Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



Right, and I don’t like those versions. Viruses exist to perform their function, though. Nothing more, nothing less. They are simple microorganisms. Even if Zeta did indeed affect the cortex area relative to breathing, it still wouldn’t make the zombie do the action, as it serves literally no purpose to the pathogen’s goal: spread. This is why zombies can’t, again, produce waste. Its why they can’t talk, read, write, think critically, or other things: because they don’t need to. Consume flesh, spread the infection; that’s the virus would be concerned with. No reflexes would take place, either; its the virus that controls everything. The zombie is a zombie because of Zeta, and only because.

In short, the virus only preserves what is relative to its function.

It would be different if the virus didn’t kill then reanimate and instead just affected people like in 28 Days Later, but, in ZE, they are unfortunately not that. :rofl:


What’s the function of a virus?


spread spread spread


And would you agree many viruses can kill off their hosts?


Sometimes… What are you trying to say? :sweat_smile:


My point is killing off your host would be a bad thing for most viruses. Hell it’d help them a lot of they didn’t make people so sick. Especially if your host dies that could be the end of you, yet viruses do that anyway as they have always done.
My point is, just because a virus has a job, doesn’t mean it’s perfect at that job.

What @ArchangelVoldemort was describing was an ideal virus which does it’s job to spread and nothing more. But by that logic why hurt the vectors you use for transmission in the first place? Even with drugs, something we intentionally make there are always side effects.
So the point is that just because the virus may not need its host to breath does not mean they won’t. Re-animating could easily trigger parts of the brain that aren’t needed to survive, because again viruses, like everything, aren’t perfect at their jobs.


Hmm does that mean Zeta zombies don’t actually need to eat, they’re only motivated by the instinct to spread the virus? As in, if they go too long without catching any food their body would not just shut down? And if they don’t process food at all, how do the “live” parts of their brain get enough energy to keep working?

And here I thought that if we waited a decade or two most of them would eventually die out. But if that’s not the case then zombies can literally keep roaming the land forever.


Viruses “want” (kind of an overstatement, since they’re living, not thinking beings) to reproduce, not exactly spread. To reproduce, they need to hijack their host’s resources, like cells, in order to trick the body into produce more of it.

What usually kills the host is the resource drain, not the virus itself. The virus only causes the drain, because it helps them reproduce, which is their goal. Especially the fight between your own antibodies and the viruses wreck your body.


But it does perfect or try to perfect itself overtime by mutations which in case of viruses happen at relatively fast rates.

Virus doesn’t exactly hurt our body it hurts itself when fighting off the infection, when our immune system tries to fend off and harms the host in the process.


Yes, but Zeta can only control the body, thus spread, when its host is dead. So it makes sense that it would actively try to kill the host. It’s why if it gets into our bloodstream, we die within a few hours or even minutes of the infection.


Yes but those mutations are very unstable and unreliable. Sometimes they actually worsen a virus (or any living thing). That’s not an argument, especially because you can’t force mutations so saying they try do it is wrong.

Also, many viruses release harmful toxins, your immune response produces things like fevers, but there are a lot of viruses which do a lot more damage than that.

Well viruses typically don’t need a host to survive, only to reproduce. That being said though they do have their own life span, so they should eventually die.


I was talking about the zombies themselves, not the Zeta virus. Individual virus strands can multiply all they want in a host’s body until it dies - but if zombies don’t decay and if they can go about their undead life without any need for fuel (food), then that is very bad news for the survivors. :grimacing:

We either kill them all, find a cure or live the rest of our lives with them.


What’s the difference between the zombies and the virus?
They’re essentially the same thing. Can’t have zombies without the virus.


Yeah phrasing was off, but mutations do happen for the better ie to adapt to the conditions.

In theory, there’s no reason why a virus couldn’t encode bacterial toxins. In practice, that doesn’t happen much because viruses have no incentive to sabotage their host cells in that manner - there’s largely no fitness advantage, all it would do is make the viral genome larger and shut down the host cell preventing further replication.
Even if a virus specifically wanted to shut down its host cells, it’s more efficient to spawn large numbers of copies of itself and exhaust the host cell’s resources.
in short:

virus produces toxins in host cell -> host cell dies -> no replication opportunity and virus gets trapped in the cell


virus produces large numbers of copies of itself -> host cell runs out of resources and dies -> numerous replications and avoid getting trapped

Even ebola releases toxins which only make cell wall more permeable to get in not to extremely damage the cell.

Re animation is a symptom of being infected with the virus. Zombies are not viruses they are vectors


All good points, you have earned your cookie for today! :blush:

For this, I didn’t mean it in a literal sense it’s just that @Anathema seemed to suggest you can have zombies without the virus.


Isn’t that exactly what happens if you choose to stay and defend the Cathedral in the first ZE?

If I recall correctly, there were still zombies out there, they just stopped coming up the hill. Which is odd, because every zombie in the area should have been alerted by the gunfire.


Sorry If I wasn’t clear, but that’s not what I was suggesting. I said individual virus have a lifetime, but they can replicate within a host, so that host is always infected - it always has viruses in their system. Usually, when a host dies, so does the virus. It’s why they “want” to spread that infection to other people.

But virus Zeta is special in the sense that the host is already dead and apparently they don’t re-die unless they’re actively killed - I thought they need food eventually but someone said that’s not the case.

Of course, there are no zombies without the virus. It’s the virus that keeps them moving after all.


Ah, well now it all makes sense. It does seem like they don’t need to eat, they only die due to brain injuries. That means you can have them walking around without organs Iike their stomach. Course that could just be similar to humans, we can survive for a time without eating (even if we still need those organs). I suppose everything will make more sense once we study them better.


Since people and animals try to stay close to water sources a good way to spread the infection would be to let the body accumulate a lot of gases and what not then have the zombies float down the river. Not only would it contaminate a water source but zombies could then attack settlements that will no doubt pop up along the shoreline. Just a thought.


If even fellow mammals aren’t affected as strongly by the virus, I don’t see why something from another planet would be affected at all :confused:

(Though I don’t think there’s any reason to believe that there are any aliens on Earth in the ZE:SH-verse, are there? :confused:)

Oh, whew, I never actually realized what a ghillie suit was, and I just googled it, and… wow! :astonished:

Yeah, I was more thinking that since you mentioned French and Belgian ones being dangerous for Britain, you’d also be in the right vicinity :sweat_smile:

I believe the skills are all based on a combination of two attributes, plus whatever your skill level is, and then adjusted by any related circumstantial factors (stress, clothes, that sorta thing).