Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



Watch a video of the “All Ghillied Up” mission from Call of Duty 4.


Nephew: Leather Jack, I ordered a ghillie suit, not a Jillie suit.


Will stuff like surveillance cameras and drones and stuff be added? Imo hooking up a camera to a drone would be far superior to actually searthing yourself, even with maxed seach and stealth.
But I’m thinkin that might be a bit too much to add.
I do want the ability to actually make a difference via defenses (imo time spent fully defending/ building isn’t worth itn and we have to leave all the places we build up


You’d still need search and scavange to be able to know where to look and notice things, but it could help you if it has functions like night vision or go places you can’t normally reach.

Just don’t ask for a tommy gun…


And you certainly shouldn’t ask for some church wear…


He served me some Special K, it tasted weird…


Maybe you should invite him to go Benji jumping?


Don’t invite him to go to Madison, either :sweat:


And if you want him to help build a castle for your base, don’t pick a motte-and-bailey design.


And don’t ask him to get a Driver for a trip to the Park, er… the one with the Woody and flowery area, that’s all Rosie… :worried:


From what I gather, whenever you take your nephew (if you have the challenge) with you on scavange runs its mentioned that he brings his backpack with him. Even so, the amount of stuff you can take in places doesnt change. Would be cool if it would add extra 2-3 slots.


I know this might sound like I’m asking why the sky is blue but how do I get Tommy to recruit? No matter how much I was nice to him and not scavenging his stuff when he asked for it. Maybe that’s just me being a beginner.


Using your nephew as a pack mule. I like it.

I don’t think it matters whether or not you scavenge his house. I always scavenge his house, and afterward I usually rush to see if he’s okay. When he shows up after your house burns down, just say “Why don’t you come with us?”


I’ll repost an answer I gave earlier:


Nope, it is established that the nephew should be a challenge, not a necessity. Just count yourself lucky Jim haven’t decided to make him a total burden.


Well, if you have a dog as a pet (meaby needs to be trained) he finds stuff on one or two runs.


It doesn’t mean they can’t be any help at all, it just means that they should overall be a challenge. It doesn’t make sense for him to not be able to use it, it’d make for better story telling for it to actually make sense in the context of the game.
And challenges do have some benefits. A universal one being a bonus to your starting skill points.

Some more specific examples, dogs can can be used to scavange, showing up with your nephew to Thelma’s shop allows you to skip the line, the cat gives a bonus to your relationship with Rachel and of course the objectively best one is if you’re delusional, you know why. :wink:


The dog also provides the lowest amount of skill points. You also need to take the time/resources to feed/train him, and have to go out of your way to save him in part II (basically losing an action during the fight.)


And no one disputes the fact that the nephew is currently more helpful than an actual burden, thus the argument. extra carrying load is just a bit overkill at this stage.

If you want in story explanation, the kid has his own private supply stash.


Will we get to know why Driver was in the mental health place? Also >.> I want to give the big lug hugs and my Adaline wants to be his dilusional movie love.

On a side note: Rosie and Driver are the best characters I think