Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



@JimD will we be able to pursue a relationship with Ray later?


It depends on how much self-love you have (or is it lack) for yourself… :speak_no_evil:


I’m mainly wondering how the sex scenes will be like. Will the other survivors find the MC with a body pillow or something?


I will leave it to everyone’s imagination (pun intended) :see_no_evil:
Edit: Happy anniversary (joining the community) by the way :champagne:


Dang, all these Ray posts are making me want to play with delusional as a challenge. Makes me sad though cause it reminds me of this movie I heard about where this guy fell in love with someone who wasn’t really real (An advanced AI in his earpiece or something). Was a lonely dude, but pretty chill in my opinion. If this “Ray” ever becomes a romance option if you are delusional, then I’m going to be crying buckets.

Edit: What if Ray ends up being a character similar to that ghost girl in ZE? Being able to influence the physical plane of the world to some extent, similar to how that ghost girl saved you from a zombie in the final battle by making the zombie think there was a person floating by the window and making the zombie jump out the window.


Also, has anyone tried what happens when you get master level stealth yet? I feel like a lot of skills have a hidden potential that will be revealed once part 3 comes out.


Hey @JimD I was wondering if, as a suggestion, a feature could be added to edit the name of your saves and the option to delete saves entirely if you wish? Even just the name changing one would be helpful since some of my saves were more successful than others and I have so many it gets confusing sometimes.


Unfortunately, the save system is not up to JimD. It’s part of the overall Choice of Games coding. I do know that deleting saves is a common request for them, though.


Ah ok. Thanks for the clarification.


it reminds me of this movie I heard about where this guy fell in love with someone who wasn’t really real

You’re probably thinking of the movie “Her”. Excellent movie that I can’t recommend strongly enough, great acting, solid and relevant themes and the only time a movie has made me cry. Might change your definition of what constitutes a ‘real’ being or not.


Ohhhh yeah. That’s the name! Will definitely watch it my dude.


Do the characters you meet and the events that happen change depending on where you live? I’ve been playing every save in the rural area so far, so would it be different if I lived in the big city?


One of your neighbors is different. The city has Fred, the suburban area has Sean, and the rural area has Billy. Fred and Billie can give you supplies, while Sean will not. What you loot from their homes is also always different. Some scenes are also slightly different, and the city has an early encounter with Gina.


Ah ok. Much thanks my dude. Will definitely try them all then.


Ray emblem player? Oh hey, if we are talking about ray emblem in true fashion then maddie and brody probably have a thing for each other :joy:


You need the Scottish highlands to be reasonably safe I think, particularly depending on which way the wind happens to be blowing because that radiation from the nuclear powerplants of Belgium and France, many of them dating from the 1960’s and 70’s melting down is gonna blow somewhere.

So, again for Zombie Exodus Britain, Braveheart was a documentary. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep… additionally, if you play in the suburbs, you get an earlier encounter with Church, and if you play in the country, you encounter some people attempting to rob some passersby.

Eep :radioactive::cold_sweat:

I suppose your Netherlands probably wouldn’t be the best place in the zombie apocalypse scenario either, not only with those powerplants, but also I suppose you probably wouldn’t get very good maintenance and upkeep on your dikes and dams under the circumstances, would you? :ocean::fearful:



Could be interesting though it would need to be done by a British person to get it right and set somewhere other than London for a change.


Somewhere near a mostly-intact castle, certainly. :smile: (So, not where I live… :disappointed_relieved:)


I live near three
Twenty characters