Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



Could be… Like cats I guess


We could run behavior tests on Joe and design our strategies accordingly. Like digging a shallow moat around him and see if he wades in.

I request that a high Science/Survival MC will have this option.:dark_sunglasses:


Maybe not, but I can certainly see them walking underwater until they reach the other side… :innocent:

You may be, but this is a question that’s been asked a lot… :sweat_smile: Also, both Nathan and Benjimin did get about the same level of detail as Sifer; you’re likely just remembering Sifer more because she was more obviously unusual.


No, with this character my response was “shut up” because there was already a shit ton of other people who complained about it long ago and an explanation was provided to the matter.

Besides, the examples you listed don’t make much sense. I don’t know much about the Colonel, but Tommy’s mom and Michael (who I’m assuming you’re talking about) die for the progression of the character. Asking for them to be ‘saveable’ would just be stupid.

Still doesn’t change the fact that there has been an extensive shitstorm over the matter.


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For those that feel a need for closure, I am in the middle of writing a Patreon short story involving Sifer - the story should help those needing closure to achieve it.


great physical or mental strength that allows you to continue doing something for a long time


I think Attributes will add percentage to your skill … there are description on each attributes

for example Perception add on Empathy and ranged weapon
Dexterity also add on ranged weapon too :slight_smile:


Their deteriorated and decaying biomass would make it quite difficult. Alas, they do not and cannot posses the mental capacity to, due to the obvious nature of the Zeta virus. After reanimation, you can clearly tell it only affects the more primitive parts of the human brain, hence their intent to kill and spread the infection and literally nothing else. And no, a zombie’s respiratory system, just like their circulatory and cardiovascular systems, remain completely nonfunctional and nonworking after death. Zombies an’t even digest/produce waste. Oxygen isn’t required to keep certain parts of their brains semi-functioning; the virus is doing all that.


I’ve seen in some media that they have a barely functioning respiratory system, can’t say how it is with the Zeta virus. However, the most primitive parts of the brain are what regulate breathing so it is possible, at the same time that could just be a reflex so to speak. Like they don’t actually need oxygen despite performing the physical action.

Short story for Ray when?


Right, and I don’t like those versions. Viruses exist to perform their function, though. Nothing more, nothing less. They are simple microorganisms. Even if Zeta did indeed affect the cortex area relative to breathing, it still wouldn’t make the zombie do the action, as it serves literally no purpose to the pathogen’s goal: spread. This is why zombies can’t, again, produce waste. Its why they can’t talk, read, write, think critically, or other things: because they don’t need to. Consume flesh, spread the infection; that’s the virus would be concerned with. No reflexes would take place, either; its the virus that controls everything. The zombie is a zombie because of Zeta, and only because.

In short, the virus only preserves what is relative to its function.

It would be different if the virus didn’t kill then reanimate and instead just affected people like in 28 Days Later, but, in ZE, they are unfortunately not that. :rofl:


What’s the function of a virus?


spread spread spread


And would you agree many viruses can kill off their hosts?


Sometimes… What are you trying to say? :sweat_smile:


My point is killing off your host would be a bad thing for most viruses. Hell it’d help them a lot of they didn’t make people so sick. Especially if your host dies that could be the end of you, yet viruses do that anyway as they have always done.
My point is, just because a virus has a job, doesn’t mean it’s perfect at that job.

What @ArchangelVoldemort was describing was an ideal virus which does it’s job to spread and nothing more. But by that logic why hurt the vectors you use for transmission in the first place? Even with drugs, something we intentionally make there are always side effects.
So the point is that just because the virus may not need its host to breath does not mean they won’t. Re-animating could easily trigger parts of the brain that aren’t needed to survive, because again viruses, like everything, aren’t perfect at their jobs.


Hmm does that mean Zeta zombies don’t actually need to eat, they’re only motivated by the instinct to spread the virus? As in, if they go too long without catching any food their body would not just shut down? And if they don’t process food at all, how do the “live” parts of their brain get enough energy to keep working?

And here I thought that if we waited a decade or two most of them would eventually die out. But if that’s not the case then zombies can literally keep roaming the land forever.


Viruses “want” (kind of an overstatement, since they’re living, not thinking beings) to reproduce, not exactly spread. To reproduce, they need to hijack their host’s resources, like cells, in order to trick the body into produce more of it.

What usually kills the host is the resource drain, not the virus itself. The virus only causes the drain, because it helps them reproduce, which is their goal. Especially the fight between your own antibodies and the viruses wreck your body.


But it does perfect or try to perfect itself overtime by mutations which in case of viruses happen at relatively fast rates.

Virus doesn’t exactly hurt our body it hurts itself when fighting off the infection, when our immune system tries to fend off and harms the host in the process.


Yes, but Zeta can only control the body, thus spread, when its host is dead. So it makes sense that it would actively try to kill the host. It’s why if it gets into our bloodstream, we die within a few hours or even minutes of the infection.


Yes but those mutations are very unstable and unreliable. Sometimes they actually worsen a virus (or any living thing). That’s not an argument, especially because you can’t force mutations so saying they try do it is wrong.

Also, many viruses release harmful toxins, your immune response produces things like fevers, but there are a lot of viruses which do a lot more damage than that.

Well viruses typically don’t need a host to survive, only to reproduce. That being said though they do have their own life span, so they should eventually die.