Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



Then will the Aliens imprisoned inside Area 51 turn into Zombies ? Is Aliens immune to Zombie virus ? If the body of Aliens can resist the virus , shouldn’t the US government develop the cure already ? :slight_smile:


Maybe It’s aliens that spread the virus to ensue chaos and rescue their folks from A51


Why the Aliens even want to spread the virus ? Shouldn’t they invade earth directly ?

I would think the scientists there accidentally mix alien blood with human virus and it became zombie virus ? :slight_smile:

happy birthday @AmericanShakespeare


Depends on what they’re trying to achieve. If they wanna enslave humanity then the virus may not be a good idea, but if they just wanted earth for the land and natural resources as for example then this virus is certainly effective. They’d have to be incredibly cruel to do this though. :pensive:

Makes me wonder how people here would react if they found out their partner was a delusion.


Can anyone tell me how to persuade Rachel to lend us her cool guns? I romanced her and elected her to be group leader but she still wouldn’t let me use them. I really want that tactical shotgun


70+ relation to automatic unlock, otherwise need good talking skills.


Depends on the choice, here are the stat checks if you haven’t already unlocked them.


You need persuasion ≥ 60 to convince her that her act is selfish or successfully flirt your way.
Intimidation ≥ 65 to tell her your not asking.
Leadership ≥ 50 as the leader/person who formed the group.


I’ve successfully flirted with 55 persuasion.


Well I just took the information from the game code so I dunno what to say.


Your Persuasion skill was probably higher than you were aware of. :thinking: Mind you, this is intentional. Come Part 2, certain classes and uniforms get a bonus (or reduction) to certain skills. The social skills like Persuasion, Intimidation, and Leader are the ones that can get a hefty impact. What wasn’t intentional was the percentage not updating as intended on the “Show Stats” page. If it’s not already fixed, it’ll be in the next patch. :slightly_smiling_face:


About that, I don’t have the means rn to read the code, so I apologise if this is wrong, but does the ghille suit reduce intimidation?

If so, I have no clue why-- if I met a group of survivors fully kitted out in ghille suits that’d be pretty terrifying. But idk, I guess the creators can do what they like, but it’d be nice to know explicitly that they’ll have an effect on your stats.



It increases both Stealth and Survival by 10.


It does not – the ghillie suit provides a boost to your Stealth and Survival skills. Intimidation is unaffected. What’s your profession? :thinking: Teenagers and College Students get a decrease to Intimidation. High Stress can also reduce some attributes that affect your social skills, reducing your overall percentage.


Our one commercial nuclear powerplant got an expensive third-party fail-safe system installed about a decade ago that is supposed to make it fail-safe even without human involvement, should it come to that. But like with all things emphasis on the should. Then we have an experimental reactor at one of the technical universities and our other technical university operates a small one strictly for medical isotopes. No idea how they would fare, particularly the experimental one without constant human oversight. Of course all of that matters very little given the at best reasonably maintained museum pieces of our southern neighbours and France.
Oh and then there’s the possibility of tank ruptures in one of the largest chemical industries in the world releasing who knows what into the environment unchecked. Don’t forget that one.

Most dikes should last about 5-10 years if maintenance was stopped, on the other hand our successive conservative governments have cut back on the number of inspectors so I really don’t know if those targets are still met. But, yeah, in the event of an apocalypse we’d more than likely become a radioactive version of hellhole swamp without the sunny weather. :sweat_smile:


Thanks Eric! :blush:

Also my bank robber MC with addiction to nicotine didn’t have access to his stash of it in his city house on day 1, is it a bug?


Odd that hasn’t happened to me before


I meant on day 1. Alcohol is available but not cigarettes…


If any of y’all played dying light they had a safe haven where they were in a sky scraper type of building and had completely baricaded the stairs and all other ways up except 1 I thought that would be a pretty solid plan especially if u could set up zip lines or things like that in order to get out in case the safe house is compromised. Since there aren’t really any castles in the US defensive structures are fairly hard to find. Not sure how this idea would work when defending against a group like the militia though


The problem there is that if the lower levels get swarmed, there is no way out, and a skyscraper is in the middle of a city. Then there’s the fact that building a home-made zipline from a skyscraper is basically suicide, because at some point it’s either going to break or someone isn’t going to be able to hold on. That’s assuming you’re somehow able to get a long enough rope that can even be thrown to a nearby building…

Also, castles aren’t the only defensive structure. Prisons, gated neighborhoods, abandoned military bases, oil platforms, isolated houses on high ground…


Welp, guess I oughta post the build that I’ve been spending a century attempting to perfect:

Chapter: 7
Date: Thursday, May 17, 2012
Post-Apocalypse Day: 6
9:00 am.

Name: Sylvia Stone
Gender: Female
Profession/Background: Teenager
Preferred Skill: Ranged weapons
Skill Points: 1
Pet: German Shepherd
Pet’s Name: Duke
Zombie Kills: 161
Survivor Kills: 4
Bandit Kills: 3

Current Safe Haven: none
Location: Somewhere along I-70, Colorado
Camp Defense: 6
Group Defense: 54
Offensive Capabilities: 78

Primary Weapon: Light assault rifle
Secondary Weapon: Colt Python
Armor: Kevlar vest
Helmet: Football helmet
Clothes: Combat uniform
Primary Vehicle: luxury car
Money in bank: 0
Money: 1219

Delusions, Dependent Child, Pet Owner


Physical Health: 94%
Mental Health: 99%
Fatigue: 14%
Stress: 5%


Humanity: 56%
Morality: 82%
Impulsive: 89% Calculated: 11%
Straightforward: 91% Manipulative: 9%
Honorable: 82% Pragmatic: 18%
Idealistic: 9% Cynical: 91%

Group name: Night Fallen
Leader: Sylvia
Group cook: Jaime
Quartermaster: Nora

Allegiance: 80%
Morale: 69%
Diplomacy: 34%
Ruthless: 45% Altruistic: 55%
Group food: 1062
Group water: 492


Strength: 40%
Dexterity: 55%
Agility: 60%
Stamina: 50%
Charisma: 30%
Intelligence: 50%
Willpower: 60%
Perception: 55%

Profession/Background: Teenager


Athletics: 79%
Close-combat Weapons: 55%
Cooking: 46%
Crafting: 53%
Driving: 46%
Electronics: 36%
Empathy: 79%
Hand-to-Hand Combat: 45%
Intimidation: 23%
Leadership: 70%
Medicine: 25%
Persuasion: 15%
Ranged Weapons: 98%
Scavenging: 75%
Science: 25%
Search: 76%
Stealth: 79%
Survival: 78%

Athletics (5): Superior
Close-Combat Weapons (3): Adept
Cooking (2): Beginner
Crafting (3): Adept
Driving (2): Beginner
Electronics (1): Basic
Empathy (5): Superior
Hand-to-Hand Combat (2): Beginner
Leadership (5): Superior
Ranged Weapons (7): Master
Scavenging (5): Superior
Search (5): Superior
Stealth (5): Superior
Survival (5): Superior


Main Romantic Interest: Madison

Jaime: Best Friend (81)
Bailey: Friend (66)
Brody: Best Friend (85)
Dante: Friend (67)
Gina: Friend (74)
Jillian: Best Friend (83)
Kelly: Friend (65)
Lopez: Best Friend (80)
Madison: Best Friend (86)
Nora: Friend (62)
Parker: Friend (66)
Rachel: Best Friend (82)
Ray: Friend (61)
Reilly: Friend (68)
Reverend Dunbar Church: Friend (61)
Tommy: Best Friend (88)
Woody: Friend (74)
Barry: Best Friend (93)