Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



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There are smaller, sturdier bridges in some areas that would work very well. These are the specific “models,” so to speak, that I’m referring to. You are correct about everything else, though. Those are all reasons bigger, older bridges would lead to disaster. Alas, I still think my referred type would be a unique SH and fun to see. Thanks for the friendly discussion.I don’t see what warranted interference, but okay.


That’s fair. I apologize if I sounded hostile or confrontational. That wasn’t my intention. It is a cool idea though. We could even come up with cool names for the safe haven like “The Toll Booth” or something.


Right back at ya. That’s actually a cool idea! The ability to name your SH by itself is a good concept.


Yeah it sounds a bit more ominous than Camp Cute Kittens.:rofl:


If I can name my SH I will it call it Academia and the group name is The Scholars


I’ll let Leather Jack handle any ‘toll booth’ payments. He’s clearly the best man for any PR work (except Ray but I don’t wanna over-work her). I just can’t ask him to work on Mondays.
Mondays are his bad days.


To be honest, pretty much anything would be better than that little camping site we have now, I would take an olden bridge over that any day. We’re so exposed even coyotes are a threat. I’m looking forward to getting out of there, that’s for sure.

I want to make sure my supplies people are safe, damn it!


In the scene where Bailey tells you where she’s from she mentions she came here from out of state to get away from something. Any thoughts as to what it could be? I think it’s her parents and I’m really interested in finding out more.



Could be anything it’s pretty vague after all.


I actually do want to give an option to name your Safe Haven and advertise, a la Terminus or The Sanctuary.


Well it’s her reaction to the mother’s day event plus your singing and reading hobbies that made me think this.





Interesting Looks like she had a Toxic family and cut contact


Kitten Academy? :thinking: Where else would the Clever Kittens live? :smile_cat:


What about “The Pound” or “The Shelter”? Or something like “Animal House” or “The Farm”? People would be like, “They probably have cool names like “The Beasts” or something!” and we’re like, “Nah man, Clever Kittens.”


Can you imagine how awkward people like Keith would look trying to find them.
His hunting parties raising weapons at random survivors like ‘hey! You there, you a Kitten? We’re on the hunt for Clever Kittens.
What, why you looking at me all weird?’


I probably just call it Cockermouth it’s a real place I shite you not or something


I’d call my safe haven “ransacked building” or “looted building.”

Raider 1: “Hey, wanna check out the ransacked building?”
Raider 2: “Nah, waste of time. The good things are probably taken already.”


Not sure if this has been covered but what are the best teams for the zombie battle?