high even with a small per part price.


The initial plan was for Save Haven to have 3 parts; if things went well with them and fans wanted more chapters, then yeah, it would be a possibility for Jim to write more.


Are you serious? Paying 2$ or more per game a year/every 2-3 years (because that’s what is it, a game; even if it’s called Part 2, it’s not just “a plus,” it’s pretty much a second app, the second volume of the series) is not “too expensive”. It’s like asking Cataphrak if the third book of Infinity is going to be 2$ max, since Guns of Infinity was about 5$, or else the series are going to be “plain unaffordable.”

1$ for 200k (200.000) words of game? Buddy, for 1$ you usually get games that have 50.000-80.000 words (“short” games), and even those may cost 2$. Do you go for a coffe and ask them to lower the price to 1$, or buy a book and claim that it should cost 3$, or else it’s going to be “too expensive”?

And not to be (personally) rude to you, but what you’re asking for is disrespectful as hell. You’re misprizing and underappreciating Jim’s efforts (because these things take time, a lot of time he could use to be with his family, spend on his hobbies, or whatever he wants) and the sacrifices he makes by considering that the game “isn’t worth more than 2$.” Because not only it takes a lot of time to make them, Jim also has an editor, and surprise: they cost a lot of money. The money charged for Part 2 will be mostly to cover for the editor’s fees (and even if Jim ends up making more than enough, it’s fine, because guess what: he deserves it). The same way you want it to be 1$, others would demand that it should be free, and that’s what is plain unaffordable.

If it wasn’t called Part 2, and it was a different app (like with Guns of Infinity, The Lost Heir and many others), would you be asking for the same? For the next volumes to be cheaper, since the first one was priced 3/4$? Because the Infinity saga is going to be about 5 books, and I’m pretty sure that people understand that they have their own worth because they are their own games, even if they are part of a series.

If you still don’t understand it, it’s like buying the first Harry Potter book for 15$ (I don’t remember how much they cost): you know the following 6 volumes are going to cost about 15$ or more, too, right? You won’t expect any library to sell them for 5$, or give them away for nothing, even if you have the very first one.

The total would be high because there would be a lot of parts; anyone who has all of the Harry Potter books is bound to spend quite a bit, regardless of if they are regular editions or exclusive (because guess what; they are 7, a lot). Yet no one is complaining, because people bought them over the years (a decade or so), so the spending seems minimal, it’s insignificant. Or going to the movies; watching a whole saga of 3 is more expensive than a standalone movie, it’s just simple logic: + games/movies/books = + money.

A CoG’s price (about 3-5$) is cheap enough that anyone with a few bucks to spare can allow themselves buying one a month (or more); heck, there’s people out there buying starbucks’ coffe (5$ or so) weekly or daily, and they don’t go broke. And if you can’t spare that a year/every 2, 3 years for a game, then maybe you should watch your expenses carefully and buy ZE:SH rather than another video game/book/movie/etc. as a form of entertainment (you can’t have everything in life.)


Yeah, $2-3 for a novel-length work is practically a steal. On one hand, I’m happy COG and HG are so accessible since I haven’t really read for pleasure in years because my local library has shortened and moved around opening hours so much that I don’t think I’ve gone there since at least middle school. But on the other hand, I think the games are really underpriced. If the authors had of tip-jars of some sort, like ko-fi, or patreons or things like that, I’d gladly contribute if when I can

The arts are severely underrated and people act so entitled to free or practically free work. It’s such a big thing that one of the first things my figure drawing professor showed my class (this was a freshman-level class btw) was a video by one of his previous professors warning young artists not to accept working for free, or for cheap, or for “exposure”. I’m an animation student, but this goes for non-visual arts too


The newer HP books cost me a bit more from what I remember so it’s very generous that Jim’s kept his price about the same in his sequel (I’d be tempted to charge more since ZE is several books in one).

Yup. Exploitation of artists is worryingly normalized - I think it’s partially because people who don’t work in creative fields don’t consider how much labor goes into creative work. I couldn’t visualize how much work went into writing until I actually took it up as a hobby myself and I still can’t imagine doing what the writers on this website do since I have no concept of coding while writing.

ETA: I actually have no personal concept of coding at all, so I opened up the game’s code (sweet Jesus that was a task in itself :joy:) and that all looks a bit like… Hell (I’m mostly joking), I mean science and mathematics. Two things I have no understanding of at all but what I can understand is that to publish one of these games you have to do enough work for several people. And yet he’s only being paid for one. In short, everyone be glad I’m not Jim Datillo because boy oh boy I’d be bumping that price waaaaaay up, generosity be damned.


@Lord_of_the_Galaxy’s profile says he is from India so I’m willing to give some benefit of the doubt in that $5 might be a different proportion of his budget than mine.

That said, it’s important to consider what would be fair to pay given the expenses of COG staff and Jim’s efforts. Part 1 of ZESH was $5 and later parts will probably be the same. I hesitate to say anyone “shouldn’t play” based on difficulty affording five bucks, but I don’t think it’s fair to ask COG to reduce prices, given the company is trying to pay their own staff as well as the author.

There have been some discussions previously about price and payments, which I’ll link here if anyone’s interested.


Mmm… I sounded a bit harsh, didn’t I? I meant that, if they couldn’t spare the money, maybe it was because they can’t work (and earn the money), so they might be too young for ZE:SH, and thus shouldn’t play.


3 Parts are definite, but past that is not. I would love to do 10 Parts, but it depends on what readers want. Some games go too long, and without readers to fund production, it can’t go on.

Price is mostly set by Hosted Games, the publisher. My vote is to keep the price low, but we also have expenses, such as editors and proofreaders, aside from the cost of business and taxes. At $2 for 200,000 words, it would be very cheap. CoG’s latest game is 140,000 words and $4.

That being said, I chose to do one app instead of multiple apps to save on some costs. Hosted Games has less to code the way I make games in one app. But, I also don’t get the new app boost to sales in app stores, which means I rely on sales from repeat readers, not from visibility on the app store.

My goal is to keep prices low so more people can afford it. I want more readers, not more money.


Well I’ll buy as many as you make. So you can be sure you’ll have at least one purchase per part.


Well I hope it makes five parts at least as so far I’m liking this one way better than the first one and not just because of the fact that more cute guys are available much sooner this time around but also simply because you’ve grown as a writer in between the two games.


Im hoping you make 5 parts, Im really loving your writing style in the new game.


Definitely looking forward to it. Thank you!

@princecatling Wow, I really didn’t know novels are just about 50-100k words.

Excuse me? I definitely said I would understand even if they’re priced higher than 2$, simply that it’s unaffordable for me (I’ll have 2$ equivalent saved up by November, I’m just a student, and in India). But yes, I did expect the price to be around 2$, even if that may sound low. I really don’t know why I decided that.
And if could get an early estimate on the price, I would be able to save up, so I would appreciate that too.


Why did I expect 5 parts? Perhaps because it’s a neat number to me, and the first had 5 parts.


Guys, maybe you should take the pricing argument over to the thread that was meant for it. Just a suggestion, though.


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We’re not allowed to ask for a release date, its in the forum rules.


Oh, ok, sorry. Rather strange though…


It puts unnecessary strain/stress on the writers; and usually the author doesn’t know. (And it goes against the guidelines.)