Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed



Ah ok. I thought it might be that but wasn’t sure so I had to ask. Thanks


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…When you don’t get invited to the SH beta.


I’ll be inviting more as time goes on. It is best if I do it in waves.


Wish I could have a spot in the beta.


There’s your answer.


Why has no one ever talked about Woody’s wendigo tale around here?


Let’s talk about it then, shall we?


Woody does not strike me as the type to make up stories, and since in the last game had a ending where god physically exists, should we start expecting the supernaturals (beyond Zeta itself) somewhere down the line in this game?


I had personally understood the Wendigo to be a zombie that had been held captive by the Utes, and assigned cultural significance. I haven’t done a scientist or hacker playthrough in ZE:SH yet though, so I’m not sure how much Zeta’s origin is discussed, but I kind of thought that Zeta was something that had been kicking around at the fringes for a long while, before being introduced into several major population centers in the modern, highly-interconnected world, all at once.

This also gets into my idea that the snow in May and crazed possibly-zombie squirrels are all connected :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not saying it was all aliens, but…


Wendigos are actually created when twin sisters fall off cliffs and the one who lives needs to eat the one who dies in order to keep starvation away.


That seems so extremely specific that there is a high probability that it has never happened.


Lol! #UntilDawn!!!


If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I have an application there for a private ZE:SH Testing group.



Not having social media comes back to bite me again😭


Why not just sign in?


I would but I’ve seen twitter and things like that mess up my friends lives,so I’m prettty paranoid about that


True, I myself honestly just sign in Facebook but never actually use it, just for more accessibility


Same here, and I refuse the get it too. My date is not a marketing tool for Apple and Google Billionaires. :angry:

More then a few clients, and colleagues too have been embarrassed in public and the media or worse by social media.


You don’t need social media to apply. I just linked there.


Where else do we apply? I don’t have a FB anymore. Not for like, two years or something.