Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



There is no much bridge like this. This is an artist view.
I would prefer walled (stone, over 2meter) area. Few entrance.
You can make a cat walk, towers and thats it. Same protection. You don’t gave to block very large entrace like the bridge.
You can build as you want on your inside-area. On your bridge you will never get that possibility. No durable electricity. No real shelter. No common water. It will be camping everyday and it’s not really enjoyable.


I’ve been to Washington state and seen bridges just like this. Even in the picture, there are few entrances, its greatly elevated, and electricity is possible. There’s plenty of room for much more, too. Water is readily available at literally all times (just need to purify it), nobody can flat out sneak into your base, as the actual openings onto the bridge itself are walled greatly; you just can’t see it. There’s actually a recreational area at the top, along with fair storage, lounging, and cooking areas. With constant patrols, gate keepers, and purification equipment, this would make an actual great shelter. Even waste disposal is taken care of…just look. :joy:


No, not really you find Truss bridges in Colorado it’s got nothing to do with artist view. You could make use of the upper part of the bridge if you had the resources and tools to do the job. If needed you could even blow up one side of the bridge and defend the other side, then, later on, make an escape rope bridge to the other side if needed.


Those are actually other good ideas…


Yes this type of bridge exist. But not everywhere. You seem to love the bridge idea. I’m not found of. It’s exciting if in a novel but i don’t want one in irl.
And as living in France i can tell you that thoose bridge are inexistant. Furthermore i would rather like a potential civilized Safe Heaven than a bridge. A bridge is built to hold a defined weight. I would never use it with all thoose limitation as a SH.
But as a base for limited time why not. If nothing better.
The SH should not be so rustic and limited.


I actually find the bridge idea interesting. It’d definitely take a lot of work to make it work though, even beyond the construction of things on the bridge.

You’d need fortications further up or down the river to block off those avenues of approach, as well as along the sides of the river for a stretch too — given that the bridge would be very exposed to ranged attack. These defenses would also be very important, given that though you can blow up one side of it, so can an enemy, barring escape or hemming you in. And then there’s the possibility of collapsing it altogether.

You’d be likely only be able to fit so many people on the bridge settlement. Furthermore, you’d need a bunch for defense, as I said, meaning you’d need other structures for defenders to reside in. All of those resources and people may make the idea of a bridge settlement not worth it.

Cool idea though.


Have you seen the quality of most bridges in the USA? They are rusted through on a lot of the supports. I’m pretty sure one very heavy truck is all some of them need to collapse. Not sure I would trust them to hold if we built much stuff on them. Also, you can’t grow food on a bridge and if you have somebody like Nora who has a hard time getting up ladders they would need to make some kind of lift to get her up. The amount of upkeep and maintenance requiring specialized training needed to fix and maintain the bridge is also a problem. The bridge in the picture could be a good place for an outpost or fishing spot though. I just wouldn’t trust it to be a safe haven. Especially if someone like the Silverthornes or military can blow up the supports and collapse the bridge.


I’ll just say that when it comes to bridges weight limits are a non issue. Anything built to deal with freight trains and or stop and go traffic (hundreds to thousands of 2+ton vehicles) isn’t going to notice a few dozen people camped out on it.

That said my issues with a bridge have to do more with the long-term, I’m talking over the periods of multiple years and that’s mainly to do with maintenance. I know the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate have a particularly grueling maintenance schedule, the Sea Air is corrosive to some of the materials so they have to be maintained and without a qualified team to see to that issue I would not be comfortable staying on a bridge for any real long length of time.

Temporarily, I’d be game, but wind could be an issue depending on the elevation also.

  1. It’s got nothing about liking this idea (even though I like the sound of it), I’m just stating some facts. Truss Bridges are more common in the states than overseas.
  2. This is Colorado, not France so you the architecture of bridges is different from that of France’s bridges.
  3. I ask this question how would a bridge not be a potential safe haven? You have water nearby, maybe even a forest which would have animals for hunting, that forest holds trees that could be harvest, and the grounds the trees were harvested from could be used for farming.
  4. Weight limits aren’t going to be a problem for a group of 30 or less
  5. Solar Panels, Wood burning stoves are two ways to solve energy problems


You clearly haven’t seen a lot of bridges. Especially in the USA. I flat out live there, and I can tell you that if most can repeatedly support trains and traffic of vehicles, then they can support some tables, plants, and equipment. Especially other, lighter furniture. Hell, you can build a straight up house on most. And you can grow food, actually…and survivors aren’t a problem if you offer living space below/have them stay up top. And how would anyone blow the supports? If anyone gets that close, you obviously have very poor security.

Everything here is correct. Refer to this.

The roads, yes, but not the river…too open and slow for an attack. Anyone dumb enough to attack from there would be easily mowed down. You are right about the ranged attack vulnerability, but that goes for any safe haven, when we’re talking militaristic opposers. I can plant charges on a prison’s outer wall. I can blow a watchtower near a lodge sky high with an RPG. This argument is too broad for the specific subject; it applies to nearly everything.

Lastly, bridges don’t collapse for no reason. If you settle on a bridge that’s near collapse/faltering naturally, shame on you. You would obviously observe the structure first before even stepping foot.


I suppose I worded it wrong. I also live in the US. I understand that they support traffic and what not but they also receive fairly regular maintenance in order to stay structurally sound. The state of literally tens of thousands of bridges in the US are anywhere from poor to straight up abysmal. Some with only 25-40% of their supports structurally sound. Without the ability to maintain them they will fall apart. And maintenance is loud. Loud attracts zombies. Not very good.

The Silverthornes, New Army, and National Guard outnumber us greatly. The New Army and National Guard have access to armored vehicles and explosives. Use the vehicles as cover and move men up to blow the supports while pinning the enemy down with suppressive fire. I’ve done this maneuver myself. It works pretty well.

Problem is most people don’t know where to look to make sure the bridge is safe. You could think its fine then it collapses the next day. And bridges big enough to be a lasting safe haven would (for the most part) be close to cities and towns. We would be overrun by the undead during the exodus. Plus the military would most likely destroy most large/well known bridges to try to prevent the spread of the virus.


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There are smaller, sturdier bridges in some areas that would work very well. These are the specific “models,” so to speak, that I’m referring to. You are correct about everything else, though. Those are all reasons bigger, older bridges would lead to disaster. Alas, I still think my referred type would be a unique SH and fun to see. Thanks for the friendly discussion.I don’t see what warranted interference, but okay.


That’s fair. I apologize if I sounded hostile or confrontational. That wasn’t my intention. It is a cool idea though. We could even come up with cool names for the safe haven like “The Toll Booth” or something.


Right back at ya. That’s actually a cool idea! The ability to name your SH by itself is a good concept.


Yeah it sounds a bit more ominous than Camp Cute Kittens.:rofl:


If I can name my SH I will it call it Academia and the group name is The Scholars


I’ll let Leather Jack handle any ‘toll booth’ payments. He’s clearly the best man for any PR work (except Ray but I don’t wanna over-work her). I just can’t ask him to work on Mondays.
Mondays are his bad days.


To be honest, pretty much anything would be better than that little camping site we have now, I would take an olden bridge over that any day. We’re so exposed even coyotes are a threat. I’m looking forward to getting out of there, that’s for sure.

I want to make sure my supplies people are safe, damn it!


In the scene where Bailey tells you where she’s from she mentions she came here from out of state to get away from something. Any thoughts as to what it could be? I think it’s her parents and I’m really interested in finding out more.