Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



Part 2? Sorry I m a bit confuse. Nope, totally confuse.
Part 2 and book 2 not the same?


Not the same, same book but part 2.


Usually, most games make different apps (different “books”) for their series, but Jim puts them in the same app. So, yes, Part 2 is pretty much what would be “book 2”.


So I was browsing some stuff about plants and found out there there’s a titan arum named Woody. Titan arums are also called corpse flowers because they smell like rotten meat. Plant Woody is dormant right now and its last bloom was in 2013, a year after Zombie Exodus takes place. Regardless of the slim chances, I’d like to believe that at least one or a few people would survive the apocalypse and be able to care to Plant Woody and its family so it could survive to its next bloom at least. Unfortunately, they’re all the way in Ohio, so Human Woody and Plant Woody would probably never meet :cry:

Here’s a link to photos btw


Hello. I don’t know if I am doing this right, but I hope I am anyways. I enjoy the large amount of customization in the game/novel and I just overall find it a very enjoyable game/novel. I was kind of hoping to bring up a bit back into the character creation even though I am almost positive you’re done with that and don’t want to go back and rewrite stuff for it, but I was just kind of wondering if you could add different branches than just the Army? I mean like don’t get me wrong nothing wrong with the Army. I was just kind of hoping for like a U.S. Marine or a Navy Sailor or like a air force pilot. Uh yeah sorry I just would like maybe a bit more variation than just the standard Army guy for the military option. Sorry if I wasted your time with this.

Would it be potentially possible to add in the different branches of the military for the character creation thing if it’s not too much of a hassle?


There is a “military” oriented sub-plot available if you chose to be a soldier that requires an Army background so that is why the service branch is limited to the Army.

However, there is a work-around available… if you build your character up by the custom-detailed route, you can chose all the same “soldier” related skills and craft your own Marine, Sailor or Guardsman.

It is one way of making a specialist like a sniper, pilot or even something different like a mechanic as well.


Ah thanks. I understand now.


A little while back, I asked @meiyuu to do some MC character commissions for me. This was one for she did for me of Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven. This is my teen MC, Danielle:


I have a crush on Tommy. He is such a sweet mama’s boy and of course I took THE picture with me for my MC’s long and lonely night. So the question is : is he a RO ?


If your MC is a man then yes, he is.


Lovely. Oh and I didn’t have him in my group even though I tried to help him as much as possible but then he still left with his mother, is there a way to keep him ?


If your relationship with him is above 65, or have a high Persuasion/Leadership and a relationship greater than 55 with him, he’ll join the group if you ask him to.


Having a high empathy is good for getting his relationship up. (Well, it works on other characters, too…)




I’m thinking that might end up blowing up in your face though… :grimacing:


The key is to use a really long fuse.


But it is particularly important with Tommy if you don’t want to coddle him more than is probably good for the boy.
My teen with low to modest empathy and my movie star with sky-high social stats managed to get the exact same team going, except for Tommy.

Tommy seems to have a rather short one, true Reilly does too but at least he’s not on a mad quest for vengeance right now.


I disagree. A nice bit of coddling is exactly what he needs. :hugs:


Of course you would say that, my mc’s both rather give him some “straight talk” but only my movie star was even remotely successful at it. If Tommy continues his mad quest he’s rather likely to get himself killed.


It actually blew up in my face and it wasn’t pretty :sweat_smile: :tired_face: