Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



I know this might sound like I’m asking why the sky is blue but how do I get Tommy to recruit? No matter how much I was nice to him and not scavenging his stuff when he asked for it. Maybe that’s just me being a beginner.


Using your nephew as a pack mule. I like it.

I don’t think it matters whether or not you scavenge his house. I always scavenge his house, and afterward I usually rush to see if he’s okay. When he shows up after your house burns down, just say “Why don’t you come with us?”


I’ll repost an answer I gave earlier:


Nope, it is established that the nephew should be a challenge, not a necessity. Just count yourself lucky Jim haven’t decided to make him a total burden.


Well, if you have a dog as a pet (meaby needs to be trained) he finds stuff on one or two runs.


It doesn’t mean they can’t be any help at all, it just means that they should overall be a challenge. It doesn’t make sense for him to not be able to use it, it’d make for better story telling for it to actually make sense in the context of the game.
And challenges do have some benefits. A universal one being a bonus to your starting skill points.

Some more specific examples, dogs can can be used to scavange, showing up with your nephew to Thelma’s shop allows you to skip the line, the cat gives a bonus to your relationship with Rachel and of course the objectively best one is if you’re delusional, you know why. :wink:


The dog also provides the lowest amount of skill points. You also need to take the time/resources to feed/train him, and have to go out of your way to save him in part II (basically losing an action during the fight.)


And no one disputes the fact that the nephew is currently more helpful than an actual burden, thus the argument. extra carrying load is just a bit overkill at this stage.

If you want in story explanation, the kid has his own private supply stash.


Will we get to know why Driver was in the mental health place? Also >.> I want to give the big lug hugs and my Adaline wants to be his dilusional movie love.

On a side note: Rosie and Driver are the best characters I think


Rosie: Even though you save her life, she isn’t going to be your friend unless you accept her apology for trying to murder you. Even if you say “Let’s just move past it”, which is almost as good as forgiveness.

Driver: I like him for some reason.

I wouldn’t say either are my favourite characters, though.


The Part 2 content update will probably contain some information for these NPCs. Even if it doesn’t, then it is likely in Part 3.


Ever notice that after you acquired live sample from Layla, the MC put a bandaid on the puncture…

I’m pretty sure every one of us was planning to bash her head seconds later, why did we waste first aid on a zombie?


He is more of a burden, it’s just offset by the fact that he’s a really cool character to have around.

If this is expanded upon then sure, why not.

To be fair in my case I’m delusional. I’m lucky I didn’t do more than that, good thing Ray wasn’t around… might have ended trying to ‘suck the poison out’ or something. :mask:

I think the scene where you give her an extra portion of food was incredibly endearing scene. Rosie (and Driver) are two characters that I just wanna give hugs and head pats to.


I forgave them (and let them join, man was that a massive drop on relationship with Jillian, went from best friend to associate) so I’m not sure, but how do you know she doesn’t wanna be your friend unless you forgive her?


@CaptainHunt But the virus is the thing that is controlling the brain. If any part is “active,” it’s because of the virus. A pathogen as advanced as Zeta obviously is wouldn’t accidentally trigger anything, because, if it did, it would immediately release control of it. Any area of the brain that is “functioning” after reanimation is being completely controlled by the virus. Zombies are completely dead. Things like muscle spasms and loss of coordination can happen, but actual internal structures are completely dormant due to death, unless the virus wants otherwise. The zombie eats because of the virus, it moves because of the virus. Anything it deems not essential to it’s function, it leaves dormant. Again, hence why zombies don’t greet you before shoving their fingers into your stomach.


Because I chose “Let’s move past what happened” and ended up with associate status.


So basically it won’t do anything unless it has a reason to. Do you think respiring, even if it’s at a low level, could help the virus?
It makes me curious how the virus moves the body, we can move through using energy that we get from outside sources (like eating) and then respiring. How would the virus do it? If it can’t get any more energy like we can, then it should similar process to a person who doesn’t eat. Like it uses glucose stored in the body, then fat (if my rudimentary science is correct), so it’s ‘eating’ the body. But we use respiration to release energy, does the virus just go into the cells and forcibly release it?
It also makes me curious why the zombies can’t run or have any grace in movement at all, it would help the virus certainly so why is it limiting itself? Maybe it requires too much energy and the virus is horrible at using our bodies energy efficiently, it’d burn through energy too quickly so it doesn’t do that.

Forgive my ignorance, I’m not well versed in this topic so I hope you can be patient with me, but it’s cool to learn about new things! :blush:

Oh I thought you meant she says that she doesn’t wanna be your friend, you do get a relationship boost for saying that but thanks for clarifying!


Chapter: 7
Date: Thursday, May 17, 2012
Post-Apocalypse Day: 6
9:15 am.

Name: Dick McGowan
Gender: Male
Profession/Background: Teenager
Preferred Skill: Athletics
Skill Points: 0
Hair Color: Dark blond
Eye Color: Grey
Race/Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Distinguishing Features: stomach scar
Zombie Kills: 93
Survivor Kills: 1

Current Safe Haven: none
Location: Somewhere along I-70, Colorado
Camp Defense: 1
Group Defense: 62
Offensive Capabilities: 63

Primary Weapon: Baseball bat
Secondary Weapon: M9 pistol
Armor: None
Helmet: Football helmet
Clothes: Combat uniform
Primary Vehicle: van
Money in bank: 212
Money: 90

Hearing Impaired, Short Fuse


Physical Health: 71%
Mental Health: 91%
Fatigue: 8%
Stress: 6%

Humanity: 86%
Morality: 87%
Impulsive: 45% Calculated: 55%
Straightforward: 55% Manipulative: 45%
Honorable: 84% Pragmatic: 16%
Idealistic: 85% Cynical: 15%
Group name: Survivors of Nightfall
Leader: Jaime
Group cook: Dick
Quartermaster: Parker

Allegiance: 61%
Morale: 73%
Diplomacy: 56%
Ruthless: 34% Altruistic: 66%
Group food: 1106
Group water: 419


Strength: 55%
Dexterity: 50%
Agility: 50%
Stamina: 50%
Charisma: 45%
Intelligence: 50%
Willpower: 55%
Perception: 45%


Bandit Kills: 0
Survivor Kills: 1
Zombie Kills: 93

The Battle on the Hill

Number of zombies killed by highway team: 197
Number of zombies killed by field team: 163
Number of zombies killed on the hill: 606


Bailey: Alive, in group
Benjimin: Dead
Brody: Alive, in group
Dante: Alive, in group
Driver: Alive, in group
Gina: Alive, in group
Jaime: Alive, in group
Jillian: Presumed alive
Kelly: Alive, in group
Lopez: Alive, in group
Lyle: Presumed alive
Madison: Alive, in group
Nathan: Dead
Nora: Alive, in group
Parker: Alive, in group
Rachel: Alive, in group
Reilly: Alive, in group
Sean: Presumed alive
Sifer: Dead
Tommy: Alive, in group
Woody: Alive, in group

Profession/Background: Teenager


Athletics: 75%
Close-combat Weapons: 56%
Cooking: 45%
Crafting: 66%
Driving: 45%
Electronics: 45%
Empathy: 45%
Hand-to-Hand Combat: 56%
Intimidation: 25%
Leadership: 34%
Medicine: 45%
Persuasion: 53%
Ranged Weapons: 64%
Scavenging: 56%
Science: 55%
Search: 44%
Stealth: 54%
Survival: 66%


Main Romantic Interest: Tommy

Jaime: Associate (57)
Bailey: Hated (39)
Brody: Friend (63)
Dante: Associate (40)
Driver: Hated (36)
Gina: Hated (37)
Kelly: Hated (33)
Lopez: Associate (49)
Madison: Hated (37)
Nora: Associate (41)
Parker: Hated (32)
Rachel: Associate (40)
Reilly: Associate (45)
Reverend Dunbar Church: Hated (37)
Tommy: Friend (61)
Woody: Hated (37)
Here’s my character sheet from the game now that I finished.


…how did you get everyone to dislike you?


How do you get people to not hate you when you’re a teen with 45 empathy and no social skills past 55?


Oh well, we can’t be all the Mother Theresa or the Rey of the world. :laughing: