Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



It actually blew up in my face and it wasn’t pretty :sweat_smile: :tired_face:


Just being nice is good too, right?
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Hey everyone, me again, got just a few questions and anyone who answers them I’ll love forever.

1: Pros and cons of the different locations (city, suburbs, countryside)? I’ve played all 3 but want to make sure I’m not missing anything.

2: On day 2, what times to the ‘encounters’ with Lopez, Dante, Tommy, etc all trigger, and is there an optimal order of scavenging/repairing/eating to make sure you’re home for all of them?

3: Finally, some of the professions have ‘side quests’ (for want of a better term) such as the hacker, scientist and soldier. In your opinion, which ones do you think will be most useful in the long run? I personally like the hacker route, but logic tells me that scientist is probably the more helpful eventually in terms of ending the crisis.


City has Fred.

Suburbs doesn’t lose it’s electricity.

Rural has infinite water supply.

Lopez: 10:00 A.M.
Tommy: 12:00 P.M.
Dante: 2:00 P.M.

It’s too early to tell. Hacker could potentially set up contact with other people in the post apocalyptic world, scientist is pretty obvious and I honestly have no idea what the soldier side quest will give us.


In general, there isn’t that big of a difference between the locations except you will meet some different people in some of the encounters; for example, you can only meet Gina if you are in the City background, Church in the Suburbs, talk to Billie only if you are in the Country, that sort of thing.

For me the biggest noticeable difference is that if I go the City route, and I’m playing as a scientist type looking for a cure, then you can get access to one more sample than if you play the Country.

It is possible to hit all their encounters, and scavenge the majority of things in one playthrough, though it can take a ‘metagame’ level of knowledge. The reason I say most of the time is that it can also vary on which path you go and if it has some side interactions (think of the Hacker, and contacting Deter, etc. that takes time)


Another thing to note is that the three-story house takes a long time to scavenge completely, so you should leave it until after Dante (unless you want to stop half-way). The boarded up house is much shorter, and can be fit between two of the encounters, although there’s less there to scavenge (but there is another NPC to meet). I don’t generally try the third house; it seems not worth the danger.


City: Fred. He’s a good neighbour who gives you goodies and a really useful duffel bag (which allows you to carry extra items), and leaves you chili in his house.

Suburbs: Sean isn’t very popular (not a lot of people like him), but his house has some really cool items. And the suburbs don’t suffer a blackout, so you don’t lose half of your food on the third day.

Countryside: there’s a well, so you won’t run out of water.

The first one to appear is Lopez, around 10:00AM. Then Tommy, between 12:00PM and 2:00PM (here I’m not 100% sure, but you have until 1:30PM at least), and lastly, Dante, between 2:00PM and 3:00PM.

Once you know how much each event takes, you can arrange what suits you best. For example, if the first thing you do after breakfast is repairing your home, which takes 45 or so, then do another activity that takes 15 minutes (changing clothes, filling bottles with water, etc.), you will unlock Lopez’s event at 10:00AM sharp.

Each outing (for scavenging) takes about 1 hour, except the three-story house, that one needs a lot of time (like 3 hours!). Depending on your cooking level, having a meal can vary to 15 min, 30 or 45; helping Lopez, Tommy or Dante also take time, so take into account how much each event lasts and start planning what suits your tastes better.

It’s definitely possible to scavenge all houses and save everyone :smile:

Mmm… I’m tempted to say the scientist one, because the cure is vital, but it won’t be of much good if you die halfway making it. So… the soldier route, because once you reach a military base (was the name Lancelot? I dont’ remember much…), which will be a true Safe Haven, you can start investigating the virus if you have the skills, or look for someone who has them. And if you don’t manage to find/develop the cure, at least you will be safe from the zombies.



It should also be noted that if you have the Delusions perk, Fred’s assistance is quite limited. The reason for this being that once you deal with the zombies after going into his house, the trenchcoat man will appear and leave your MC thoroughly spooked, which will then cause them to panic and run out of the house before scavenging it.

I still curse myself for giving Sylvia delusions…


What are your characters main motivations to survive?


The chance to do butt stuff with Madison.

The only motivation a horny adolescent needs.


My teenager MC is the same😅. But my other MCs want to take over the world (or at least figure out a way to use the zombie apocalypse to their benefit). Oh, and teach Logan (the nephew) how the new world works, and not to care about the dead.


To teach her nephew how to survive the zombie apocalypse!


To become an overlord of my new empire, to protect my nephew and dog and to find a suitable consort :sunglasses:.


I can’t remember whether I’ve said that for my mc before so…they don’t have one :stuck_out_tongue: . Certainly not any grand goal or anything anyhoo, they don’t care about saving humanity, they’ve already accepted society is finished, and my mc doesn’t care about saving humans themselves. My mc just wants to survive because they don’t want to die. Oh and I guess versions of my mc with a nephew have him as a motivation too, same for versions of my mc with a cat.


That’s almost the same as mine… if you replace “overlord” and “empire” with “president” and “republic”… :innocent: Oh, and he’s already found his consort… :smirk:


To help as many people survive as he can and to develop a cure.


To get in Tommy’s pants :sunglasses: And I love my nephew. And my dog.


Thanks to everyone who answered my last, looks like I’m loving quite a few people forever. You all gave pretty much the answers I expected, there’s just SO much to do during the apocalypse.


To take care of nephew, make contact with other survivors, help research a cure with other scientifically-inclined, assist in rebuilding civilization, and most importantly suck Brody’s dick.


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