Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Discussion Thread 1



Ray is probably honoured to have their own t-shirt


Yes, we have done it! Even the big man himself is affected now!
I’m so glad the best boy/girl is getting the recognition they deserve! :smile:


This is truly a historic day for the Cult of Ray.


So what should our cult be called


The Church of the Elusive One


That’s a great name I like it


We could also call them the Raydiant One… the Elusive Raydiant…


Rituals: Sacrifice a Kelly or Dependent Child to the Elusive One


And church will be our spokesperson


Or for people who were normally evil, your ritual is to rescue them, and cheer them up, so you’ll be a Ray of Sunshine in their lives :sun_with_face:


It will be done
Twenty characters


Yes, you must convert twenty characters to the cult :pensive:

(I know that’s not what you meant, but… :smiling_imp:)


MC knocks on Keith’s door

Keith opens the door

Keith: “Are you here to accept my offer?”

MC: “No, I’d just like to take a moment to discuss with you the good word of our Lord and Saviour, Ray.”


I may now have to make a delusional character just to see Ray


Is it possible to get rid of the nephew? The tent scene has just dropped my willingness to keep him around.


I propose two new games:
Zombie Exodus: Path of Raydiance
Zombie Exodus: Raydiant Dawn

@Zeom You can have him die in the highway battle, you just have to ignore him.


More will be sacrificed for the great elusive one


Zombie Exodus: Rayders of the Lost Ark


How about Zombie Exodus: Soft Rayven? :kissing::male_detective:


I 100% in all honesty now want to start a cult in the game dedicated to Ray. That would be so incredibly amazing. We would need to convince the religious members like Parker and Church that Ray is actually God and that he speaks through us and for the non religious members we just need to show them how Rays ideas are beneficial to our survival. It’s a win-win for both sides.