Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



Oh wow, I missed her death.


Kukri blade?

Did Taylor bit Sifer?

No! I hate Taylor!


I think intelligence too.


When the group is discussing the virus being airborne in part 2, if you have high intelligence, you can tell that the virus being transmitted through the air does not make sense, because all of you would be infected.


Interesting I’m guessing you need to be a scientist for that


My MC is a Police officer with 1 skill point on science.


No, you just need higher intelligence.


Maybe amoubnt of samples


I might have missed it then


With my police officer with 1 skill point on science, this dialogue appeared. I guess it was the 65% of intelligence.


Or maybe the high intuition, or both.


Intelligence directly affects the amount of stat points you get whenever you rest.

My understanding is that the higher a percentage for an attribute is, the more you get out of the stats it affects given that all other things are equal.

For example a military character with 50% dexterity and four levels of ranged weapons will get a higher percentage in their ‘ranged weapons’ bar then a military character with 40% dexterity and four levels of ranged weapons, even if all their other stats are the same.


One advantage castles have over more modern defensive structures (that is to say: castles that are still mostly intact) is that most more modern defensive structures rely on technology that won’t be easy to maintain in the event of an apocalypse.

I’d argue that any place that has bomb resistant doors is gonna be superior to a castle defensively. Like The Raven Rock bunker has 30+ ton blast doors/shields. That amount of steel, granite and concrete should be enough to stop anything short of a zombie planet. Also a lot of the Cold War era bunkers are meant to be self sufficient as they were designed to work in a uninhabitable post apocalyptic world.


The best safe haven would be a hilltop compound specifically designed for ultimate security and sustainability:

Elevation is key for defense. Its quite difficult to infiltrate a facility up a steep incline. Especially for zombies. Alternate between dirt berms and high fencing with barbed/ridged tops (concertina wire is your best friend).

The entrance and exit should be kept simple. A single driveway with a sturdy gate is the way to go here. Cattle guards also provide a solid brace to keep said gate closed. If sturdy metal poles are used, your entrance is a lot more secure.

Its all about the long haul when concerning sustainability. Plant a garden and compost everything. Fruit stands can provide essential vitamins year-round if you preserve what you don’t eat right away. Windmills and solar cells can generate electricity, and a barn, even a makeshift one, can house animals for meat/dairy needs. Keep wells clean, store wood for both heat and cooking, and place a cesspool off the property for proper waste disposal. The Zeta virus sucks, but so do skin infections.

Atop a hill, you have the advantage of, well, vantage. But having a watchtower or two is a fantastic idea, and also is installing floodlights so you can monitor what’s going down on the property during nighttime/bad weather/both.

If things get really gnarly, a buried school bus makes for a great shelter. A single escape tunnel should be dug facing the back so you can make a safe and hidden run for it along with your group (the back doors of said bus should already be removed, obviously). Camouflage and reinforce the exit point as much as possible.

All this would make for, in my opinion, as close to a perfect shelter/safe haven as you can get in all reality (besides a legit fortress, of course, but even those could benefit from a lot of my ideas presented here).

So, yeah. There’s my two cents on the safe haven portion of the conversation. Seeing some of these in-game would be sick, honestly.


I think the hardest thing would be to keep livestock within the compound. Not only do those animals require a lot of food and water, they occupy so much space and are incredibly messy. So unless we have a very big and productive garden and lots of free space I don’t see how we could have livestock- except maybe chickens, I guess.

I think the best option would be to go vegetarian except for whatever game our hunters could get or fish if there’s a nearby lake or a river somewhere.


The idea is you have people in your compound with knowledge of how to care for the animals, along with the proper facilities, of course. If not, having any wouldn’t be the smartest idea.

I do not understand that. What about the food brought back from supply runs? Relying solely on self-production is how you starve. Also, you need meat, as protein and the other benefits from it are essential in an apocalyptic environment.


Well the Enclave made it work back before the events of Fallout 2, so if you, like them have enough people and resources to maintain that it should be possible.
In addition there’s a few of those in both our territorial waters to boot.

A small island would probably be the ultimate best bet. If any part of the Netherlands is going to survive the apocalypse my bet would be on our small Wadden (or Frisian) islands. Of those the one that is most likely to be built into a sustainable polity, would be Texel.
Of course that means that as much as any post-apocalyptic Britain would be under Scottish influence we’d largely revert to being Frisians. :fearful:


Can zombies swim? Do they still need to breath oxygen?


Ah see, we were getting all grandiose with castles and doomsday bunkers and then you had to be all practical and realistic.

Well…your probably right, that does sound pretty good. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m very doubtful on both accounts.


Pity. If they could drown then a small team with a boat/helicopter could bait an entire horde into the ocean.

As is, we’ll just have to settle with leading them off sharp cliffs. (If we ever get our hands on a helicopter)


They’re not sentient, but zombies still have basic intelligence of an animal, they won’t follow you into water once they see a couple of their comrades can’t swim.