Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



Maybe send Jim a PM on these here forums?


If you click on that twitter feed, it takes you to the web page and about three tweets down is the link to the beta application… click on that and you should be good to go with the survey you’ll begin with.


When you finally sign up for the beta:


When you sign up for the beta but are pretty sure you won’t get picked from among the hundred others who applied too:



Sorry I can’t help myself :slightly_smiling_face:

When you sign up the beta but think you didn't put a thorough description

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I’ve been wondering if anyone has created a character based on a Walking Dead character?


I’m doing a Carlos teenager, but I still have to finish my Rosy from Balto and my Penny from inspector gadget.


Oh cool! So far I’ve done a Rick, Abraham, Daryl as bank robber, and Carl as a teen


Question: If you missed the first romance flag for that character, does that mean you’re locked out of it forever? For example, letting Jill, Kelly, etc. join and not choosing the "because i find them hot"
option as your reason
or not admitting your feelings to Jaime after kissing him at the school or taking another option and not kissing him at all.

PS GDI zenbu you take a hiatus from the forums and your first post after coming back is romance-related :sweat:


JimD has said that you will have a chance to romance them later.


I must’ve missed that post… or I simply forgot :sweat_smile:

thank u either way :sun_with_face::heart:


Really enjoyed the game and not sure if this has been answered or not but will Rosie be a romantic option


She supposedly will be later, but she is lesbian only.


My MC’s new theme, after playing the amazing beta. Couldn’t resist. Thought it went well with a certain scene.


Hello. I wanna ask something. I been replaying a teen mc for a while now in hope to romance Brody. I wonder if it even possible to romance Brody in part 1 of the game.


Ah man I’m so jelly :smile:


Romance will start in book-2


Ah Thank you for the info.


Do you mean book 2 or part 2?


Oh :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Sorry part 2 (20 chars)